17 Daycare Horror Stories

One daycare had a side hustle
17 Daycare Horror Stories

While I generally applaud an entrepreneurial spirit, it’s pretty frowned upon to have a combination daycare/drug operation. In fact, I’d argue that’s the worst business collaboration you could possibly create. Unfortunately, one Redditor ended up learning that the in-home daycare they had taken their child to had been raided for selling opioids and cocaine, which at least shows the daycare owners were attempting to diversify their portfolio.

To that end, Redditors have weighed in with their daycare horror stories, while daycare workers have told the awful tales of the nightmarish kids they’ve had to take care of, including children who took turns pooping in each other’s backpacks. 

 . 5y Kids in day care routinely share colds and whatnot, but it seemed like my normally healthy 2 year old was constantly sniffling. Went by the daycare at lunch one day to pick her up early, and watched in horror as a worker went to the kitchen, wet a washcloth, and then went down an entire table of toddlers wiping all their little faces with the same cloth. Changed daycare that day. ... 872
CrazyCoKids 5y HAPPY HO My cousin worked at a daycare. These kids were about 3-5. ... and their parents parked them in front of the TV cause they only wanted to watch TV. When they shut off PBs kids or Dora and said it was playtime, they begged to watch another episode. Well they (workers) would win... and the kids would act out their favourite shows and this was especially Dora. These kids LOVED Dora. When Halloween came around they almost all dressed as Dora, Arthur, Caillou, Diego, or Bubble Guppies. The workers HATED Dora and the kids would always
RicoDredd o 5y When my son was 3 I bought my wife 'Titanic' on video - yes, it was a long time ago - for her birthday. Не asked if he could watch it after nursery school. We said that it wasn't really a film for children, it was a film for grown ups, like mummy and daddy. When I picked him up later his nursery teacher was stifling her laughter as he had been telling everyone all day that it was his mummy's birthday that day and that daddy had bought mummy a special video that only mummies and daddies could watch....
WholesaleBees . 5y Little kid, just kind of babbling age, she couldn't talk properly but could say a few words. She was playing in the little play house and I heard her yell very clearly get out of my house, rat bastard! I wonder where she picked that up. ... 6.5k
valiantscamp ОР . 10y I did not work daycare for long, but the most poignant memory of that job was walking into the toddler room to discover my coworker had fallen ill. Не was vomiting into a garbage can whilst all the children danced in a scary tribal circle around him ... 1
 . 5y My son was in daycare for a year between the ages of 3 and 4. I don't have any horror stories, but I started to piece together the social backgrounds of some of his friends when he came up with an imaginary friend he called my baby's mom. Не was allllways talking about his baby's mom. As soon we moved and I withdrew him from the daycare, he almost immediately stopped mentioning it. I still have no idea what he overheard. ... 46
 . 5y I had my son in an in-home daycare for a few months when he was an infant. My situation changed and I wound up staying home/working nights and not needing it anymore. Get on Facebook one day and see the place got raided for selling drugs. (Opioids and cocaine) Haven't even considered an in home day care since. ... 298
LongHairOTooles . 5y Parents were called because kids were taking turns pooping in each others' backpacks. ... 508
 10y Former childcare worker and site director. We closed at 6:30. Was there until 9:30 one night because one child's parents were divorced and dad was insisting it was mom's weekend with the kid and vice versa. Mom also said that she would lose custody of the kid if she picked him up, because it was dad's weekend. Cops and lawyers got involved. Yuck. ... 2
PineapplesJello . . 5y My brothers were made to sit outside while the daycare woman fed her biological children ... 175
Korsola . 5y I once had a little girl tell me she saw daddy licking mommy like a doggy. That was hilarious and awkward.
anonymousguy1988 5y Had our youngest in daycare so he could socialize with kids his age and to help with his speech issues. Не was 2 at the time and still had a binky. Не also had a stuffed monkey that he'd had since the day he was born and carried everywhere. The daycare director decided he didn't need either one anymore and took them. Rather than letting us know what she did, she let him scream and cry until my wife picked him up that afternoon. While we were planning on weaning him off the binky, it was our choice
sum_of_no_1 5y My SIL decided when her first born child was still an infant it was acceptable to find a babysitter off of Craigslist when she found herself in a bind. Everyone in the family strongly discouraged her from doing this & told her best to just call in. Knowing nothing about the person, not asking for references or any real info other than seeing the house, she drops off the baby at the person's home & goes to work for the day. Gets back to pick him up at scheduled time & no one is there. She tries calling
Aperson_Ash . ! 5y I'm not a parent, but back in my day of being in daycare my friend shoved my head into a wood cabinet and cracked my head open. Still friends with him to this day ... 22
OhioMegi . 5y Oh man. I ran a daycare for almost 10 years. These stories are horrifying. Worst I ever had was a little girl who would play limp noodle when her parents would pick up. Well, her dad wasn't playing and didn't catch her- she hit her head just right and busted it open. A few stitches later and she didn't do that again. ... 230
jayboogie15 . . 5y My daughter got bitten in the eye by another kid with behaviour issues. Luckily, by a few milimiters it didn't actually hit the eye, but I was so close. The daycare owner shrugged it off, said they couldn't do anything about it, so we eventually took our kid out of there. ... 1
punkwalrus 5y We were poor when my son was young, and I was a house husband after I lost my job because the cost of daycare was greater than the amount of money I was going to make until two years when the salaries caught up. Sometimes we had to make do with cheap daycare part time. What can you do, you know? The worst was a woman who was just not that great when my son was still an infant. We'd send our son with a day's worth of diapers, and my son would come back with a rash.


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