14 Funny, Weird and Downright Crazy Couchsurfing Experiences

‘The guy didn’t give any warning that he was a nudist’
14 Funny, Weird and Downright Crazy Couchsurfing Experiences

The benefit of couchsurfing is that it’s cheap in cost and rich in experiences. Those experiences, however, can occasionally be more than you bargained for. Take, for instance, the Redditor who stayed with a guy whose listing didn’t disclose that he was a nudist. There are few things more jarring than surprise nudity, so you can imagine how bizarre that was. 

To that end, people from on and off the couch took to Reddit to share the funny, weird and downright crazy situations they’ve been in while couchsurfing. You gotta wonder where some of these people are now — except for the guy who died in a tank at Sea World. We know where he ended up.

 . 9y We had a guy come in that just sat an our couch and watched cable all day. After two days of this with no showering we told him it was time to hit the road. ... 12
 9y Forget one more worst experience: In Japan I hosted a Mexican guy who wanted to walk the length of the main island on about US$10 a day. Got a call a couple days after he moved on, from police in Fukushima prefecture ~100 km away. Не had been arrested for plugging his laptop into the base of a city street lamp outlet and gave them my number because I was the only person in the country he knew. At 3 in the morning, I had to explain to the police, in pretty basic Japanese, that this dumb kid
Wadatah2526 9y Had a french guy stay with me and my roommate. Nice dude, except for the occasional comment on how he hated Muslims and gay people. When he found out my roommate was bisexual (and a lady) he said that was okay. Made a pretty good quiche for us and didn't murder us, so overall a net win, I'd say. ... 14
quailgirl 9y Not creepy as much as very weird, but when I couchsurfed in Berlin I stayed with a couple where the boyfriend was happily unemployed and living off welfare, and the girlfriend was a text message phone sex operator. They played this game where if they decided that one of her clients was unlikeable (for example, married with children) they would fuck with him. Through sexting she would gather enough information about him to look him up on facebook/ myspace, then create a fake profile of a woman who lived in his area, was everything he desired (based off
YouriK . 9y Not really creepy, but kinda weird. I was hosted by this japanese guy who would forbid guests to use any other shampoos, shower gels, soaps etc. than his (=the host) own ones because he didn't like the smell of other products in his linen. Apart from that, I only had great experiences both surfing and hosting. It's pretty much turned into a dating site, though. ... 33
 9y Guy pulled a gun on us and started shooting. It was what he said before hand that made it more epic. I really love living out here. motioning his hand to the empty hills on a tiny road off highway five. We met him at his mailbox, a good 5miles of trail left to his house. You can make all the noise you want and no one will here. We agreed with him and said something about partying. Yeah! In fact everyone could scream as loud as they wanted and no one would be around to hear it!
_GabbyAgbolahor - S 9y Oh, and another one. I have a friend who once had a woman surf on his couch. When he woke up in the morning she'd made the couch into a fort. ... 324
HoneyBear55 . 9y My roommate started sleeping with a transient, Phish- following type. I had to put my foot down and disallow his presence in the apartment. Не smelled and was clearly mentally unstable from too much partying. Не was eventually found dead in a Sea World Orca tank, apparently sans testicles but otherwise unmarred, having most likely died of hypothermia. Не had hidden in the park until close and built some little shrine. I haven't seen her in years, but I don't imagine she's lived it down yet.
 9y I lived on a couch up in the mountains for about 4 months one year, the host was nice, generous. Her room mates were too. Just about every night though she threw some sort of party, and in the room my couch was in she had a beer pong table set up indefinitely. Those 4 months I lived primarily off of ramen and miller light and turns out I'm really good at beer pong now. ... 1
theringmaster55 9y I used to live in a house in Berlin where we had people couch surfing nearly every weekend and plenty of week days. It was great, we met absolutely loads of interesting people (and a few weirdos). I also had one of the worst meals ever cooked for me by a Spanish guy. Не insisted on cooking, and was talked up what a great cook he was and amazing his food was going to be. As he was making it he acted like he was on a cookery program, talking us through each step and explaining everything as
clautz128 . 9y One of my friends in college spent a semester couch surfing across Europe and stayed with a nudist in Paris. Apparently on the listing the guy didn't give any warning that he was a nudist and my friend was obviously surprised upon arrival. Не said the guy was super nice but the whole nudity thing was a little weird. ... 32
 9y The lucky thing about couchsurfing.com is that people tend to let their freak flags fly online, so its easy to vet out people you should avoid. That said... 1. Me (female) and three guys are couchsurfing, and the only guy available in our designated city said he could host three people max, no exceptions. We message him anyway, asking if the four of us could please spend a night at his... fourth person will sleep on the floor if we have to, etc, just please make an exception for us! His response? Absolutely not, unless one of you
ThislsMeYoRightHere . 9y I rented out my couch to a guy on AirBnB. Не brought a hooker back, snuck into my room, and had sex with her on my bed while I was out. The hooker stole things before she left. ... 4
paulconroy415 9y Not too creepy, but an interesting story nonetheless. Once I couchsurfed with a girl who offered me a home cooked meal. Of course I could not refuse, as it would have been impolite. She warned me right before I dug in that the ingredients were fished out of a Supermarket dumpster. She vehemently swore that the food was all checked and cleared for mold, still in it's packaging and unspoiled. Still ate it, wasn't bad. I could imagine that being very uncomfortable for someone else, though. ... 2
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