22 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Spending $40 is our Sisyphean task
22 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Everyone’s favorite fuzzy red guy got more than he bargained for yesterday. In a tweet that’s now been seen more than 100 million times, Elmo took to the timeline to check in with a simple question: “How is everyone doing?” Almost unanimously, everyone told the Sesame Street resident that they’re not doing well at all. The trauma dumping was so severe that the official Sesame Street Twitter account jumped in to provide mental-health resources. The poor guy just wanted to make sure everyone was having a sunny day, little did he know how many Oscar the Grouches were in his midst. 

Then there’s Bryan Cranston, who was outed as briefly being the most enviable man in the world — and it has nothing to do with raking in four Emmys for his performance as Walter White. Instead, it’s because there was a time in his life when the Breaking Bad actor had absolutely no clue who James Corden was. Unfortunately for Cranston, they are very acquainted now, so much so that the two shared an appearance on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna where they recalled their first time meeting. The former Late Late Show host explained that he had binged Season Two of Breaking Bad during his first trip to L.A. when, much to his surprise, he saw Cranston at a restaurant. The starstruck Corden decided to introduce himself to the Malcolm in the Middle actor who immediately assumed Corden was a waiter and asked for more coffee. 

Anyway, thanks to the timeline, we’re back with another volume of hilarious tweets. Today’s funniest ones include those about a bed made for a Flemish giant rabbit, Kevin Feige’s least favorite phrase and the glory of side quests at the airport. 

have - tv again tomoron Borey @GoToBedRory 21h something this week will cost $40. even if u have zero plans and need nothing, you're gonna spend $40 this week, because something will inevitably cost $40. for the rest of your life til u die. $40 200 6,150 49.2K du 1.5M
@only1kken 16h ... why he just ate me up like that???? OMG I'M ANGRY delete my number wasn't saved anyway oh Delivered 814 4,834 99.2K 2.4M
pao C (curly mouse) @boricua... 16h ... roomie's edibles finally hit Today 10:49 PM Imagine love island but like Wallace and gromit style IM CRYING what does this mean Delivered 6 135 3,077 59.2K
lenore! @lvhment.17h ... real miss my friends Where da hell they go rehab Read 10:43 PM Why didn't u go! 1 30 430 10.3K
kenzi @kenzianidiot 17h 2 years ago i added Qualitative Research to my personal email signature. no one has said a word and this is where the link takes you ALL IMAGES VIDEOS NEWS MAPS Latest GIF HD Product blue jeans aesthetic skinny jeans cloth Looking forward to connecting further! - Kenzi Enright Twitter LinkedIn Qualitative Research Animals Wearing Denim... eatsleepdenim.com Top 10 Tight Fitting Animals Wear... ALT there ALT com 53 1,067 24.1K 963K
FatGayHater @FatGayHater- 9h For gay people... they do! optimusprime @earth_to_annaa 1d airports should have little side-quests available for ppl stuck in a layover 12 428 5.2K 412K
The Jay Agenda @JayJurden 17h Seasonal depression? That's a pretty big word for Elmo 2 250 1.6K 45K
Catherine Tinker @catherinetinker.1 15h ... ronald reagan, usually Lazzyyyyyy @em_Lazzy • 1d Why is our generation so unhappy? 35 1.8K 13K 462K
Angie Thomas @angiecthomas.1 14h Y'all have traumatized Elmo. A ENCIAO That baby is 3. Не doesn't need to know all of this. 21 341 4.9K del 114K
ape attack survivor @pissvortex 15h Her: Quit playing My silly ass: PO 26 1.8K 14K 419K
ozlako (formerly whitey) #FRAPPATTACKFRIDAY 1d ... Shit Look like Gru post this with a caption like Told a bitch Im Coming W my minions. She said you too Despicable 4 Me. DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm - 1d First key art for 'DESPICABLE ME 4'. In theaters on July 3. 52 7K 67K 2.7M
search Keefler on spotify @Keefler_Elf - 16h maybe the funniest use of the thumbs down emoji in history amelia @kcalbug g . 2d baby pelican 8 438 12K 530K
Dan Sheehan @ItsDanSheehan 12h ... I've gotta know what's goin on down there fish-wise Fish Diversity Richness of the 863 species with range maps 13 38 557 del 27K
Zito @_Zeets . 1 1d ... I think about this every time Mahomes does something ridiculous Post Follow WLWACKIE @OGxJEEZY 23 Mahomes out here about to win his 2nd ring on a bad ankle and my Quarterback in a cabin with no power somewhere smoking CRACK 10:13 PM . 2/12/23 from Earth . 2.5M Views 4.3K Reposts 989 Quotes 39K Likes 882 Bookmarks @johnewing 1d John Ewing Patrick Mahomes start to his career: 2018: Reached AFC Championship 2019: Reached Super Bowl 2020: Reached Super Bowl... 22 2K 28K 2.4M
bobby @bobbylikesbeers 18h Coca-Cola I went here and everyone knew u S 13TH ST LOCUST ST GAYBORHOOD PINE ST 27 474 5.1K del 211K
salma @salmawysalma. 6h ... me bc i feel everything too intensely amelia @kcalbug 1d oh my god he got shotted 13 4.8K 33K 914K
John DiLillo @JohnDiLillo.21h : feige hearing he's lost another promising young star to scheduling conflicts Phone Phone 98 12:30 pm FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates.21h Ayo Edebiri will no longer star in 'THUNDERBOLTS' due to scheduling MARVEL STUDIOS conflicts. NDERBO 16 663 16K 797K
dani @wormbarf 1d did a rabbit post this Dr. Warm Tahini @DarnedFrenchman 2d we need to talk about how more men would get laid instantly if their rooms looked like this 88 9K 171K 4.7M
Janel Comeau @VeryBadLlama 18h ... it is 1824. I drink from a lead cup as children clock in at the factory. I dislike the King. it is 1924. I drink from a lead cup as children clock in at the factory. I dislike the King. it is 2024. I drink from a lead cup as children clock in at the factory. I dislike the King. 60 13.3K 82K 2M
t @ihyric 17h ... me going tell my friend I did exactly what she told me not to do 89 2,946 13.6K 586K
Thembo @OnlyAWorldAway-3h ... Me just trying to live my life and The toilet bear watch television talking about how it wipes its bear ass ALT 11 114 710 del 14.7K
Chris Evangelista @cevangeli... 18h ... This trivia from MUPPETS MOST WANTED is burned into my brain Danny Trejo's mother passed away as he was filming his last scenes in this movie. As he was finishing his scenes so he could fly back to Los Angeles, California for the funeral, the cast and crew offered their condolences and sympathies to him. Trejo, known for his tough guy roles and demeanor, shrugged off the sympathies. When Steve Whitmire offered his condolences in character as Kermit the Frog, Trejo broke down crying. 101 7,240 90.9K 3.1M


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