20 Creepy Stories from People Who Work the Night Shift

It’s a true capitalistic horror story!
20 Creepy Stories from People Who Work the Night Shift

The fact that working late hours is referred to as a “graveyard shift” kinda already implies that creepy shit is going to happen. But even considering that, some of these situations are a bit much. Imagine working the late shift at an Australian radio station when suddenly, a big kangaroo bursts through the window head-first, running and bleeding everywhere. And while you could obviously chalk up that horror to being in Australia, it’s still a scary situation. 

To that end, Redditors have shared the things that have gone bump in the night when they were on the clock, and yeah, it seems like the freaks really do come out at night.

rickrolo24 . 3y Leaving one night from work I was followed by a log truck and it kept going faster and faster until I was at 100mph. I pulled off as the truck blew past my car rocking it. Thing was there was twisty turns ahead. Couldn't find the truck.
QueerTree Зу Many years ago I briefly had a job that started at 3:30am. The job itself was very boring, but the commute was wild. The world is at its weirdest in the very early morning. Road hazards haven't been called in yet, so one day I pulled off the freeway and discovered that the off ramp was completely flooded, deep enough that I have no idea how my car didn't stall. But the most interesting discovery was that if law enforcement has to raid a home, they do it around 3 or 4 in the morning because that's the
Lovetopuck37 3y Work in the winter for me is plowing and snow removal, it was late and I had been out for over 24hrs at this point, pulled over into a small cul de sac with the nearest house being over a 100 yds away so I could let the truck stay on so I could stay warm (6 wheel mack things loud) As I'm nodding off, there was a very loud bang and it felt like someone than pulled on my driver side door handle. Luckily I always lock my truck doors. I immediately threw on every strobe/rear/headlight and
Background_Extra52 . 3y I work as security in a mall. They didn't tell me my first night that the kids machines don't turn off. They make a generic children laughter every 5 mins. It's 4am and I'm walking around when I just hear the sound of laughter behind me, the kind you find in horror movies, turns out I'm the idiot who walks to the noise. ... 57
jmedina94 . . 3y More of a very weird event. Sometimes work night shifts. One time was going home around 4am or so. It was pitch dark outside and very quiet. Person on a bike came out of nowhere, said he remembered me from middle school (even said the right school name), and rode off. ... 6.2k
thrown12212020 Зу Used to work night shift at a 24 hour Walmart. Customers are nuts enough in the daytime, but they become WEIRD after midnight. Once had an elderly guy come in wearing only a jean jacket and fishnet stockings. Не came up to my register, leaned in, and asked if we carried anything to get rid of lice... Those plastic barriers all stores have now to protect cashiers? They need to keep those even after the pandemic ends. I lost count of the times customers got into my personal space to ask about products for fleas, lice, rashes, etc
thegamblerx . . Зу I used to work night shift as a care aide in an old folks home. It was already creepy, the home was an old hospital that was converted. Some asshole kept walking around the courtyard after dark dressed as the grim reaper knocking on doors. It was actually really scary, he ran off and the facility got a security guard for a few weeks. ... 9.9k
Darthvendar . . 3y Worked as a security guard did a week long gig working from 6 pm to 2 am during setup and the 3 days of the concert itself. First had a plague of Locusts during setup
odd-42 . Зу Was an orderly in a hospital. Two of us were sitting in the basement office adjacent to the morgue. A guy passed our office, looking at us a little shifty, came back again and asked if we had access to the morgue. We said yes,thinking he was doing a pickup for a funeral home, but that seemed strange given it was around 12:00-12:30 a.m. Nope. Не wanted to pay us to let him in, and leave him alone with the bodies for an hour. We escorted him up To security. Apparently he had tried it in the
Artyom150 Зу My buddy and I were in the guard shack on an important entry point - like 100% ID checks, can't be expired, gotta double-check against a list put out even if the IDs are valid so if you're not on the list your ID doesn't mean shit. It's around 3 AM and we're watching creepy YouTube videos during the time that nobody is coming through. Не looks up and shouts What the fuck, I look up and scream like a little girl and nearly jump out of my chair. Dollar Store Jason Momoa was just... face pressed against the glass,
zelda_slayer . Зу I worked at a gas station on the night shift for a year. It was pretty deserted a lot of the time. I didn't see too many bad things except some runaway teens, a super creepy guy who wanted me to date his son after he found out I was married, and a guy who just stared at me the whole time with just pure hatred but didn't say more than two words to me. But the worst thing was on my first night working there a regular came in with a gun saying he was robbing
cellrdoor2 Зу I was once staying late doing some scenic painting in a college campus theater. It was late, pitch black dark outside and very quiet in the building. A few of us were up on the stage, not really talking, just taking care of business when suddenly I saw out of the corner of my eye something go very quickly by the open door to the lobby. Wtf? Then it went by again and I actually saw what it was. A guy with long hair, wearing pajamas, and no socks or shoes. Не was tip toeing in a very
kcrolius Зу i work at a hotel in the middle of city and i was on the overnight front desk shift when me and my valet at the time realized there was a man in one of the guest rooms that was prior occupied, we called the police and found that the guests upstairs HOG-TIED him, so he was escorted out, nothing too crazy, stuff like that happens all the time in a hotel like this. but we had the three lowest floors of the hotel shut down due to low occupancy during covid-19. we soon discovered he was caught
turbopepsi Зу I worked night shift solo at a convenient store in a really rough neighborhood. I didn't have issues too often, but the big one I remember was around the fourth of july. A couple of teenagers/young adults thought it would be fun to open up the door and toss about 4 of those massive smoke bombs into the store and bolt. The entire store was fogged out. I ended up calling the fire department in order to help me ventilate the building. My hyperbolic prone imagination kicked in and I thought it was an elaborate set up to
Ghoulthrower676 Зу Was walking through the simulation lab for nursing students at the hospital I work at on very little sleep, all the lights were off and it was my first time working night shift, turned a corner and saw what I thought was a person standing behind a lamp that was on, turns out it was a mannequin holding the pull cord. Really freaked me out and I was awake after that ... 14.9k
whateverrughe Зу Two people on nightshift in a shipyard that employed a few hundred, big empty ships all around, looks pretty Scooby Doo. Go down to the shop to the vending machine and definitely hear a person outside. Long route to get out there and can't find them. Tear around the property for half an hour, figure out it was probably a drunk crew member staying on one of the ships, their night watch guy covered for him I'm positive. Forget about it, then go to clean the bathrooms at like 3 in the morning. The women's room was on
conniption_fit . . Зу Was running the register at 24 hr supermarket. Stock person comes running into produce carrying mop handle screaming you mother fucker. Out of sight, he keeps yelling fucker! and smacking handle at something, for like 5 min. I am ringing up customers, and freaking out because he was losing his mind, but I am not interested in getting involved in a murder..so I ignore it. Later I find out he was chasing a rat. ... 7.5k
FormalMango Зу Many many years ago, I worked at a regional radio station in the middle of fucking nowhere, Australia. I was the overnight operator - keep the overnight playlist running, set up for the morning, do all the manual checks for the next day, and jump on the desk if anything funky happens. I spent a lot of time sitting in what was essentially a tin shed in the middle of a paddock, with my dog, shoes off, listening to 50s & 60s music and doing crossword puzzles. Except one night when the roo shooters came through. They spooked the kangaroos
greatwood 3y Worked a parking garage at the airport. Cleaning the top deck and noticed about a hundred ravens all over a truck with a tarp over the bed. Took my flashlight expecting something awful. Noticed as I got closer the smell and the ravens taking turns going in a hole they had torn open and popping out covered in gunk. some guy left a broke down beater with a couple animal carcasses in the back to rot. No heads. Checked the logs and the damn truck had been there since November and it was April, so everything was just
Nice_Bake Зу Used to work nights at a Home Depot. There was one time where for a week or so our store stayed open 24 hours. For the most part this wasn't really a problem--typically nobody comes shopping for home improvement items at two in the morning (except that one couple that came looking for marble countertops at 1:30 in the morning and the woman was wearing a nice dress). I guess there was also that one young lady who came looking for a toilet paper roll holder a little after midnight (I had just gotten off my first break)


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