24 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, January 25, 2024

Her door is about to fly off
24 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, January 25, 2024

Chances are you’ve accidentally sent a Venmo payment to the wrong person because they had the same name as the intended recipient. It’s a common mistake. But as it turns out, it also happens in Hollywood. While making a pit stop with Seth Meyers on his promotional tour for Feud: Capote vs. The Swans, British icon Tom Hollander described the time he and fellow Brit Tom Holland were caught in a case of mistaken identity to the tune of seven figures. Hollander detailed checking his email to discover a payslip that was intended for the Spider-Man star. The White Lotus actor described it as “an astonishing amount of money” and “more money than (he’d) ever seen.” 

Meanwhile, Netflix is making animals out of best friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Regrettably, it’s not an animated comedy about anthropomorphic animals in the vein of Adam Sandler’s Leo, but a crime thriller by the name Animals. Affleck is set to direct while Damon will star in the politically-charged film about a mayoral candidate forced to dive into the seedy underbelly of L.A. after his son is kidnapped. The film will see the duo reunite after their most recent collaboration in last year’s sports-adjacent drama Air

As folks on the timeline wait to get a seven-figure check mistakenly sent to them, they’re supplying funny tweets on the daily for free. Today’s most hilarious ones include those about life’s three guarantees, the nostalgic thrill of Limewire and yet another branch of the Coppola family tree. 

nyah! @JINKIESBTCH - 15h ... why r piercings considered unprofessional?? that's S some real hater shit 57 5.8K 45K 819K
root beer in th cowboy heel @maneymond... . 22h ... this graph kills me every time I see it how to read roman numerals super bowl Search term Search term 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 98 9.6K 141K 3.7M
Cian @nodrectionhome 19h ... top gun maverick is such a funny movie. oh no, the enemy has uranium! who is the enemy? nobody knows. it's just THE enemy. could be russia, could be north korea... nobody knows. all we know is they're the bad guys. 5 stars 264 2K 38K du 1.8M
NateBerry @natetella . 17h I'm 40 thousand dollars in debt should I get Taco Bell delivered to make myself feel better? 119 4.2K 49K 1.5M
arie @notsaries 1d ... i'll never fight a bitch who's lactose intolerant but still eats dairy. you will NOT shit on me bitch!! 129 4K 46K 1.6M
Amy A @lolennui 22h Whew, call me a Boeing 737 cause I'm barely holding it together 55 2.9K 20K del 1M
Alan Woke @aanand 23h Miami Okay l'll bite. Who the hell is Oscar Snub Vice 9 516 8.3K 264K
isabella // bg3 era @angelface666exe. dd dont ask me to hang out after 8 pm im already high and in my jammies 31 7.7K 47K 1.3M
1984's George Whorewell @EwdatsGROSS. id 3 guarantees in life: 1. Death 2. Taxes 3. Tristan Thompson cheating at any available opportunity 8 1K 15K 396K
youngest known hag @glamdemon2004 - 2 22h Lovee the idea of a gambling addiction... what a beautiful thing to have so much hope 118 8.2K 69K 2.4M
lauren @Very_Regular 17h why did they make it look like eraserhead baby 197 1.2K 15K 1.3M
Glow @gIowiny 1d ... a 16% mango flavoured wine? this is for SLUTS MegC @Megan_Zoie. 1d How y'all feel about this wine? XXL Mango XXL Mango 750ml TO ALC 16% vol MANGO Exocio July manga ! ripe experience - WITHOUT MANNERS $10.99 MIX Mix 6 for $9.89 each 6 329 8.3K 105K 6.9M
multitude container @bartleby_era 2h did a hippo write this Create four groups of four! HANDSOME HIPPO IN CHARGE FINE ICON POPULAR LEGEND 57 1.9K 36K 824K
N @nicolechelseac. 21h When you're having a great time W your mom and you get the urge to tell her about your real life 215 7.9K 42K - 985K
beer person @CantEverDie• 1d ... i i miss illegally downloading music off websites and getting scared that the FBI was coming to execute me 63 267 5.2K 98K
Berwyn Choobs @sabatonfan69.20h Berwyn Choobs @sabatonfan69.3m ... The twink that fought back 3 13 THIS IS The Boston Strategizer @doulbe... 3m ... MY YEAR. Link - 1 2 Berwyn Choobs @sabatonfan69-1 1m ... Dm 2 1 The Boston Strategizer @doulb... 52s ... THIS IS MY YEAR. 33 - No like, the green tunic guy. Не saves Zelda 1 2 Berwyn Choobs @sabatonfan69 Replying to @doulbedoink Word don't check dm 97 5.3K 76K 1.7M
Dildo Baggins @EmmaTolkin 17h If I moisten his throat, I will hear his beautiful singing. CC 2:06 If I moisten his throat, I will hear his beautiful singing. <<<<<<< . 12M views . 2 years ago 15 1.3K 18K 508K
gill @contactabrother. 1d who asks questions like this What's the wildest thing you've ever done? probably tried to kill myself wby Text Message Cash Q W E R T Y U I o P A S D F G H K L J Z X с V В N M x 123 return space 32 3.2K 38K 1.1M
rosey @thechosenberg.22h Nobody: Guy you went to high school with on his IG story: ON OPTILLIN NUTRITION wsty II GOLD STANDARD DO of WHEY H is AL LOW f B - 12 - CHOCOLATE IF - - 247 5.3K 85K 3M
landee @bylandee 1d FIVE GUYS ARE SUCKIN DICK IN MUNICH GERMANY WIR SUCHEN DICH! WERDE TEIL DER FIVE GUYS FAMILIE! Wir bieten spannende Jobs - als Crew-Mitarbeiter oder Manager, in Voll- oder Teilzeit. - may Melde Dich einfach im Restaurant oder schau auf unserer Karriereseite vorbei! Wir freuen uns auf Dich! www.fiveguys.de FIVE GUYS jobs@fiveguys.de 276 16K 172K 5.8M
Mani @AsgMani2 1d Ima cheat wit a mermaid omeo @ihyomeo.2 2d only way a relationship gon work nowadays 1K 5.7K 38K 3.6M
Ege Elbir @egeofanatolia 2h Is there anyone not related to Francis Ford Coppola somehow? francisfordcoppola ... 346 likes francisfordcoppola My beloved nephew Jason has had an incredible year of cinematic achievements. From Asteroid City to Across The Spider-Verse to his role as a Cantor in the upcoming, Between The Temples which just premiered at Sundance, his versatility is a mark of true talent. I am blessed to have him included in the cast of @megalopolisfilm . Jason was a wonderful little boy who enjoyed his uncle Roman first lifting him up in the air. Roman was also the first to put
boop @hotoffIine . 20h Start putting CONGRATULATIONS! or something please. V Variety @Variety21h Exclusive to Variety | Actor Garrett Morris will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 1st via @wofstargirl @walkoffamestar 2.4K 383K 39 14K
music struggles @musicstruggles1 - 18h ... r/TheStrokes Strakes u/GroundbreakingKick40 3h Do you listen solo, with a friend/partner, or with a group? 334 votes I'm a solo stroker I stroke with a friend/partner Me and the homies stroke together Vote 2 days 20 hours left 78 6.1K 68K 2.3M


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