22 Terrifying Stories About Eating at Someone Else’s House

22 Terrifying Stories About Eating at Someone Else’s House

Some things don’t make sense until you get older. Case in point: One Redditor noticed that as a child, she always got sick after eating Christmas Eve dinner at her grandma’s house. It was quite the shock for her to grow into adulthood and realize that she always got sick because gran gran straight up “doesn’t believe in” expiration dates. 

While this statement likely conjures up a few questions for you, like what it means to “believe in” expiration dates, I’m sorry to say I can’t clarify the logic. What I will say, however, is that this goes to show that you really have no idea what people do in their own kitchens. Other Redditors have squirmed and gagged as they’ve recalled the grossest experiences they’ve had when eating food made by someone else, and just a word of caution: if you’re enjoying a meal or even a light snack right now, maybe stop.

SundayMorningTrisha . 87d When I was a kid, Christmas Eve was always celebrated at Grandma's. I always got sick afterwards. Like Merry Christmas, you're going to puke now. It wasn't until I was all grown up and helping her out in the last weeks of her life that I learned why. She did not believe in expiration dates on anything! ... Reply 13k

reditballoon . 87d I dated a girl once that thought it'd be a nice idea to bake some muffins. She forgot to wash the muffin pan. Do you wanna know how I know she forgot to wash the muffin pan? Because we had a mouse problem and there was mouse shit in the muffins, not funfetti. ... Reply 225

FearlessCoffee8 87d My friend told me that she put whipped cream on top of a cheesecake solely to hide the footprints her cat left when he stepped on the cake. I never ate anything that she baked from that moment forward ... Reply 237

MinimalistHomestead . . 87d My first boyfriend's parents invited me for thanksgiving. I came over a few days before Christmas and all the same dirty dishes from thanksgiving were still in the kitchen. I passed on coming over for Christmas dinner. ... Reply 4.5k

soulfeellife . 87d Had a Christmas party at work... Someone brought pasta salad. The bowl was full of cat hair... Some hairs in the salad looked like pubic hair. I wanted to throw up immediately... Unfortunately I'm bad at keeping a pokerface ... Reply 6.6k

mlrny32 . 8 87d My BIL sweats alot.. Не sweats ALOT. We're Italian and there's always lots of cooking, sauce, etc on holidays. My mom and I went to my sister's and watched him standing over the sauce, wiping the sweat from his head, and saw sweat dripping in the sauce.. It was disgusting. We always eat before we go there and we also will order catered items to bring with us for everyone. We don't eat anything that's cooked at my sisters anymore. I'm getting nauseous thinking about it. ... Reply 260

scooties2. 87d A lady I knew told me a story about how they were at a potluck and halfway through one of the other ladies started talking about how she uses a crockpot to autoclave her sex toys and menstrual cups. No one was able to get her to clarify it wasn't the same crockpot she brought food in. ... Reply 1.2k

AngieNinja . 87d I was working as an interior painter during my college years. This middle aged man put a container of strawberries in the sink, then proceeded to trim his nose hairs over that same sink with an electric trimmer. Не rinsed the strawberries and then offered me some. ... Reply 542

PhoneboothLynn . 87d My crackpot aunt served us a lovely tray of deviled eggs, complete with very old paprika sprinkled on top. So old, in fact, the many weevils mixed in it were dead. ... Reply 4.3k

smashdelete. 87d When I was a teenager I went to a new friends house and his dad made burgers for us. Essentially just rolled up a big hunk of Hamburg and threw it on the grill for 10 seconds. It was cold raw in the middle.

FudgeFew8717 . 87d Had a friend several years ago who lived with her parents. She always told me not to go in their kitchen because it was unfinished. This was weird to me as the rest of their house was completely fine. One day, my curiosity got the best of me, an opportunity presented itself and I stepped inside. Low and behold it wasn't unfinished... just filthy. Dead rat in a sink of old dirty dishes, dog pee and poop on the floor, old moldy food sitting in pots and pans on the counters. Never even thought about eating anything from there

littlehungrygiraffe . 87d Told my dad my sandwich tasted like fly spray at my grandmas house. Не didn't believe me. Two days later I catch my grandma spraying the benches clean with the $2 fly spray you find at the cheap store. Dad figured it was safe to make sandwiches straight on the countertop because they looked clean. I dragged him over to see and he apologies and took my sister and I for fish and chips for lunch. ... Reply 11.2k

Seven_bushes . . 87d When I was a kid, my sister and I were great friends with the kids that lived next door. We mostly played outside and would spend time at whatever house we felt like at the time. I went to their house early on a Saturday once when they had just finished breakfast and were cleaning up. They were pouring the milk out of the glasses the family had been drinking out of right back into the milk jug. They had 6 kids so I guess they had to be frugal. I never ate there, not with the

Stock_Strawberry2306. 87d So, I visited my neighbor's place, and their wall was adorned with a massive portrait of their pet iguana - not the family, just the iguana. Then came dinner, and they served Ketchup Carbonara (yep, ketchup instead of marinara) and, for dessert, Chocolate-Covered Pickles - yes, pickles dipped in chocolate! Let's just say, that night, my taste buds had an identity crisis, and I learned the hard way that you can't eat at everyone's house, especially if they're pet portrait enthusiasts with a culinary flair for the bizarre! ... Reply 195

RiRiRicola. 87d I stayed the night at a friends house and in the morning when I went I pour myself a bowl of cheerios there were tiny roaches in there. When my friend told me to just pick them out and eat it anyway I called my mom to pick me up and never went back. Reply 204

tha_stormin_mormon . 87d My grandma made me a food phobic from a young age. Whether it was ramen with moths floating on top, or chunky milk in my cereal it just scarred me for life. Dinner at her house was always a fight. Not eating her food was not an option. I'm not sire why that was the hill she would always choose to die on, because she was an amazing grandma other than this. Expiration dates aren't a thing. If the cheese was moldy, you cut it off.... I think living through the great depression and raising kids in poverty

KatyG9 87d I went with my then-fiance to visit some relatives of his. We arrived at their place to find that they were serving up the leftovers of this noodle dish (pancit) that had been their fare the night before. Now if you know anything about handling pancit safely, you'd know that it goes rancid real quick in hot weather. I could smell that it had gone off, even from the doorway of the house. One of the older relatives knew this too, and bundled some of us to get McDonalds nearby. Those who insisted on eating the pancit got

MrRailton . 87d I visited a friends house who was living with his mother, she asked if I wanted a coffee and I said I would, upon getting to the bottom of the cup and taking the last few gulps I found there was a used bandaid stuck to the bottom...never ate or drank there again. ... Reply 5k

116843189. 87d My MIL fished around in the green bin (compost bin) with her bare hands, didn't wash them, WIPED her GARBAGE JUICE HANDS on the tea towel, and then WENT BACK TO PREPPING THE SALAD. She also got horrifically offended if I didn't want to eat at her house. ... Reply 6.6k

KnittinAndBitchin 87d I went to a friend's house after school, he was going to teach a group of us to play d&d. We got there and his house was disgusting. I'm not the neatest person but the carpet hadn't been vacuumed in forever, clothes were all over the place, and dirty dishes were stacked everywhere. I tried to be polite even though the place reeked, but at some point he was like who wants snacks! Не picked up a bowl that was crusted with stuff, splashed in some water, wiped it with a towel that clearly hadn't been washed that

AgreeableCatMom . 87d Sleepover in the 5th grade at a friends house. Her mom made chicken and veggies. I took a bite of chicken and something was off. Flipped it over and the backside was COATED in black dog hair. ... Reply 2.3k

agaric . 87d When I was a kid I went over to a friend's house for dinner. His mother was washing up some dishes and in the dishwater we're probably 20 dead flies. She didn't seem to care and simply remove the dishes and put them on a drying rack, then tried to serve food in those dishes. I was so grossed out that I told them I had to leave and never went back there for dinner again. ... Reply 64


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