21 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, January 19, 2024

That’s just good parenting
21 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, January 19, 2024

We’ve all been guilty of sending someone a text intended for an entirely different recipient — even Rob Lowe. The 9-1-1: Lone Star actor told Jimmy Kimmel all about his most recent “Oh shit” texting blunder, when he accidentally congratulated Bradley Cooper for his Golden Globe win and “most beautiful acceptance speech” — a thing that did not happen. The text was meant for Lowe’s friend Robert Downey Jr., who has been collecting awards left and right for his portrayal of Lewis Strauss in Oppenheimer. To make matters worse, not only did Cooper not win the Globe, but he lost to RDJ’s Oppenheimer co-star Cillian Murphy. Lowe profusely apologized, but the damage was done and it’s likely that text is now Cooper’s Joker origin story (another movie of his that he didn’t win an award for). 

While Cooper waits idly by hoping to hear Zazie Beetz and Jack Quaid say his name during next week’s Oscar nominations announcement, he can rest easy knowing he at least has allies abroad. The British Academy announced its official short lists for this year’s BAFTAs, and Cooper weaseled his way into a Best Director nominaton over big names like Martin Scorsese and Greta Gerwig, both of whom were snubbed. Cooper might not get to enjoy a celebratory In-N-Out burger after the Oscars, but maybe he’ll get to celebrate a BAFTA win with some beans and toast. 

Thankfully, the timeline has a new batch of funny tweets for you to send to that someone special (just make sure you send it to the right person). Today’s funniest tweets include those about a piece of art that tears through your soul, a parenting life hack and someone who was not beating the gay allegations.

@Whotfismick. dd ... why do you walk so fast Fülbu me 761 26.4K 219K 6.6M
am rod @arod_twit 1d ... i don't let my toddler use an ipad but she does get to drive when i'm hungover 36 4,318 67.9K del 1.8M
Sofia Coppium @indianloonie.2 21h ... Lindsay Lohan - Rumors (Official Music Video) 5.9M views 13y ago ...more Lindsay Lohan 89.9K Subscribe 75K Share Remix Download DR 2y ago remember performing this song at my schools talent because I was tired of hearing rumors of me being gay, but let's say it didn't help lol 11K 32 3,887 75.4K 1.4M
Katie D @KatieDeal99.18h ... My dad told my daughter she was the best duster ever then leaned in to me and whispered if you tell kids they're amazing at the chore they don't bitch about doing it and suddenly I'm questioning if I really was the most amazing weed-puller he ever saw 246 5,247 117K del 2.7M
horse dentist @equine_dentist. 14h my idiot son watching his favorite show: sparkling water JUICY PEACH - weller 25 38K 1.9K 869K
rin + @rinnystarr. 21h BALLS?????! indeed Sign in III tsa jobs City or postcode The Fumbler @greendaylover44.1/25/20 TSA can see your cock and balls whenever you walk through the X- Ray scanner 4.2K 109 74K 5.2M
with a blog @magnacumtata.2 23h your bf won't peel you an orange? i have coworkers that would let me spit my gum out in their hands 53 5K 47K del 1.3M
nika @nikalamity 23h when they say someone died peacefully in their sleep HOW DO THEY KNOW 114 128 1.1K 46K
Grovy @grovymango 13h ... jacob elordi is like. timothee chalamet with more water and nutrients 151 5.7K 79K 2M
Prof Gump Yaoi PhD @gumpdadump 18h Make it like Better Call Saul where you can see ruined present day Sheldon watching in the reflection of the tv 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm. 19h First poster for the final season of 'YOUNG SHELDON'. STOP/KAKI INFESPATION COLOR You veco RECORDER THE FINAL SEASON VIDEO CASSETTE - I REPRAT ON TINGA MODE CBS ORIGINAL MANE POWER young Sheldon NEW THURSDAYS 8|7c CBS Paramount+ STREAMIC ON 27 1.4K 29K 1.1M
Shar @Gidaxo 17h And a shake !? Baby You probably had to use Klarna THE REAL QUEEN в 18h How much y'all think this meal cost? $ ES SHAKES SHAKE FIVE GU SHAKE 469 12K 175K 6.9M
finesser @bigguccilexa 19h So u was just not gon wash it? unctie @unctielovesyou. 1d man if i'm not gettin my pussy ate tonight this was a mf wasteeeeeeeeeeee SUGAR COOKS eo evolution smooth® shea better 24H M BODY LO vanilla cas BODY WASH 7 nourishing NATIVE soothing P for dry sk sustain SULFATE FREE - PARABEN FIE nat a DYE FREE - PHTHALATE FREE will 18FL oz (532 mL) 302 4.8K 54K 3.3M
erin @erinmhk 13h I (very passively) commented on how I liked the spoons at Benihanas to my mom and later she sends me this Today 8:23PM Forgot to tell you I lifted a few spoons for you From Benihana's 70 43K 970K 1.1K
revenge mommy t @lostribute 21h ... Не swung his dick around in a circular motion and it lifted him off the air like a helicopter clementine @ilyclemmie. 22h how did bro get this much air 170 9.6K 159K 5.6M
' @kimreborn69 . 21h Is she a natural purplehead POP CRAVE @PopCrave.2 22h Pop Crave Kelly Osbourne talks to Rolling Stone about how she sees herself in the viral If you kick every Latino out video: Oh, a self-righteous little C**t. hate it. I hate it so much because I look at it and I'm like, 'You think you know everything and you know nothing. Nobody... Show more 42 1.2K 50K 1.5M
potato bun @erewhonsmoothie - 12h Skill issue NEW YORK New York Post POST @nypost.18h I used my phone 4 hours a day-now I suffer from chronic pain and can't sleep trib.al/Ajkp01o 10 219 5.7K 267K
loren @k8mckinnonstan +15h ... PERSONAL TRAIN PACKAGE - the Training Sex TOBY'S 1890 TAVERN ILLE. VM xbox 360 @exboxb0ss. 1d I find homosexuality disgusting... every time i partake in it, it's like,,, what am i doing.. 29 3.6K 56K 2.6M
M1das @M1das_OW2 - 1 17h This could be a Fortnite squad in a few years blathers @blatherzz. 1d the fact that this is the official lineup for day two of coachella is insane to me 5 96 8.8K 116K 3.1M
n @dizembody 12h helena Follow @freshhel When you guys say stuff like hot girls do their laundry on thursday or whatever it makes me feel like I am trapped in a tj maxx 2:58AM 5/5/22 From Earth ava! @F41rygirl 15h she's a 10 but she gets EXTREMELY irritable and hostile when she's overstimulated 3 1,039 13.2K 386K
abi balingit MAYUMU OU... 18h ... they gave my sis a lobotomy 82 3,595 49.6K 1M
Co T. Garielle @Locwittati - 6h ... I had an apartment inspection FRAGILE MASCULINITY Aerior 2024 715 9,844 105K 3.4M


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