20 of the Funniest Things Seen by Haunted House Actors

A guy ran through the wall like Wile E. Coyote
20 of the Funniest Things Seen by Haunted House Actors

Working in a haunted house has to be worth the experience just for the sheer amount of people you witness running into a wall like Wile E. Coyote. The job also gives you the opportunity to make a terrifying, sometimes hilarious lasting impression on people who will never know what you actually look like. Just ask the faux chainsaw murderer who spooked a girl who ended up fainting and shitting herself. Neither of them will ever forget that experience. 

To that end, the creepy characters of Reddit have disclosed the funniest things they’ve seen while being spooky and scary. Shout out to the disoriented Japanese businessman who wandered into a haunted house briefcase and all. 

KiltedPirate . 7y At the end of the haunt I used to work at the only way out was to be put into a coffin, at which point the bottom would drop out and you would slide into the exit room and be chased out by our chainsaw guy. One girl dropped down, saw Chainsaw, screamed at the top of her lungs and ran back UP the ramp, threw the top of the coffin off and ran screaming back INTO the haunt ... 2
sploom17 . 7y I did volunteer once at a haunted house. I was the chainsaw murderer or something like that and i had a real electric chainsaw but with a rubber/fake chain. I jumped up at one girl who was by herself but i got no response so i thought damn didn't get her. I look away for a few seconds to see if someone else was coming and she was on the floor fainted and pooped herself. ... 1.8k
scaphoids1. 5y Had a grown man pee himself, actually two grown men pee themselves. I was also in the least scary room but a grown man was holding his much smaller girlfriend against her will out in front of him ... 3
Chandysauce . 94d Not the actor. But I went to a haunted house attraction a few year ago with some friends, and one guy when he got scared yelled out I'd rather you just cut my nuts off than do that again ... Reply 4
PMMe_PaypalMoney_PLS. 7y dude- A woman who I assume was the mother of a kid pushed her front, and sprinted while screaming survival of the fittest! ... 1.2k
thatrandomguy565 . 3y I got one of those really big buff men to let out the highest pitched scream I've ever heard. Не almost punched me but stopped himself ... 6.1k
JoyfulCreature 7y I was the victim in this situation, but I got scared so bad that I took off at full speed and slammed myself face first into a wall. The actor broke character because he was laughing so hard, and my friends put me in the middle of the group so they could hang onto me after that. ... 1
Darrenyankj . 7y Was a faceless hood trying to scare people from behind the curtains, but didn't hear them approaching, so I didn't manage to pop out to scare them. They pulled open the curtains and asked me which way the exit was. It was both humiliating and amusing tbh ... 4.9k
Blue-eyed-lightning . . 7y A man drag his two small children behind him for the rest of my scene. ... 1
Adam_Barrow . 7y Standard jump scare scene, a guy with a demon or whatever mask pops out, spooks the tour, then disappears back behind the wall...but I guess the guy got a little overzealous? Demon pops out: I'm gunna eat your ass! Tour member: You're gunna eat my what? Demon: Recedes into shadow and myth, leaving more questions than answers Tour member: That's fine, this is fine. ... 7.8k
BlorfMonger . 7y I was working at Halloween horror nights. It was around 2am and the houses were starting to shut down, and only a few stragglers were going through the house. Then the final guy goes through. it was some Japanese Businessman in a full suit and carrying a briefcase. His clothes and hair were rumpled like he had just gotten off some red-eye flight. Не was just ambling through and had such a look of child-like wonder and joy on his face as he took everything in. ... 3.2k
BreezieDahlia 7y I was an actor at The Haunted Hotel (located in the basement of this huge building downtown San Diego) and one season, we had half a car attached to a track that can be pushed quickly forward, complete with a real working horn and headlights. So when people walk threw the pitch darkness, a staff member would shove the car into motion, blare the horn and the headlights simultaneously, blinding the guests and making them shit themselves. I have never laughed this hard in my entire life at anything. People's reactions where absolutely horrified on a debilitating level,
onlyinitforthestory 3y A friend of mine went to a haunted house and the crazy chainsaw guy at the very end recognized her (they were coworkers at another job) but she didn't recognize him in costume so when he was just supposed to chase people out of the building he chased her all the way down the street. It was extra funny because she started to slow down outside the building and then looked back and realized he wasn't stopping before running the rest of the way down the street. ... 1.3k
riotous_jocundity 7y My costume was vaguely like the girl from The Ring, a year or two after the movie came out. Pink little girl's dress, long black wig over my face. I was pretty tiny back then and quite flexible, so I could contort myself in pretty creepy ways. Add a strobe light and you've got some terrifying movements. Without fail, it was always the huge football players in letter jackets who would absolutely lose their minds in my room--screaming, trying to climb the walls to get away, breaking and running, the whole works. Usually their girlfriends would be standing
VikingRabies . . 7y I was a talking head on a table. A group of five people led by a girl comes into my room and when the get close to me I say Hello fairly nonchalantly. The girl in front screams and falls backwards with a domino effect taking everyone else in her group with her. ... 8.1k
PervertedMare . 7y I jumped out and snarled at a very frightened couple. The girl turns around and knocks her boyfriend clean out with a roundhouse kick. Same day, a huge group came through. I was crawling toward them and snarling (I'm a zombie) and this one guy kept repeating they can't touch you, they can't touch you and one girl goes Hell yeah they can, that vampire back there grabbed my ass! ... 3
Mishful_Thinking . 7y My brother worked at a haunted jail in my town. Не said it was all going well until like an hour before it ended. Nobody was showing up and he had to take a leak. So he decides to piss in the corner. As he unzips and starts, he hears talking and commotion. Of course, he couldn't stop. So by the time that large group of people reached he cell and looked in expecting a scare, they saw a wolf man pissing in the corner. And he says, the only thing he did was turn his head
SmackyRichardson . 3y I was walking through a haunted house and there was a skeleton in a wedding dress laying in a casket. A zombie guy in a tuxedo jumped out from behind the wall and screamed DON'T LOOK AT MY WIFE! Me, being the funny try-hard teen I was, responded sorry man she's just so hot. Не replied, Yeah, she'll give you a real... BONER. I think about that all the time. Props to that haunted house worker. ... 6k
brendan685 . 7y I volunteered at one for a few years in high school. The best thing that happened was that I saw a girl from gradeschool going through the room. She obviously couldn't recognize me so as she passed I whispered her name. She got a huge fright and the next day she asked on Facebook who was working in the haunted house. I never told her who it was. Sorry Jenna. ... 4.1k
EmeryValextineLane . 5y I used to be what we called a plant which is where I would be in line as if I was a customer waiting to go through the house. But.. This time, my boyfriend didn't know I worked there since we were just starting to get to know each other so I figured it'd be funny to see how he'd react. So we're just talking while waiting in line and this big ass dude who we called Smiles lifts me up and throws me on my back so fast that just about every bone in my spine pops


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