17 Funny Things That Happened at Family Gatherings

Imagine busting in to tell your parents that you just caught your grandparents having sex, only to find them taking a roll in the hay, too
17 Funny Things That Happened at Family Gatherings

The collective weirdness of anyone’s family has an obvious correlation to how bizarre family gatherings can wind up being. Even the kids end up being little freaks, like the three-year-old who put Band-Aids on his eyes, locked himself in the bathroom and proceeded to freak the hell out during Thanksgiving dinner. 

Redditors have recalled more of the most hysterical things that happened when the whole clan got together, and a special award goes to the person who walked in on their grandparents having sex and ran to tell their parents about it, only to walk in on them having sex as well.

rdensw . 26d During Thanksgiving dinner one year, my 3 year old nephew taped bandaids over his eyes and then locked himself in the bathroom. Then he flipped out. When we finally got the door open, we couldn't stop laughing. ... Reply 165
 26d Hosting brunch, was running the dishwasher post meal prep, started quite literally shooting flames out. So that was exciting ... Reply 220
notoriousbsr. 2 26d When I was a child, our neighbor was known to be quite the recreational fisher with coveted secret spots. During a family BBQ I announced to everyone that she was going to show me her bass hole. 45 years later this is what people remember about me. ... Reply 390
Zdarnel1. 26d My grandmother had a jar full of m&ms one Christmas. She told the family to write down their guesses as to how many m&ms were in the jar. Closest guess wins a prize. Everyone gets their guesses in only to find out my grandmother had no idea how many m&ms were in the jar. We laugh about it 25 years later. ... Reply 289
SpiritedSoul . 3y Got drunk in front of my great grandmother and started to shit talk my entire family in a baby voice to my baby niece; while the entire family thought I was out of line my great grandmother thought it was hilarious and that I had valid points ... 3.6k
No_Scale7584 . 2 26d My cousin walked in on our grandparents having sex and when he went to tell his parents he walked in on them having sex. ... Reply 1.1k
BawRawg . 26d Neighbor's giant hog got loose and went for a stroll down the road. Не was chasing her down with a stick and she was holding up traffic. It was a fun show on a Thanksgiving day. ... Reply 143
I_AM_A_SMOTHIE 3y At my grandpas funeral I went around saying Good luck (I was about 7) and I wanted to play in the graveyard while the others were standing around his grave ... 131
Jovialation 26d All of the lil kids got dollar store dart guns from a family member dressed as Santa. My cousin, after a few drinks, shot a dart at my grandma's head from across the kitchen. Later, out of nowhere, while they were standing next to each other... She hits him square in the nuts. I haven't been to a family Christmas in years. I imagine they haven't changed much. ... Reply 229
Pappas_Ladki - 2 26d My grandma tried virtual reality for the first time and started dancing with the virtual dancers. She was so into it, she didn't realize we were all watching and joining in! ... Reply 334
InfiniteBackspace 26d We were visiting an elderly relative because she didn't get out much; after all, she was 95. We came in and her son tried to let us down gently, that she probably wasn't up for much visiting (though this was a planned visit?). Very next thing, we heard this woman holler at the top of her lungs, I AIN'T DEAD YET! as she proceeds to RUN out of the back room to greet us. Was absolutely wild to watch this 95 year old, 95lb woman practically run over my dad with her walker. ... Reply 440
GoBirds54 . 2 26d My brother brought a friend to Christmas dinner. When my Father asked what he does for a living, he said, I hunt Bigfoot Не was serious. Many funny questions followed. ... Reply 299
corxcore . 6y My uncle is a retired hall of fame porn actor. He'd come to Ohio for xmas every year and my mom would give him AND his sexy Porn Star girlfriends my room since it was the biggest. One Christmas morning my mom had me go in to wake him up and LOW AND BEHOLD his girlfriend was completely naked on my bed. I stared for a minute then woke them up. I was 12. My voice changed 3 Octaves that year.
GallopingAstronaut . 3y I wanted to throw an empty bottle of water at my cousin and I hit my sister instead It was a wedding My sister was the bride ... 457
RGSF150 . 3y It was thanksgiving last year. I was playing quiplash with my family. I entered my name and the next thing was my aunt asking Who is Rock Hard? ... 384
2Fundy . 26d A ridiculous debate on whether taper candles should be lit briefly before a formal dinner so they aren't brand new and Bourgeois as everyone sat for the meal. As everyone sounded off with serious opinions that grew in intensity, a family member who found the entire conversation growing contentious slapped the tabled and declared, The Queen is not coming! And squelched the debate! It has become a catch phrase to quickly shut down a conversation, since. ... Reply 589
Clingygengar 26d My dad was trying to get whip cream for his ice cream, we had one of those actual steel whip cream dispensers you can put your own in or whatever. Something malfunctioned on it because while we were all sitting out in the living room we heard a loud SHHHHHHH and my dad yell motherfucker! And when we all ran in we found the entire kitchen absolutely destroyed with whip cream even on the ceiling. Не was so pissed but we couldn't stop laughing it was so fucking funny ... Reply 547


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