22 of the Dumbest Things Said or Done by Parents

‘My dad sprays WD-40 on his elbow to loosen it up’
22 of the Dumbest Things Said or Done by Parents

Parents are often run down from being under the constant, crushing weight of responsibility, which means there are at least a handful of moments when these life-giving people will say or do some of the dumbest shit imaginable. We can’t necessarily blame them, but we also can’t deny that their slips of stupidity are incredibly hilarious. One Redditor, for example, mentioned the time their mother called the police to report a suspicious cloud in the sky. It was the Aurora Borealis. 

Along those lines, other Redditors have told the tales of their dummy parents — from a dad who thinks the internet shuts down at 5 p.m., to a mom who isn’t sure whether World War I or World War II came first. 

jackarse321 . . 5y My Dad sprays WD-40 on his elbow to loosen it up. All I can do is shake my head. ... 2.6k
 5y My mom asked whether World War I or II came first. ... 14.8k
31moreyears . . 5y In high school, grades were posted online. Dad wanted to check how poorly I was doing. I told him the internet is closed because it was after 5pm. ... 10.1k
PB-Nutella . 5y My mom wanted to drive to the new Google office building to complain about her Yahoo email account. I barely managed to convince her that they are different companies.
Rcavallari . 5y When I first starting to use tampons, it became clear that my mom thought that women only had one hole. ... 860
onlykindagreen 8y On sex: Mom: A man and a woman need to be married to have sex. Me: But we just watched Look Who's Talking...she wasn't married, but she had a baby. Mom: Well the actress in real life was married. Me: ...oh ok. On dinosaurs: Mom: Well in the bible it explains how God created all animals and humans. Me: Well then why aren't there any dinosaurs in the bible? Mom: ...they weren't animals, they didn't count in that story. Me: ...mhm. On shaving: Mom: I never shaved above the knee ever in my life. The only time I
StigsAznCousin . . 5y When my mom heard that drinking a glass of red wine a day is good for you, she poured my dad a full pint glass of red wine...and he downed it. When I asked them what made them think that was an appropriate amount, they replied That's how much alcohol people drink in the movies. ... 23.7k
Methodless . 8y They felt strongly that I shouldn't believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, but insisted there was a tooth fairy. ... 18
OhTheHueManatee . 8y My mom loves to rant about gays getting married ruins the sanctity of marriage. She has been married 8 times and not one of those marriages ended because of a death. ... 135
SocraticVoyager. 5y Step-dad sees one of those tear-jerker commercials about starving children in Africa; proceeds to rant about how there's plenty of animals to hunt in Africa and why don't they just eat. Literally shouting at the tv Eat! Just eat! ... 2.1k
stormkeeper . 8y My mother once called the police to report a 'suspicious cloud' in the sky. It was the Aurora Borealis. ... 77
grathungar 5y When I was in 4th grade, my mother insisted helping with my homework for some reason. I was always a smart kid. I never needed help but she forced me to let her help. She proceeded to redo my math and spelling homework and I failed both assignments. I told her those answers were wrong and she fought me on it. When I got to school I cried and told the teacher my mom made me put wrong answers and I told her I knew the right ones but my mom forced me to let her help. The
silltz . 8y My mom said there is a u in the word answer. ... 11
Swaggy_McSwagSwag . 8y My mum was in a bad mood and called me a son of a bitch. ... 82
DeaconBlue1 . 8y My mother always buys two lottery tickets, the ones where you can pick your own numbers. She gets both tickets with the same numbers. She thinks this will double her chances of winning. ... 45
Chops2917 . . 5y When my dad set the house on fire by microwaving a Christmas pudding covered in plastic ... 1.1k
staying_incognito87 . 5 5y My mom thought horses were born with horseshoes on ... 5.2k
picklejuice247 5y Finally a story I can tell. Every Friday my mother goes grocery shopping. It's a block away and she usually drives there. On this particular day after she finished shopping she decides to walk back. The next morning she wakes me and my father up to let us know her car was stolen. Cops come, we fill out paperwork and in the meanwhile she gets a rental car. That's not even the best part. The following Friday she drives again to the grocery market and parks right next to her stolen car which is a champagne colored Mitsubishi
Fuck_Best_Buy . . 8y They took away my DVD of The Fast and the Furiousbecause they were afraid it would influence me to start street racing. I was driving a fucking Ford Ranger, a lawn mower would outrun the god damn thing. ... 155
uninvitedwhitechick . 5y My mom broke into my dad's house with a gun. Pooped her pants while in the house and left the shitty pants on the stairs. ... 6k
why_birds . 8y Playing pictionary with the family, mom has to draw a cyclops. She Drew Three eyes. Her team lost. ... 24
DarkDanny8000 5y One night my dad went to the McDonald's drive thru and spent a solid 3ish minutes talking to the trash can and getting angry it wasn't responding ... 19.9k


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