31 Wild, Funny or Insane Things That Happened at a School

One student wore a horse costume to protest the dress code
31 Wild, Funny or Insane Things That Happened at a School

Truly legendary people often don’t understand that they’re creating a legacy, they’re merely creating moments in time that they have no idea will come full-circle. Take, for instance, the band kids who put a bottle of urine in the ceiling at their school. That alone is a questionable, bold act. Little did they know that two years later, some kid would uncover the abandoned beverage and drink it. And now here we are, many years after that, rehashing the story and wondering where that little piss drinker is now. 

Redditors have raised their hands and told their stories about the wildest moments that became the stuff of legend at their schools, and one incident was so nuts that the Secret Service had to get involved.

cigarettebeach . 3 Зу I've said this on reddit before but this dude shit on the floor various boys' bathrooms throughout the school during my senior year. Racked up a total of 26 shits before they caught him. God bless. ... 39
MaebeBluth . . 11y my junior year of high school, we had a ridiculous amount of bomb threats. none of them were real, and some of them were really stupid, like the kid who carved BOM AT 8 in a desk. Не couldn't even spell bomb right. ... 297
 . 3y Somebody streaked an assembly wearing a PennyWise mask...they kept all the boys after and did the process of elimination to figure out who it was lol ... 43
EGFxBassHunter 3y I think I was in 9th grade. Two senior girls got into a fight into the cafeteria over a boy. One girl dumped chocolate milk on the other girls hair. A cat fight ensued. Screaming, cussing, clawing eyeballs the whole nine yards. The principal got involved to break it up. And the bigger of the two girls just full on falcon punches him in the balls and drops him to the ground. The girl then climbs on the lunch table and proceeds to elbow drop the principal as he was laying on the floor in pain. ... 131
Stellaaahhhh . 231d Early 80s- Our science teacher was engaged to a senior year girl. They were caught multiple times making out in the shared supply area between two classrooms and got married the summer after she graduated. It's absolutely wild to me how little scandal it caused at the time. ... Reply 37
rumblpak 9y In high school a friend of mine was voluntarily cleaning a closet out for a teacher for extra credit and decided it would be hilarious to climb into the dropped ceiling, scale across a pipe to the middle of the classroom, pop his head out, and sing the spiderman themesong from the 60s. Now there is a statement, in bold, in the student code of conduct for broward county, banning students from climbing in the ceilings. Не, to this day takes pride for that. ... 445
 . 9y At Halloween this year, a group of students dressed in basketball attire for two different NBA teams and then played a basketball game during a passing period, with a mini-hoop another student was holding. It was hilarious at the time and clogged up the main hallway, making a large portion of the school late to their next class ... 1.3k
 11y We had a school-wide lockdown for 5 hours because there was a gun sighting in the upper parking lot. SWAT teams and dogs and the whole deal. Turns out the gun was a water bottle. The ordeal went down in history as the Water Bottle Shooting. ... 208
BackUp_Jesus . 9y For picture day the administration banned students from wearing glasses in their school photos. This was because the previous year about 9 classes of students wore the same pair of glasses and passed them around until about 75% of the student body had taken a picture with those same glasses on. It was pretty damn hilarious. Even if the kids needed their glasses, they weren't allowed to wear them out of the fear that the same bifocal bonanza would happen again. ... 1.9k
says-stuff . 9y More just funny than crazy I guess, but this happened to one of my best friends. Another one of his mates went on the school's wikipedia page and wrote 95 percent of the people who go to this school are gay, especially his name Somehow the school administration noticed it and for some reason were convinced he was actually gay and that this was some kind of cry for help. Не had to convince the principal and the guidance counselors that he wasn't gay ... 724
ravenpride 11y A chemistry teacher at my high school was fired for creating a huge welt/burn on a student's arm. Apparently, if you turn some sort of compressed air can upside-down, it reaches ridiculously low temperatures. A student instructed the teacher to spray said air on his (the student's) arm, and he did, causing a large portion of his forearm to turn a nice purple color, which lasted for weeks. That student didn't mind; in fact, he thought it was awesome. Another student, however, ratted out the teacher to his own parents, who then reported the incident to the school.
Beths_Titties . 231d In high school we had an organization called the Dad's Club. They would work the concessions at the football and basketball games, raise money for the school, do charitable events, etc. One day I went into school and everyone was talking about how one of the Dad's that volunteered stole 5K from the Dad's Club. This was 1987 so that was a lot of money back then. A kid came up to me the next day and asked me if I heard who stole the money. I said No. Не said it was my Dad. Found out
SasquatchPhD . 9 9y One kid stole another kid's skateboard, so the kid went home, got a sword, and returned to the school to get that skateboard back. ... 840
 231d My 6th grade class went to the 1964 Worlds Fair in NYC and one of the mom chaperones lost Tommy. We couldn't board the bus for home until he was found. The chaperone was crying and sobbing, our teacher was furious and nearly all the kids were dying laughing. Well past our scheduled departure time some official with a walkie talkie told us Tommy was found and that the cops were driving him to our bus. We all cheered and jumped up and down. The adults were relieved. Our school bus was now the only one in the
patrick_j 11y The US Secret Service came to school to bust a counterfeiting ring. Various student organizations would sell pizza rolls or tacos between second and third period everyday. The table where they were sold was always a complete mad- house. A crowd five or six people deep, everyone with a couple bucks in an outstretched hand, surrounded the table and the two students conducting the sales. There were only five minutes between classes, so speed was the name of the game. Quick transactions, on to the next one. Somebody (it turned out to be a friend of mine) had
 231d A knife fight in the middle of the hallway in high school. One girl slashed through the other's shirt and tore it off. A fight over a boy, of course. My high school was suburban and pretty placid, so that was a huge event. No one was hurt. Another time a student showed up with a climbing harness and rappelled off a balcony that overlooked the cafeteria. No idea why. ... Reply 31
itsfrogtime. 9y There was once a mysterious ticking noise coming from a locker in the ladies changing rooms, so instead of asking the girl what was in there, they shut the whole place down and called the police. The police brought with them a bomb squad. Once the locker was opened, they found a watch, a watch that could have killed us all. ... 1.1k
 . 9y We had The Critter Gitter. My school had a family of raccoons living in the ceiling above our study hall and one of the guys in my grade who was your stereotypical redneck crawled into the ceiling via air vent to clear them out. After 15 minutes crawling around his weight brought down the vent holding him. This happened in the middle of a class that was in the study hall. I wish I could have been there to see Ms. Royce's face. ... 348
sgturtle . 11y Head of IT had taught an entire class the wrong subjects for the whole year by accident, then when she finally realized - 5 weeks before the exams - she took an unexpected 'long holiday'. The newly employed IT teacher noticed after getting some emails from her class, and tried to teach the entire years syllabus within 4 weeks, but I don't think they could have even passed due to lack of correct coursework. Needless to say, the freshly employed IT teacher was quite impressed with his quick promotion to head of department after only 2 months on the job. ...
DJfetusface e Зу Our senior prank was supposed to happen at 6 am when the janitors clock in. We were gonna go through the halls and take all the desks out of classrooms and put them in the hallways. Last minute people decided to break into the school at 2am and they tripped the silent burglar alarm. Not to mention people were urinating in the halls, smoking weed in the band room, and rubbing vaseline and hot dogs on lockers. The cops came. 64 people were arrested. It was a good time. ... 59
Coloradical27 3y In order to protest the dress code, which the administration said was to promote professionalism, a girl wore a horse costume to school everyday. The costume met the rules of the dress code, so principals could not do anything about it. Teachers loved it.
fireives1967 . 1 3y Someone stole a door and never gave it back. ... 259
EllaBits3 . 3y I went to a high-school in the states that was in the Guinness records for having a graduating class that had the most twins and Triplets ever. It's was like 12 or 14 sets, can't remember exactly ... 157
texastica . 231d 60 something A guy rode his motorcycle through the halls. I got to hold open a door! ... Reply 17
 • 9y We had a bear walk onto campus and we got locked down ... 201
 11y We had a Slushee Bandit at my high school. Some kid would go to the top floor and hurl Slushees over the balcony onto the hordes of kids changing classes. Happened every week for a couple months.
moonbeamwhim . 11y Bomb threat. In 2002. I was prime suspect because I had left the building that day to go to physical therapy. So much fun. ... 708
Grim_Teaa . . 3y Someone snuck a goat into the gym. The coach thought a kid was being murdered. And that's the story how senior pranks had stricter sets of rules ... 81
 . 3y Band kids put a bottle of piss in ceiling. Two years later a freshman drank it. ... 30
DrChillin19 . 3y A stall door broke off in the boy's bathroom while some guy was trying to open in. So in the dude's infinite wisdom, he picked up the stall door and walked down the hallway, carrying a bathroom stall door over his head. Pretty sure he got suspended for it. ... 41
seeingeyefrog 231d In junior high school, one part of the school was evacuated because of a shark! It was actually a fetal shark preserved in formaldehyde in a glass jar that someone dropped when moving it from one science classroom to another. In high school we had a near riot. The unlikely cause was a mystery movie being shown that turned out to be some kind of bizarre Monty Python movie. We had paid money to see this and didn't know what to make of it. ... Reply 17


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