25 Irrational Fears That Keep People Up at Night

Biscuit cans are kinda spooky…
25 Irrational Fears That Keep People Up at Night

While society has deemed fears like heights, spiders and flying to be acceptable and rational, people have evolved to find more things to be afraid of as well — like unknowingly being part of some kind of Truman Show-style social experiment. There are many layers to that seemingly irrational fear, but the truth is, no one wants to imagine themselves going through the same real or fictional situations as Jim Carrey, which, in turn, makes this one of the most rational fears of all. 

To that end, Redditors have revealed the terrifying things that make them lose sleep at night, and they’ve definitely given us some new fears. 

Rei_Kuh . : Зу A ceiling fan becoming loose and falling on me/ my family. ... 444
Horbs_of_the_Glade . 3y Worms. I'm afraid they'll get inside of me and I'll see them slithering around under my skin. ... 430
MSlack144 . 3y Doors left slightly cracked open at night. ... 518
 . 3y Unknowingly being severely mentally deficient/ill ... 1.8k
Benny_the_Jew . 10y Pedophiles. I'm 32. I am a young 32 though. ... 1.3k
stealyourface09 - 3 3y horseshoe crabs scare the fuck outta me with all their legs and shit up under there. ... 525
 . 1 10y Biscuit cans that you have to whack on the counter. ... 717
2RAW . ' 10y I hate looking in mirrors for a prolonged amount of time due to the fear of my reflection not matching. Also, mirrors at night are just freaky. ... 2.1k
Anna081428 . 3y Answering phone calls from unknown number ... 276
shannonc941 . 3y That there's a person/body/something behind my shower curtain (not even just my curtain, any curtain) ... 190
The_Red_Pine . . 3y Remember animorphs? The enemies in that series were slug people that crawled in your ear at night and took over your body, but you are still conscious in your head and can experience everything they are doing. So for like 5 years I slept in my bed and covered my ears with my blanket. ... 2.4k
Adhdcris . 10y Balloons. I can't be anywhere near them ... 699
sheepdreamsrobot - 3 3y I am convinced that, one day, I will find a dead body so I am consequentially always looking for one. ... 1.3k
Brittle_Bones_Bishop . 3y Jewelry. it literally makes my skin crawl. ... 154
BeaversAndButtholes . 3y Everytime I drive over a large overpass I get a moment where I fear it will collapse. ... 1.2k
banoodlebamboozle . Зу That time travel will be possible in the future sort of like an exhibit, where people can secretly watch you in a two way mirror-like way. When i'm doing weird shit alone, i always point in a random direction and squint to make the future person think im onto them. But then again, they could just be watching me type this comment and know im bluffing. commence internal screaming ... 1.9k
MovieGuyMike. 3y I've since outgrown this, but up into my mid 20's I would always check the toilet bowl and under the seat before sitting out of fear that a spider might be hiding inside. ... 143
PinkSteven . 3y That a car driving by me will kick up a rock and it will shoot through my eye!!! ... 281
jlehane . . 3y That a spider will burrow into my vagina and lay it's eggs if I sleep in the nude. It was a high thought one day and it's haunted me ever since... ... 209
Shazam884 . 3y When I'm reaching my hand into my backpack (or similar items) I think my hand is gonna get bitten by a spider or a raccoon. Think this came from a jump scare in until dawn. ... 463
daner54 . 10y Being framed for murder. Or any other major crime. I've always had a fear of ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time, maybe I watch too much TV. ... 1.3k
DextersLittleHelper . 1 10y I usually check the backseat of my car before I get in, because I worry that some sort of Bundy-esque villain is hiding there. ... 1.7k
 . 3y That my entire life has been recorded and will be released to the public ... 1.5k
InspectorRatched . Зу Canned drinks. True stories of bugs and rodents ending up in canned packaging are bad enough, but I'm also afraid that something has crawled into the can after opening it. It's not like we stare at the drink until we're finished with it, and you can't see the contents. Ugh... gives me chills just thinking about it. ... 333
kfoxie . 10y That someone will cut my achilles tendon and I will never be able to walk again. I have no idea where this came from, but I try to sit cross legged as much as possible so that my ankles aren't exposed. ... 1.4k
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