20 Unexplained Phenomenas People Have Witnessed

‘I heard my voice whispered in my ear’
20 Unexplained Phenomenas People Have Witnessed

Prophetic dreams, invisible entities, the unfathomable certainty of intuiting that a stranger is from a random town in Ohio — these are all unexplained phenomena that Redditors have witnessed in the world. These “glitch in the matrix” kind of occurrences are too bizarre to be coincidences, but not interesting enough to warrant serving as a plot point in an M. Night Shyamalan movie. And while some of you will thumb your nose and call these stories hogwash (we desperately need to bring the word “hogwash” back to popular vernacular), don’t be so sure that one of these strange situations won’t happen to you. After all, the lines between the real and unreal are becoming more blurred every day.

 5y As a child, back in my home country, I used to sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and talk to three persons near the foyer of our house. Two men and a woman, in their mid 20's or early 30's. Every once in a while I would wake up in the middle of the night, walk to the foyer and talk with these three. I still remember how they were positioned, always the same. But I don't remember the conversations or their nature. Only in my mid or late teens did I begin to question
81239 Зу Long story short when I was in the 12th grade I wasn't turning my work in for one class and the teacher was yelling at me and under my breathe I said I hope your husband dies. Now mind you I was just mad at the time. within the next 10 minutes I regretted it. Fast forward like 4 hours. My teachers husband died of a heart attack. For the next week I was just out of it. Shit still spooks me to this day. I honestly do feel sorry for my teacher tho she was one of
thewhitepearlreaper Зу I heard my voice whispered in my ear. It was like 2am, and terrifying- suddenly felt just a heavy malicious presence that I had to hide before like a half an hour before I got the courage up to run to my room (I was on the computer downstairs). Eventually like a week later I convinced myself I had just been hearing things.... then it happened again. The same thing, a male voice inches from my left ear. It didn't happen again after that, and I once more forced myself to think I made it up (while I
1Doctore 5y I was at a bar with and I was talking to some dude I just met and a girl came over and started chatting us up. Mid conversation out of nowhere she puts her hand on her head and says to the other guy You are from Brownsville I don't remember the city name but it is a small town of like 500 people. The dude looked completely dumbfounded and replied that indeed he was from that city. She said that is weird because once every 2 or 3 years she has these crazy flashes of information about
TylerPaul 14y I was 14. I coming home from bible study on a Wednesday night. It was dark. I saw about 7 circular red orbs about the size of quarters in the sky. They were weaving in and out among each other. They seemed to be fly relatively low and very quickly. I also had a waking nightmare when I was about 6 which resulted in an odd occurrence. I left my room clutching my pillow. Entered the hallway and I realized the carpet had been replaced with gorilla skin. At the edge of the gorilla skin patch sat two
POLICE MetaPhantom53 3y When I was around 12 I was looking out my bedroom window and remembering vivedly seeing a glowing orb flying and making this low humming sound. It was glowing with a kinda brown-ish light. I wanted to go after it but it was kinda late and my parents wouldn't let me leave. I saw it flying trough an alley and I never saw it again. ... 132
Brokenlmage в 14y I was about 9 years old, and was at an open house with my mom, who was a real-estate agent. This was a huge house; 6,000 sq ft. Anyways, My mom was turning off all the lights upstairs while I waited for her in the kitchen. I went to grab a glass of water, drank it all, and put it on the counter. I then realized how silent it was in the house, I looked down at the glass, and saw it fly across the counter and shatter on the wall next to it. At this point
randall82 14y Let me first say I'm a skeptical atheist and my only conclusion is we must have made it up and our brains tricked us into making it a real memory, but it's an extremely vivid memory my friend and I both have. We were about 9 or 10 years old and we were talking on the phone. It was a little after 7 at night, in the winter, and it was dark outside. While we're talking, we both see out windows start to glow, like there's a bright light outside. It starts dim, builds slowly, then suddenly gets
 14y In 2003, both my wife and I saw what looked like blood or red kool aid on our bed sheets. My wife called me in from the other room. We both saw it, i jumped on the bed and was looking at it closely, it looked like wet ink or blood, i couldnt tell what it was from..... literally seconds later the red stuff disappeared. We both saw it so it wasnt like my brain going haywire. There is powerful shit going on in this universe that we are so blindingly unaware about.
Klaudiapotter . Зу I was sleeping in one morning and was kind of half asleep. You know how when you've technically gotten enough sleep, but you want more, and your brain is like nah? It was like that, but I was mostly still asleep. I was just kind of laying there when I heard an ominous female voice yell at me to wake up. Whatever that thing was followed it with an ear splitting scream that about made me shit the bed. Tbh I regularly see paranormal stuff and it usually doesn't bother me, but that scared me half to
MasonJ94 5y I had a friend in high school who I stopped speaking to when she transferred in grade 10. Two years later, I have a dream that I visited her new school and sat at the back of her math class with her. In the dream her teacher was tall, brunette with curly hair, and wearing glasses. The next day I get a message on Facebook from said friend, which is completely out of blue because we hadn't spoken in months. She asks me how I'm doing and I tell her about my dream. She freaks out and tells
rAlexanderAcosta . 5y I woke up with sleep paralysis with the understanding my uncle died. I get a phone call around 4 AM from my mom to tell me my uncle is on his death bed and that I should swing by in the morning. Pretty sure it was just his body on the bed, breathing on automatic and that he left hours back. ... 1.8k
 . 5y Laying in bed on stomach, i i swore someone shook my shoulders to wake me up, i immediately turned around, heart beating fast. I looked around for like 15 minutes, turned on lights, checked my front door, went back to bed, never happened again. ... 10
TryonB . 5y Out walking around the neighborhood late at night with a friend one night, we would occasionally look up to the sky in awe of the stars. I saw a fast moving light like a meteor, but slower, although much faster than an airplane. Then, it made 2 sharp 90° turns. First to the right, then to the left and disappeared. My friend and I both stopped and said did you see that? to eachother. This was in the late 80s and I can still picture it like it was yesterday. ... 583
clshifter . 6y When I was 13 or so, my mother and I were driving along a two-lane country road, when she said, Do you smell that? I didn't smell anything. It's a cigar. It's one of my grandfather's cigars. Keep an eye out, every time I smell it something happens. Less than 10 seconds later an oncoming car crossed the center line and she had to swerve onto the shoulder to avoid being hit head-on. ... 1.3k
HedonisteEgoiste . 5y I came out of a store one day and turned the corner to see a crow trying to read a paper-back novel on a park bench. Не was perched on the bench, turning pages with his beak. When he noticed me staring, he hopped away like I caught him red-handed, and took flight a moment later. Ended up getting a tattoo of a crow reading a book because the incident left such an impression on me. No one really seems to believe me, but dude, corvids are fucking smart. I figure it was either imitating a person,
 5y I was sitting in my college dorm room once when the temperature suddenly started dropping like crazy. I turned the heat up as high as it would go but it just kept getting colder. I took out my winter clothes and started putting them on. This was like in late September/early October in New York so it wasn't cold outside at all. I was just about to go ask for maintenance when my roommate got back from hockey practice and asked why there were so many police cars and ambulances outside. I had no idea. Later that night,
j0de . 14y I was napping and dreamt of this girl with a Buddha necklace. she told me her name. about an hour later walking back from beach I see this girl and am drawn to walk to her. its her from the dream?!?! Buddha necklace? check! her name? Yep! I was freaked right out. (/not into this sort of thing at all.) ... 35
NewFeature 5y Driving from Cancun to Merida at night. About 10 years ago. Middle of the road there's a huge pothole, so I swerve to avoid it. About 200 metres ahead notice a car's got its hazard lights on. It's parked on the side of the road so I decided to stop and check to see if they needed help - thought it might have been a flat tire. I parked, approached the car and as I got closer I saw what appeared to be two passengers in the back. There was no one in the driver seat and those two figures
JellyJohn78 . . Зу I heard laughter in the coming from the corner of my room. I sat up and turned on my light and it didn't stop. Needless to say I didn't sleep in my room that night ... 147


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