21 Of The Funniest Tweets From Tuesday, January 9th, 2024

What will eating 30 deviled eggs do to your toilet, you ask?
21 Of The Funniest Tweets From Tuesday, January 9th, 2024

Move over Zaslav, looks like Maverick will be the top dog on the Warner Bros. Discovery lot. Tom Cruise signed a deal with Warner Bros. Discovery which will see the pint-sized action star developing and producing theatrical films with the studio. The “strategic partnership” is hoping to see a mixture of original films and flashy blockbuster franchises that will also star the Mission Impossible actor. Not only will Cruise get top-billing on the films released in the joint venture, but he and his producing outlet C/W Productions will have offices on the WBD lot in Burbank. Hopefully the first movie in the venture will be a meta heist film releasing Batgirl from the vaults for all to see.


Elsewhere on the WBD lot, someone on their social media team is celebrating The Sopranos 25th anniversary in ways that would drive many men to take a visit to Jennifer Melfi. In conjunction with their streamer Max, WBD launched an official Sopranos TikTok account with a new series “Sopranos in: 25.” The series features insanely condensed recaps of the show in–you guessed it–25 second videos with the hopes of introducing a new generation to Tony and the gang. The streamer also used more conventional outlets, namely the Max app, to highlight never-before-seen footage and behind-the-scenes content within their 25th Anniversary collection for the iconic show.


If you found yourself getting distracted by consuming the entirety of The Sopranos in about 36 minutes and missed out on the gems on the timeline, fret not because we’ve got you covered. Today’s funniest tweets include a salute to parmesan garlic boneless wings, the frightening reality that Barbie was likely a dictator, and the Grimace conclave.

Charles Bramesco @intothecrevasse . 5 5h There are many different kinds of fake movie. There's Seinfeld fake ('90s, Miramaxy), 30 Rock fake (abject lowest-common-denominator swill), Difficult People fake (perilously close to being real). This is a new kind of fake I'm calling May December fake IndieWire IndieWire @IndieWire. 5h Here is the first poster for Mother's Instinct, starring Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway. ACADEMY AWARD® WINNER ACADEMY AWARD® WINNER ANNE HATHAWAY JESSICA CHASTAIN MOTHERS' INSTINCT SOMETIMES IT'S THE ONLY THING YOU CAN TRUST A FILM BY BENOIT DEL LHOMME STUDIOCANAL PRESENTS ANTON FRECKLE FILMS MOSAIC AND VERSUS PRODUCTION A.H.M BY BENOIT DELHOMME
Big Civilian @fadecorner.22h You blowing the hinges off that toilet if u a black grl if u a black grl if u a black grl .22h Fuck 30 wings and 48 oysters, gimme 30 of these 218 6.1K 54K 4.7M
Ryan Harriman @rsharriman31.20h ... Currently at a Buffalo Wild Wings and there are actually people standing with hat off and hand over heart for the national anthem right now 266 321 4.5K 1.7M
Graham @GrahamC47. 1d Malls suck so bad now. Gone are all the bookstores or secondhand DVD/game places. Now every store is called Cotton::EARTH and sells billowy sun hats for $85. 29 553 6.9K 206K
Raymonte @BDTRELILBROTHER - 13h ... In school I always thought it was funny when a teacher was pregnant cause like WOW you be fucking when you go home 145 1.4K 10K 353K
joe @YouBitchMan 15h the perfect wikipedia page Urban legend Pornography Enron scandal / Jeopardy! 18 1.4K 28K 985K
fka docnoir @DocNoirII. 13h ... The Iron Claw (2023) 7 917 9.5K 359K
Sam Saulsbury @SamuelSaulsbury 23h ... If I was the white husband in past lives I would've handled this exactly the same except I would've ordered the biggest novelty drink on the menu. They'd be talking about their cosmic connection in Korean and I'd be drinking out of a big fish bowl with sparklers 36 2K 35K 1.3M
nicole boyce @nicolewboyce 20h ... who coming with me to the 3:15pm infants screening of Poor Things 3:15 pm 6:10 pm 9:05 pm ос POOR THINGS DETAILS ADULTS W/ INFANTS 3:15 pm 6:25 pm 9:30 pm ос INFANTS MIGL MIGU FERRARI I I 54 747 28K 1M
Serpico Rising @SerpicoRising 1d I'd love to rip a couple cigs and crack a tallboy in this bitch MythoAmerica @MythoAmerica - 1 1d 3 85 1K 46K
EMPOL тее p @sixinchbeys 5h MIN E that's fine, please ask your roommate JAY-Z Daily @JAY_Z_Daily 1d Jay-Z says it will be selfish to pick himself to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show this early, then says maybe one year CC ET 0:13 19 805 6.9K 217K
metaphor man @shitbiscuit . 18h Time to meet God Suppository 100mg Edibles PURA VIDA CANNABIS SOLUTIONS NOT YET RATED 100mg THC Suppository 913 107 12K 509K
abby @budm1ser 16h ... I bet this feels good asf for the produce BY SAS 2 99km C.29 9 124 S 33 965 17K 344K
Christian Becker @TheAmazingBeck-17h A new Grimace has been chosen greg @gandalfthegreg.23h the beacon is lit. gondor calls for aid Drive Thru M M II 5 248 3.5K 163K
The Wichita Crime Man @PostEnjoyer69. 1d and boy were his arms tired! iRadio ... i 2h The Cork actor beat off fellow Irishmen Barry Keoghan and Andrew Scott, as well as Leonardo Di Caprio and Bradley Cooper. i iradio.ie Cillian Murphy wins Golden Globe for best actor. 137 6 comments 3 shares 18 544 8.4K 233K
vya @phhribbons 21h trying to keep a tote bag on your shoulder while wearing a puffer jacket danny @beyoncegarden - 3d name something harder than this C t I FITNESS 0:05 134 14K 153K 5.3M
Ahmed/The Ears/IG: BigBizTheGod @big... 1h ... I know Harrison Ford got that chat on mute 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm 1h Kevin Hart says he has a secret action movie group chat with Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Jet Li and Jackie Chan. (Source: people.com/kevin-hart-cla...) 17 238 95K 1.6K
Chief Mackenzie Bock @GothamChief 1d I don't think I've ever seen Joaquin Phoenix this happy in his entire life. The Batman Film News BATMAN @TheBatman... • 1d The Jokers #GoldenGlobes2024 31 872 28K 796K
Nando @NandovMovies 11h This brings up a question. Barbie doesn't know about things like beauty pageants because they don't exist in Barbieland. But she knows about fascism. Did Barbieland have fascism? Is the current Barbie government fascist? Has Barbie always known that and done nothing? Stephen Ford @StephenSeanFord . th She thinks I'm a fascist? I don't control the railways or the flow of commerce! 126 912 18K 628K
average labor rights enjoyer @lauraherselfa 14h ... is that what they call it nowadays Pop Base @PopBase 14h Pedro Pascal shares new photo with his agent Franklin Latt. @cocoullrich @laurenale @frank] 44 61K 3.1K 1.4M
beer person @CantEverDie 1d orcas have a new, powerful foe to defeat Champagne Sloshy @JoshyBeSloshy - 5d new cruise ship coming in 2025 C 77 531 15K 350K
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