31 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of December 18, 2023

31 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of December 18, 2023

Three movies into Phase Five of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it’s not looking good for Kevin Feige and his throne of baseball caps. Latent misogyny and the strike’s promotional pause held back Nia DaCosta’s female-driven The Marvels. Meanwhile, Ant-Man and the Wasp went to the Quantum Realm just to return with middling reviews and a major Jonathan Majors problem. The only film that saw relative success was the third Guardians of the Galaxy outing, which was also a swansong for director James Gunn, who jumped from Marvel’s sinking ship in favor of a rescue mission at direct competitor DC Studios. 

To say Feige is scrambling to return to the exciting form that Marvel movies once held (and prove Martin Scorsese wrong) would be a massive understatement. One possible option that’s been floated to freshen up the MCU is making the Phase Six release of Thunderbolts R rated. On paper this makes sense, as the film follows a group of antiheroes who would surely toss out an F-bomb or two, but as one Twitter user astutely pointed out, this merely constitutes the “stripping the walls for copper wire” stage of the MCU.

Feige and his recent mishandling of a once-revered studio aren’t the only things catching fire this week, though. Other burn victims include a Swiftie who forgot about the 13th Amendment, Scorsese’s dumbest little guy and someone who asked a question they really probably shouldn’t have. 

Okiro @TheFirstOkiro 1d ... Young Avengers gonna be the first movie ever to owe the audience money The Hollywood Handle @HollywoodHan... id A 'YOUNG AVENGERS' movie is reportedly in the works at Marvel Studios. (Via: @DanielRPK) 219 6K 103K 3.7M

boo @boopyape 20h Passenger: can I get a diet cok- Every male flight attendant; Swolecialist @BlackLanterrn 23h Instagram you HAVE to be joking 70 3.5K 57K 2.5M

lūk @lifein360p . 1d Yein860. He's dressed like a Just Cause 3 enemy CONCRETE BOY BOAT^ @lilyachty1 1d 62 2K 40K 1.4M

owvin and the crispmunks @groaningdrain.2 2d ... this looks like if a movie had dlc 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm 3d First poster for 'GHOSTBUSTERS: FROZEN EMPIRE'. In theaters on March 29. ECTO GH&S STBUSTERS FROZEN EMPIRE COMING SOON IN PREMIUM LARGE FORMATS AND IMAX 74K 130 4.8K 2M

Johnny LaZebnik @jlazebnik . 2d justin gets a lot of hate but you know what? it's hard raising twins while living in a hotel. we need to cut him more slack INDIE 505 Indie 505 @Indie5051.2d Justin Bieber y Hailey Bieber ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES 9.1K 10M 281 153K

red40goblin @goblinshoes. 4d yes you do LMFA000000 fungus girl @HamsterEmoji 4d my bf sent a picture of us to his mom and im confused. do i just look vegan LOL Touds Fanta creas I took Sara to my work Xmas party oh how nice u guys look so good is she vegan 5 59 7.1K 267K

yeah dude @austinoutloud 18h You walked into a bowling alley and looked that bowling alley bartender in the eye and ordered an Old Fashioned ava @wownicebuttdude. dd Ordered an old fashioned at the bowling alley last night and they looked me in the eye and handed me this 30 960 25K 948K

MK @Mayberrykush . 2d You coulda made this at home dawg Imao triscbfw_ @triscbfw 1.3d y'all get unnecessary shit bro 63 2.7K 50K 2.1M

toby @sfctoby 1d Fuckin hell, size of his head James Johnson @jamesjohnson252.5/21/23 A friend just sent me this the morning after a night out and I'm dying L CITY OF LONDON Hyde Park PICCADILLY CIRCUS N CITY OF Londo EA WESTMINSTER SOUTHWARK Royal Hospital, CHELSEA Chelsea and Ranelagh Gardens Burge Battersea Park R BATTERSEA LAMBETH Daniel's AirPods X Right Bud 1 mi 9 Alphabet Mews 2 minutes ago R Left Bud 3 mi L Last seen today at 01:27 47 1.5K 45K 2.4M

quarter pounder @nastychef666.7h ... well-meaning coworker whose first language is not english hit me with a sucker punch this morning Today Hey Lesbo! 09:10 Talk to me before you leave today 09:10 09:10 Message 54 2,086 26.1K 388K

@girlsonfillm 14h i can't stop thinking about this 47 2,005 37.8K 866K

chase @mangoxylophone 1d ... His face shaped like the Grindr icon a little bit Pop Base @PopBase.2 2d Grindr users rank Henry Cavill as Hottest Man of the Year. 38 1.6K 22K 605K

Вис Nasty @ReloadedJu 1d Bein 84 in 1929 is insane Fascinating @fasc1nate.2d John D. Rockefeller gifting a 5 cent coin to a child on his 84th birthday, 1929. 224 6K 85K 3.3M

Sideways @Sideways440.1d ... it wasn't released so much as it was unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses against the laws of God and nature POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.2 2d 'Cats' was released 4 years ago. 36 1.1K 9.1K 192K

OG ZenJayG @OGZenJayG.2d Do you need some money Mesh 4 @rahsh33m.2d What y'all know bout this 339 4.1K 34K 2.1M

Chris @ThisIsCreation 1d They had the chemistry of 2 students that the teacher randomly paired together. X_X UNDEAD @un_dead_exe.2 2d excited for legacy but idk if they can ever be replaced 61 21K 980 492K

blake @blakeslun. 1d ... drake would kick it with a squirrel if it had clout @PopBase 1d Pop Base Drake shares new photo with Morgan Wallen. STEBALL 17 VI У 4 26 1.1K 85K

Kaz @powkazter 2d making a phone bad post using an ai generated image just know if I knock in your head it'll echo Ricky @PicassoMadeSty.4d If Titanic had happened in this generation.. 9.7K 123K 72 1.4M

Isaac @GalaxyPeaBrain - 3d Please Wrap It Up 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm - 4d The DCEU ends this week with the release of 'Aquaman 2'. 6 1.5K 30K 810K

Isaac @GalaxyPeaBrain 23h Kevin Feige is at the Stripping the walls for copper wire stage of the MCU Thunderbolts News @thunderbnews. id Marvel Studios is reportedly considering making 'THUNDERBOLTS' rated-R. (via: thecosmiccircus.com/exclusive-marv...) 28 292 7.2K 325K

م و lexie @gnawedbylambs.5d if my husband did this i would gone girl him Men Posting L's @WomenPostingLs_ - 6d I'm actually going to be sick Peace on Earth finally Pour Ford Peace on earth Finally Peace Earth PEPS 106 13K 154K 5.6M

Hilary Banks @soniamariesays 3d I forgot I took a screenshot of this response this morning Taylor Swift Facts @TSwiftFTC 8h Taylor Swift can now buy Kanye West and still have $700M left for herself. F PROFILE F PROFILE Taylor Swift Kanye West Musician Musician Real Time Net Worth $1.1B Real Time Net Worth as of 2/17/23 $400M as of 12/17/23 123RF the world teday Taylor Swift del 8.8M 1,602 4,781 6,652 MetaverseHodl Follow @metaversehodl Replying to @TSwiftFTC and @taylorswift13 No. She can't anymore. They changed the law on this a while ago 3:45 AM 18 Dec 23 6,734 Views 14 606 11K

Ariel @femceldorito . 1 17h ... how white people feel when they say all caps when you spell the man's name! when MF Doom isn't capitalized 89 1.2K 22K del 570K

The Dude @bacon5237.4d ... Thinking about Leo's performance in Killers this morning. Such an impressively stupid guy. Like, just an illiterate buffoon. Probably the dumbest guy in Scorsese's filmography which is saying a lot 40 425 9.6K 403K

m @mar3uss . 2d ... Paul Mescal just looks like he be crying all the time like what's wrong now bitch 4 118 760 46K

Clare Blackwood @clareblackwood - 3 3d men on here love getting angry whenever women discuss keeping their last names because they're like but i need my child to carry on my legacy it's like what legacy gary, you work at a bank 565 1.7K 23K 646K

Neo The (ROAD TO 1M) @TheRealNeoThe.3d 3rd grade Twitter goes crazy pablothinghouse @pablothinghouse - 3 3d он MY GOD ITS CALLED W BECAUSE ITS A DOUBLE U W amy alamy ala W alam lamu Image ID M9W813 92 7.5K 151K 2.7M

aig @oceanfearer 2d In my experience the customer is hardly ever right. The customer is also usually a rat bitch 31 6.9K 50K 1.3M

Nicollo @NLCOMACCIAVELLI. 3d I think we need to heat the rocks before we stone you Girth Brooks @NotAdellyBear . 5d Personally these are my top 370 pornstars 47 Ariana Marie 10 Romi Rain 48 Samantha Saint 11 Alexis Texas 49 Kenzie Reeves 12 Valentina Nappi 50 Gabbie Carter 13 Elsa Jean 51 Natalia Starr 14 Adriana Chechik 52 Jada Stevens 15 Dani Daniels 53 Nina Hartley 16 Riley Reid 54 Piper Perri 17 Asa Akira 55 Vicki Chase 18 Tori Black 56 Moriah Mills 19 Madison Ivy 57 Kiara Mia 20 حصنى Valentina 86 Sheila Ortega 124Lauren Phillips 87 Blair Williams 125Lady

Hay-Zeus @Jebus 2d ... Carl wheezer looking ahh tiddies sea @destroynectar - 3 3d is this what twitch streaming has come to 76 2.9K 32K 3.3M

PJ @normaalgirrl. 3d do you know that reallyyyy sealed it tatyana @heluvstat . 3d oh he ate me up bad wtf bye you could start an argument in an empty room do you know that 12 5.9K 88K 2.5M
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