24 of the Funniest Tweets from December 21, 2023

Snoopy was actually one of the Three Wise Men
24 of the Funniest Tweets from December 21, 2023

Not satisfied with tanking the legacy of one iconic studio, David Zaslav has his eyes on bringing a second into the fold. While still in the very early stages, there are talks of a big Hollywood merger that would bring Warner Bros. Discovery and Paramount under one roof. Zaslav met with Paramount CEO Bob Bakish earlier this week to discuss the potential merger and the various ways the deals could play out. So one day you could find yourself watching a crossover event between The White Lotus and Billions on a combined streaming service that will probably be named something that rolls right off the tongue like “Max Paramount+ with SHOWTIME.” 

In other entertainment news, despite Regina George doing car commercials in Japan, Rachel McAdams had no real interest in doing Walmart commercials in America. The actress told Variety that commercials “didn’t feel like (her) bag,” which explains why she didn’t appear in Walmart’s series of Black Friday ads featuring Mean Girls OGs like Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert. The kicker? McAdams might have been involved had she known it was going to be a Mean Girls reunion, but she found out that part much later. The actress would have preferred to be in the upcoming movie-musical-movie and there were talks with Tina Fey on how to make it happen, but ultimately none of those ideas panned out. 

Meanwhile, the timeline has offered us some more gems that have had us in stitches. Today’s funniest tweets include those about a pressing question for Mount Rushmore, the most biblically accurate nativity scenes and a DVD collection only a father could love. 

mia @boygrrI 18h having a boyfriend is like owning a weighted blanket that gets an erection 99 4,614 48K del 1.7M
mar @itsmariannnna 17h smoked a bowl and now i can't stop thinking about mount rushmore... like why did they do that... 953 8,632 184K 8.9M
little miss can't be wrong @al... 15h ... so obsessed with people who have nativity sets in their yard next to secular christmas decorations like yes... snoopy and the grinch were indeed present at the birth of christ 31 2,181 28.6K 562K
ruby @_rubywang 17h thinking about my dad's movie collection WIDESCREEN 85 DVD VIDEO nfin film DVD alway Dist b Blue UNIVERSAL 274 SEVEN POUNDS ACTION COMEDY HORBIT THE DARK KNIGHT. RUSH HOUR HANGOVER PART II HOW HIGH 4.8K 2 217K CC 34835 N5404-T COLLINO TOTAL DVD NID 21951 UD VIDEO a ...
@evadentz.1 1d 9h When my SON don't answer the phone, I pull up on ROBLOX I am NOT finna play with you!! Sat. 08:33 AM 02 been The have no max accident MsMira8 Von MrsMira8 Tades www.livagra our the and perfic bread 38 I can cook III Take the lasagna out the freezer and garlic bread so I can cook it Sat. 11:49 AM en me calling you missed you but bae I got a new Mom OK bye Imani This imani Yea - D U seengme calling you 6 814 6.5K 195K
B.W. Carlin @BaileyCarlin 4h Youth sports coaches giving a nickname to the fattest kid on the team Big dog. 35 1.8K 26K 1.5M
PUSHIN P(izza) @thatonechefguy 2d I need whatever kind of sleep that baby is getting rn. J.T. @Hollywood_IT_.2 2d Hold on. Devonta winning fr 16683 77 9K 92K 3M
Eli Olsberg @EliOlsberg· 1d Three Reachers Outside Ebbing, Missouri VERN MINUS ONE @outlawvern - dd Reachers REACHER DECEMBER 16 prime New Season Official Partner of Climate Pledge Arena REACHER PEACHEE 11 618 13K 499K
kas @dogfruit01 - 1 1d wine drinking mouse you have to stop. your holiday cheer too strong. your vibes too cosy. they'll kill you MINTNER page I 69 6.2K 49K 1.6M
Harry Hill @veryharryhill. 1d Oh girl you know my Instagram story would be 1000 slides long if was on a sinking ship LMFAO Ricky @PicassoMadeSty.3d If Titanic had happened in this generation.. 86 11K 156K 5.6M
m @crm049.19h ... i'm not washing no dishes 11 60 828 60K
adrian @grandeures . 21h holden caulfield was really cooking when he kept calling people phonies 6 616 5.6K 169K
Cof fee Lovers and Fans @tonyhawktruther. dd ... When I was a kid I'd go to hockey games and I loved the zamboni. I wanted to be a zamboni driver so bad. Later met a coworker's brother did this and he was basically like, it's everything you dreamed it could be and more, you fucked up by not becoming a zamboni driver 36 1.2K 24K 598K
computer man @gloomfather - 2 23h White people will hear a herald angel sing and say some shit like Hark! 45 2.8K 38K 1.1M
carl marks @whoreby_parker 22h ... dream job is a spotify copywriter. 6 figures to write playlist descriptions like it's giving sad girl 47 5.2K 85K 1.9M
Mariya Alexander @MariyaAlexander.2 23h Rizz? You mean the old razzle dazzle??? 23 2.2K 17K 498K
azul @plasmaoi 1d ... the exclamation point makes this so funny @ScumbagMehrdad-8m I give up on females bruh 3 2 ! @javalb_.5m 3 26 1.1K 12K 162K
Trishmas Mellon @TrishaMellon 23h ... That period of time between Christmas and New Year's feels like this image, I don't know how else to describe it 3 6.5K 51K del 1.1M
bfa agonistes @superloafcat. 1d ... 37 1.3K 22K 833K
Scam Likely @Uneasy_E·2 23h Stay right there 4:17 Capt. Olivia Benson calling... Sierra @LustSierra 1d We all have that one uncle we practiced kissing with 11K 2.6M 168 54K
Charlie James @nonbinarycowboy. 1h being trans is weird why am i an adult man with cheerleader handwriting tine's Day Dad's Birthday (72) Parinirvana Day 15 THU 6 49 3.2K 61K
Comrade Sisko @Pinko... 21h ... What 30% of the city budget goes to مدان PIGS WITH NO SPECIFIC DUTIES 30 5,695 47.2K 768K
BobbyShmurda @bbburner_ 23h ... When ur blackout at your company Xmas party and run into the owner Big dog. 37 5,117 68.5K 3.2M
pinky lemon @xpinkylemo... 16h ... the key to Wawa's impeccable design is the 360 degree Nicotine Command Center Thanksi Self Checkout Register Closed 80 3,136 40.3K 1.3M
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