21 of the Most Hilariously Irrational Things People Have Done

Someone lit their clothes on fire… while wearing them
21 of the Most Hilariously Irrational Things People Have Done

Though our brains are wired to make sure we think about what we do, it can sometimes feel like there’s a single marble rolling around in there that’s trying its best to keep things running. Unfortunately, when that marble takes over, our dumbest ideas start looking pretty good. How else can you explain why someone jumped off a roof decked out in cardboard “body armor”? You can’t. 

In that vein, Redditors have sounded off on the least rational things they’ve watched people do. A very special thank you goes out to the person who restarted a puddle fire by spraying it with a squirt gun full of gasoline.

hydrogen_wv . 6 6y Stand in the rain for 45 minutes without moving with her arms crossed when her boyfriend couldn't afford to buy her the $400 item that she wanted right at that moment. Not a We have better things to spend the money on, but literally don't have the money.
Two-Shoes-Bandit - 6y Girl dumps her boyfriend for cheating, stating, I can't believe he would do that to me, I trusted him. They had met on a one night stand while cheating on their partners. ... 250
Bodymaster . 6y I was watching a guy build a wall in my friend's yard. I was watching him for about 5-10 minutes while I waited on my friend. Не had a wheelbarrow full of bricks at one end of the yard and the wall he was working on was the other end, say about 30 feet away. So he'd walk over to the fully functional wheelbarrow, take out a brick, walk over to his wall, stick the brick on it, walk back to the wheelbarrow... ... 1.8k
susheel_sk.6y I had a fellow student stay home to memorize decimal places of pi to win a $10 contest when we had an exam the next day (which he didn't study for) ... 342
vinegarfingers 6y When I was in college we hung out with this guy who would get insanely hammered. More so than the average college kid. I had to meet him about 10 times before he remembered who I was. Once we playing a beer pong game which he won. To celebrate, he kicked through a sliding glass door, but instead of completely shattering it held his shape except for where his foot went through. Against everyone's recommendation, he proceeded to PULL HIS LEG BACK THROUGH THE GLASS which destroyed his leg and caused muscle/ ligament damage and landed him in
republiccommando1138 . 6y It was me Stick their finger into a lightbulb socket. Twice. ... 1.8k
snkeolr . 6y Not sure if this is irrational or just idiotic. I just had a secretary at work make me re-scan something she needed because it was scanned upside down and when she printed it...it was going to come out upside down. After 5 minutes of telling her that when it prints she can turn the paper around and it would be right side up I just agreed to re-scan the page. ... 1.3k
chiefcrosby . 6y Fuck I hope someone sees this cause it's perfect. At my high school we would have a mini PI-Day celebration that ended with eating homemade pies people brought in the cafeteria. Well one year, this senior thought it'd be a great prank to put BATTERIES IN HIS PIE. Pies in the cafeteria was canceled for good after that and he got his admission to Cornell revoked. My question was always just why? ... 578
S-uperstitions . 6y I put gasoline into a squirt gun and used that to restart the puddle-fire that we had just put out ... 254
Milo_Minderbinding . 6y I was at a fast food taco place and a lady ordered a chicken quesadilla with no cheese or chicken. 25
partofbreakfast . 6 6y One time I made tacos for dinner. My sister (16 at the time) was extremely upset that I had made tacos for dinner, so she refused to eat them. I told her ok, she could make her own food instead, because I wasn't cooking two meals in one night. But she was so mad at me for making tacos that she just refused to eat for the rest of the day. She literally went to bed hungry, in a house full of food that she knew how to cook, because she was mad. ... 156
chungustheskungus . 6 6y A friend of mine made a huge, thick set of cardboard body armor and jumped off of his roof. Не was fine. ... 3.2k
helmia 6y I was hanging out with my friends when we were ~13-14. One guy that I had never exchanged words with but who was friends with my friends so I saw him pretty often, yelled Hey (my name here), look!, turned his bike, speed up, made a super weird attempt to jump on a fence, failed, came down straight down hand first. Broke his wrist and I am not sure if I remember correctly but finger too. 0-100 for absolutely no reason at all. Не just apparently decided injuring himself was a good way to spend the afternoon. It
 . 6y Saw a music major smash his metronome on the floor in a fit of anger when he couldn't keep steady time and work out the rhythms in the Bartok piece he was practicing. ... 597
curiouspursuit . 6y My family was babysitting a bratty kid and we went to play mini golf. Halfway through the course there was a bridge, but the kid says he isn't going across the bridge. Не is crying and throwing a fit and will not go. My dad gives the brat (3 or 4 years old) some encouragement and lets the other kids go first to show it is okay. Finally, with 3 kids waiting on the far side, he picks up the kid and carries him across against his will. As soon as he is put down on the
clutchheimer 6y A friend of mine had a brother who we always joked was indestructible. One day he was using a 12 pound sledge to uproot a fence post. Think about that for a second. Не was swinging a 12 pound sledge in an upward motion, hitting a fence rail, in an effort to pull the post out of the ground. My friend and I were perplexed. Dude wasn't dumb either, not by a long shot. Just like this story isn't over, no, not by a long shot. After about three swings he is making real progress uprooting the post,
usechoosername . 6y See a stink bug on his leg, he yelled ew a stink bug, then smashed it, thus releasing the stink of the bug. Why. ... 756
mangosa33 . 6y One time at the pool I work at I watched a kid dive into the pool in brand new Nikes and socks. I was so shocked I didn't know what to do. It was right as another guard walked by and asked him what the hell he was doing and told him to get out. Не said Man, you don't even understand and proceeded to get out, take off his shoes and socks and throw them away. ... 283
 6y Attempt to set fire to his own clothes to see if they were fireproof. Edit: Yes, he was wearing them. We were outside and his lighter kept going out before he could get very far. Still unsure as to whether they were actually fireproof or not. Clothes in question were workshop overalls, we'd just had a health and safety lesson on fire prevention (ironically), which might have sparked the idea. His friend melted a hole in his (identical) coat pocket with a dodgy e-cig, so I'm guessing no. ... 2.9k
catwby . 6y I have a great list of things: 1. Put my foot in the oven whilst it was heated at 200°C/ 392°F 2. Put flour in my tea 3. Put the kettle in the bin 4. Managed to climb under a fence and into a construction site to find a chicken that I don't actually own
 6y Well, on Sunday I had a guy come into my store (I work for a cell carrier) complaining that he locked himself out of his phone. So we had to factory reset the phone. Unfortunately, factory reset protection was on, so he had to sign into his Gmail account to use the phone, which he doesn't know the password to. We got the password changed, but there's a 24 hour waiting period to sign into your Gmail after changing the password in this situation. Cue the screaming at me, and walked to the exit, turned around and threw
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