15 of the Creepiest Things Seen at Sea

15 of the Creepiest Things Seen at Sea

The sea is fucked-up. It’s dark and cold, and we have no idea what’s down there. Despite this, sailors and commercial fishermen are brave enough to trek into such unknown waters, and some have lived to tell the tales. From accidentally hauling in human torsos to watching in horror as seagulls pecked at a dead, bloated, belly-up whale, these are some of the creepiest things seafaring Redditors have experienced while out on the water. 

If you’ve been thinking about taking a little boating adventure, these stories will quickly disabuse you of that notion. 

goat-of-mendes . 2y Hundreds of sea snakes feasting on the bloated corpse of some kind of animal. ... 860

kingbane2 . 43d i have a friend who works on ships. he said the single scariest thing he had ever seen was looking out a window and seeing a wave that he said looked like it was 100 meters high pass right by their boat and suddenly disappear. he knew about rogue waves but he said seeing one that big, and that close, and watching it suddenly just vanish was so creepy and shocking that he was literally stunned for a minute. ... Reply 5.2k

MyMomsSecondSon . 43d Somewhere in the Atlantic, nice cold as fuck night, decided to step out and look at stars. About ten minutes on and a boats mast pops up, sits there a few minutes and then back under. No alarms, nothing. Just some sub boys getting a bit of late night 02 in the middle of nowhere next to some friends. ... Reply 8.1k

 . 8y Fog. 360 degrees of thick fog. You can hardly see a couple feet in front of your face. Very creepy. And water spouts, those are pretty cool though ... 2.9k

Yazbremski . 8y Not the sea but on Lake Michigan we saw a huge float of blow up dolls all tied together just floating. There was probably about 15 of them just tied together floating there. Was fucking strange to say the least. ... 131

 . 8y Once thought I saw a small landmass on the horizon. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a dead whale, belly up with seagulls standing on it pecking away at its flesh. ... 777

Fnwayshegoes . . 8y Well I'm no sailor, but am in the military. On 9/11 2013 I was on a ship in the Red Sea. We were having a cermony in remembrance of 9/11, when up floats a dead body right next to the ship. We were all locked down pretty quickly so that they could send out a couple small boats to retrieve it. Never did hear anything more about it. Pretty damn weird if you ask me though. ... 2.4k

YourGFblewMe . 43d I worked on the sailboat one summer in the Bahamas and something that you see a lot when you're in the ocean is kayaks and life jackets floating around and you always radio them in but they always just fell off a yacht or something and it's never a big deal. Once we found a kayak floating and it had a fishing rod in the rod holder which basically meant someone was using it

 . 8y Sailing around in the Arabian gulf you could look out and see flaming flares from all of the oil rigs. You get so used to blackness when you're out to sea at night and suddenly you see massive pillars of fire rising from the ocean all around you. ... 1.7k

1kz_akl . . 3y A mate of mine I was working on a Tuna boat with came across an aeroplane emergency life jacket floating in the water about 200miles out at sea, east coast of New Zealand ... 3.4k

 8y Not a Sailor, but I was on a fishing charter boat on lake Erie, it was around 5am in the morning, and the water was scary calm and glass like, and it was so foggy you could not see more than 30 feet if that, we all started hearing this plopping sound, like somebody was slapping the water with open hands, it kept getting louder and closer, At this point we had all slowly moved to the other side of the boat not knowing WTF it was, even the boat captain was standing there in total silence as

YaBoyZoidberg 8y Not me, but my father back in his commercial fishing days noticed that there was a t shirt in the middle of his net after one tow. After a little investigation he found that it was not a shirt, but a human torso wearing a shirt. Не said he was terrified that he would open the net and a head would roll out onto his feet, but it didn't happen. His captain radioed ahead and they brought the torso back to the docks, where they were met by the police and a coroner. They were eventually able to

fd1Jeff . 43d This sort of qualifies. Former navy here. Somewhere off the coast of Italy saw a very, very small boat, not much bigger than a rowboat, about 9 or 10miles offshore. This was sometime around midnight. There was no light from land, and no other ships around. It had a light. Our ship captain said it was a fisherman, and the fish would be attracted to the light at that time. Imagine being in a rowboat about 10 miles off shore in the middle of a pitch black night, waiting to see what finds you ... Reply 19.8k

Sleepyfalcon9 . 3y Not a sailor; however this was at sea... My dad went boating with some friends down near Rocky Point in Mexico in the mid-90s. They went out late at night to drink. It was incredibly dark apart from the boat lights when suddenly a helicopter flew above their boat and the local who took them out shut everything off immediatley. The helicopter hovered over some water in the distance and dumped a few bodies into the water before flying off. When it was out of sight the local turned everything back on and shrugged it off saying,

HAL-42b • . 8y When diving, a huge seiner net drifting towards you. It wasn't anchored or attached to anything. Just a huge whirling cloud of death, full of barnacles and dolphin skeletons and decomposing fish. ... 5.1k
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