27 Good Deeds Gone Very Wrong

Maybe think twice before donating a kidney
27 Good Deeds Gone Very Wrong

“No good deed goes unpunished” doesn’t even begin to describe the following situations. Imagine saving a woman from getting hit by a car, only to be hit by the car yourself and abandoned on the side of the road by both the driver and the woman you saved. An experience like that would surely make anyone reconsider their faith in humanity. 

To that end, Redditors have offered up times they did a good deed and were immediately punished for it — the jaw-dropping tale of a costly kidney donation will haunt us forever.

DrewTip 11y I use to work for a company that Set up tents for weddings. This bridezilla made us move the tent we already had set up. Since the customer always gets their way, we did. She promissed she'd buy us pizza and beer for staying longer to make her happy. We all agreed. Almost five hours later we finished with no pizza or beer. We went up to her to get the contract signed and she said, I forgot I promissed you refreshments, here you go... she bent down and gave us the garden hose. ... 390
DominionGhost. 3y Guy lost his ID for work, I brought him directly to security to get it sorted and they fired me on the spot for allowing a trespasser entrance. ... 4.7k
dang_ling_modify_her.my Outside a gas station in Mississippi, a guy asked me for 12 cents. I fished out a quarter then he said, I only need 12 cents then he walked away without taking the quarter. ... 196
MasterHa 11y I was waiting at a bus stop, and this sweet looking little old lady was having trouble getting down the curb to cross the road. So I helped her cross the road. I wish her a pleasant day... To which she replies fucking foreigners, get out of my country Thanks. ... 143
girlwithhair-ribbon8 . 1 11y When I was in cub scouts I offerred to sell raffle tickets around my neighbourhood to raise money for charity. I knocked on a neighbours door and she lectured me on how gambling was immoral, even her husband got involved. I was 8 at the time. ... 106
Scuttlebutt91 . . 11y Fixed a customers transmission for free because they had no cash, new kid etc. It broke a month outside of the 12 month warranty and we fixed it for free AGAIN. Their response was to leave horrible ratings for our business all over the web that are STILL up today. ... 893
samarye 11y I was waiting in line to do a return at a department store. A little boy, probably about 3 or 4 years old, stood a bit away from the registers crying and calling for his mommy. I looked around trying to spot mommy but didn't see any adults paying attention to him. After about five minutes of this, I went and asked him, Hey honey, are you okay? Let's see if the checkout lady can call your mom. I gestured for him to follow me (didn't touch the kid!). The cashier paged the mom, who came almost immediately
tinkrman Зу Saw two ladies from my office building struggling to load a table into van. They were moving from our building to a new place. I told them if they removed the legs it will be easier, and it will take less space. They told me they didn't have the tools. (Allen keys). So I went upstairs and brought my set down. When I started to remove the legs, they insisted they will do it and bring the set back to my office. After a while I went downstairs, they were gone. Of course I should've figured they would
tamiraisredditing . 3y I gave money and made light conversation with a panhandler who frequented my campus. Не ended up stalking me across three different address changes. ... 970
implicate 11y I was bartending a private event and found a purse that someone had left on the bar, so I tucked it away behind the register. Towards the end I heard a lady complaining about it being stolen, and how there was a lot of cash and valuables in it. I then returned it (she was lying about the cash). She tried to write me a check for a reward, which I declined, asking only that she someday pay the good deed forward. The next day she went on yelp and wrote this huge review claiming that the bartender
 . 4y I lent a friend a tablet for something to play on. I come home...and I get screamed at by my mom for downloading porn through her Amazon account. I l olk at my Kindle, and the fucker had downloaded a shit ton of lesbian porn onto it. This wound up with me fiercely verbally defending myself against her anger, and her awkwardly having to make a call to tech support to help make this go away. ... 624
 4y Tried to warn a coworker of an impending layoff. Loose- lipped Lucius nearly got me fired instead. ... 506
antiquasi . 3y I let a friend of a friend stay with me while she got herself together for a little over twice as long as originally intended after going out of my way in the extreme she walked out one evening without a word said with my grandmother's silver place settings. appreciation indeed ... 958
watyousay . 1 11y Accused of attempted child abduction for grabbing a kid who was about to fall off a curb in front of a bus. ... 413
sagilabdomen . 3y Saving a girl from getting hit by a car, me getting hit in the process, but it turned into a hit and run and the girl left me behind on the concrete road. 4k
SEJ46 . 3y I picked up my brother from the hospital after he was in a minor car accident. I took him to his apartment and stayed a while to make him dinner and hang out a bit. When I left I had a boot on my car because I wasn't allowed to park in his spot... ... 177
dendaddy . 1 10y My wife donated a kidney to a stranger,all bills where supposed to be taken care of by the recipient. We have been told that their insurance didn't pay enough and a collection agency is after us for $10,000. This started 9 months ago. ... 371
enchilada_slut . 3 3y I saw a man about my age drop his wallet, so I picked it up and tried to get his attention. His girlfriend turns around screaming at me that I'm a dumb btch and that he's obviously taken you thirsty whre. So I just put the wallet on the ground in front of her and walked away from that mess. ... 494
sybch . Зу Helping a classmate in PE performing a handstand and when I ask her to do the same for me she abandons me and I almost break my neck. ... 314
cynicproject . 1 11y I had a girl at a bar give me her drink to hold while she went to the bathroom. When she got back I went to hand it back to her and she said You take a sip first. I finished the entire drink and walked away. ... 271
Channel_8_News . 11y It didn't happen to me, but a friend of mine. Не was walking down the street when the lady in front of him dropped her wallet unknowingly. Не picked it up, ran to catch up with her, and said, Ma'am, you dropped your wallet back there. She looked at him and asked, Did you take anything out of it? My friend, who was still holding the wallet, flung it to the other side of the street and kept walking. ... 86
 . 11y I was walking to class when passing through a doorway I noticed someone behind me and decided to hold the door open wide. Suddenly a girl walked through and started off on a crazy tirade about me assuming she couldn't open the door herself because she was a girl... It was right around when she said Men like you disgust me when the guy in the electric wheelchair that I was actually holding the door for made his way through and said hey thanks man. The look on her face after her sudden realization of the situation
TurkeyBLTSandwich . Зу To be a nice roommate, I took it upon myself to fix my roommates laptop computer. Не had been going downstairs to use the computer lab because his laptop broke. After fixing his laptop he proceeded to stay up until 3 to 4 am everyday with the brightness on super high while humming and grunting and tapping his desk while web surfing. We shared a room and he positioned his laptop so the brightness would shine on my face while I tried to sleep ... 33
kewlstar 11y Was on a rail road platform at thailand, and this kid (around 3yr old) wandering around all by herself and was getting relatively close to edge of platform while a train was about to enter the platform. As a matter of split second decision making I ran up and grabbed the kids hand and started dragging her back, and while I was doing this some lady starts to scream out of nowhere pointing at me. She was quickly followed by a mob of people point and yelling at me in Thai. Needless to say I had to run
CockBurglar 11y I was driving home around 2am and saw a car flipped in a ditch. I pulled over and a woman was inside on the phone with 911. When I asked her if she was OK, she started screaming at me to get away and not rob her. I called 911 on my cell and waited until CHP arrived. The CHP officer was talking to the woman and she started accusing me of trying to rape her. The officer gave me the dirtiest look ever and said, people like you make me sick. Get the hell out of here.
flaffl 11y As some of you of the midwest may know, last winter, Missouri experienced one of the most treacherous winters that we've ever faced in decades. The University of Missouri - Columbia had closed school for the first time in about 40 years, due to such harsh weather conditions. One day, my friends and I were semi-stranded out at his place off campus, which is at the bottom of a slightly slanted cul-de-sac, and we noticed his neighbors having trouble with their car. We decide to be good neighbors and try to help them by pushing their cars up, so as
tbandit 11y I was driving home from university one day, and I stopped for a red light. I looked around and caught eyes with an older gentlemen in the car next to me and we both snapped our glances forward as if we had caught each other looking at dicks in the men's bathroom. I sheepishly looked back to the guy, and we caught eyes a second time. I waved. Не laughed and waved back. Awesome. Why don't I do this more often? I spent a week waving at people randomly and being super friendly. It was eleven in the
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