27 of the Funniest Tweets from December 18, 2023

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27 of the Funniest Tweets from December 18, 2023

The truth is out there — and Ryan Coogler is going to show it to you. According to a recent report from Bloomberg, an X-Files reboot from the Black Panther director is in active development. This sliver of confirmation comes just a few months after OG creator Chris Carter spoke to Canadian journalist Gloria Macarenko on her podcast On the Coast and addressed a potential reboot. While plot details are under wraps, Carter told Macarenko that Coogler’s reboot is said to have a “diverse cast.” This means that fans of the sexual tension between Scully and Mulder may have to thrust their freaky fantasies on to a couple of completely new faces. The original series aired for nine seasons after it premiered in 1993 and returned with a two-season revival back in 2016. 

The same Bloomberg report shared that Netflix is getting into the spin-off business, too. The streamer is said to be working on spin-offs of a number of their benchmark series — from Peaky Blinders to The Witcher. Ahead of production on their follow-up to the wildly successful Wednesday, there were talks of utilizing another branch of the Addams family tree. The streamer has its eyes set on an Uncle Fester project that would focus the gaze on the bald, electrifying freak played by Fred Armisen. Though there’s no guarantee of any of these programs making it out of development hell, it’s clear that Netflix is ready to enter its “franchise era.”

Meanwhile, as “let’s circle back to that in January” week officially commences, the timeline has offered us some serious entertainment to fill our empty workdays. Today’s funniest tweets include those about the duality of women, an enigmatic piece of chocolate and a cooking product that will definitely be used for its intended purposes.

danielle carr @_danielle_carr • 20h ... My 23 year old sister keeps saying that all of my crushes are OK GO coded. Which, as you can imagine, is hurtful. 41 344 10.8K del 574K
wild TikTok screenshots @... . 10h ... Some times when my + husband makes me mad, I look at him through a fork, and 176,5K pretend he's in jail ... 153 111K 2.2M 7,314
Cape Ann, bottom shelf @_Jig... 23h ... They're giving him a Viking funeral Russell Stover Hot Chocolate Mini Santa, 1.7 Ounce, 12 Count LLA SANTAS 156 4,555 148K
Genie Lauren @MoreAndAgain 22h ... I'm pretty sure you're at Claritin box Red @RedLightning420:1d Where the hell am i i???? CC 0:06 68 7,918 99K del 2.7M
Lolo @LolOverruled . 2h NO LOTO 911 YOU WOULON'T GOON TO A CAR 30 52 1,106 37.8K guffpot @_claypot.13h putting lightning mcqueen on here is wild like cars literally has the DILF mobile Ldsphu @Ldsphu2.2d Objectively the FINEST men in Disney 8 119 1,342 30.5K 45 25K 15 1K
8-BITTM @The8BitIdiot . 21h Hear me out... Texas Toast Crunch 59 1.2K 17K 965K
horse dentist @equine_dentist.4h this is the ideal home layout in joe biden's america Estrogen Sex before Marriage Lab Lounge weed Trans smoking Bathroom Gay Room Patio (boy)wife kitchen abortion 20 842 7.1K 327K
jeremy @jeremylovesyall. 2h i think you'll find it was one specific director who was obsessed with this Caleb Williams @KnightGambit . 19h Remember in early 2000's when Hollywood was obsessed with photo realistic CGI movies ? 817K 38 429 12K
Gourmet Spud @gourmetspud 1d Pronouncing 'arugula' like this. 34 1.9K 21K 1.4M
danielle weisberg for hire @danielleweisber 2d you don't buy Ferrero Rochers. they simply appear when you are worthy 35 3.8K 38K 973K
Clue Heywood @ClueHeywood 23h Imagine being an NFL neurologist and they tell you to determine if an Italian suffered a head injury, impossible task imo 84 800 17K 1.4M
Dan Sheehan @ItsDanSheehan 23h ... I wish there was a Letterboxd for books. Don't tell me that's Goodreads, Goodreads is a knife fight under a bridge, it's not about the books 65 1.3K 24K 1.1M
Luis Vercetti @97Vercetti· 1d ... the tongs preventing me from opening the kitchen drawer I need.. 60 8.7K 115K 3.7M
W.E.B. DaBoi @Tyre_94.20h ... Me after 6 gin & tonics N YORK COUNTY CLERK 08/01/2 IO. 106 Pag 1 MR. GIULIANI: Come here, big tits. 2 Come here, big tits. Your tits belong to me. 3 Give them to me (indiscernible). I want to claim 4 my tits. I want to claim my tits. I want to 5 claim my tits. These are my tits. 9 314 5.3K 699K
isabella @scarykneegirl - 1d how my bf gets home when i've been home alone all day, the heat is up to 83, ive half painted our dining room & have a paper mache sculpture of a spider with a ladies head drying in the kitchen 2 130 4K 230K
Quantavius Nutsack @dirtyharrypussy·1 15h Concrete Skatepark Coffee Table $250. In stock 35 574 9K 393K
horse dentist @equine_dentist. 1d yes... i will be using this to... tenderize meat 4110-800 TENDERIZER, MEAT RVRSBL 6 ZX968 29.99 EA 4110 800 08068 kuraidori Meat tenderizer Reversible two piece design for tenderizing or pounding. Chrome plated zinc alloy. 15 $ 190K 2.6K 190 13
jennie holiday crunch @cambrasine . 21h Dhdhbddhdbdh saw this today Bought it before we knew how awful he is. 29 1.6K 34K 455K
baby .. @jaytovah_ 13h ... I sprayed this shit on my pillow case. I cannot make this up, I slept for over 12 hours. I haven't used it since PLAYERS ONLY @choppaboy_aj.1 1d 10/10 This shit will drop a bear EW! $5.89 120 D 8104981153 063 icais Sleep Spray with Melatonin & Essential Oils Promotes a better night's sleep 6FL OZ / 177 mL 93 676 11K 844K
Scott Chegg @buckfastbadlad . 1d the pilau's princess Chairman of the FPA (Fat Pussy Association) 1d Sorry but this Indian takeaway is out of control bc what is this assand 33 608 12K 1.4M
girl dennis reynolds @paddysroyco 17h people can't handle a woman who's hot and an awful person at the same time. she was an icon mrs papaw @mrsballs69. 1d Imagine asking if Elaine was supposed to be a hot girl on Seinfeld like????? Look at her!!!!! 4 430 9.1K 388K
big content guy @bigcontentguy . 22h ... FA BUP i'm not misogynistic unless a female ref makes a bad call 6 332 6.7K 887K
Harry Lockheart's Missing Finger Facts @Dou... 22h ... imagine the killer wearing this Fat Kid Deals @FatKidDeals 1d OF Corduroy Bucket Hat for $16 fkd.sale/?l=https:// amz... OnlyFans 22 433 11K 545K
Mike Townsend @townsendye... 6h ... They should do an Outlook wrapped. Most frequently contacted, how many emails you ignored, highest word count per recipient, how many times you said the word sorry, which sender needlessly used the most urgent flags. It would be really boring but I still want to see it. 9 772 12.7K 412K
annie-mai @anniemaisocial.9h ... people at work this week Arounds like a problem 2024 40 4,216 34.7K 1.2M
lux @ll7ux 15h me and the baddie I pulled by being stupid 14 1,642 17K 858K
tall melanie @tallmeanie.2 22h asked my bf to edit a cheesy christmas card for us IT TAKES TWO, TO MAKE A DREAM comE TRUE What the fuck!!!! Are those the twin towers Delivered Okay I'll try again 114 5,641 127K 3.6M
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