25 of the Funniest Tweets from December 13, 2023

Hump Day is getting more and more brutal
25 of the Funniest Tweets from December 13, 2023

Skadoosh! Jack Black is swinging back into action for another adventure as Po the Kung Fu Panda in the DreamWorks franchise’s fourth installment. The film’s first trailer just dropped and revealed what's in store for the Dragon Warrior this time around. Not only is Po on a doomed quest for inner peace, he’s doing so while surrounded by what could possibly be the most Oscar winners in an animated movie ever. Black, who first started voicing the titular character in 2008, is joined by Dustin Hoffman and Angelina Jolie — they’re reprising their roles from previous entries — with Ke Huy Quan and Viola Davis getting in on the fun as completely new characters. To top it all off, Hans Zimmer is back to score the film (unless, of course, he passes that duty off to one of his interns).

Meanwhile, as the Ocean’s gang looks back at the anatomy of a heist with a prequel that reunites Barbie duo Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, they may also be looking to the future as well. George Clooney revealed to Uproxx that there’s “a great script” floating around for a new Ocean’s movie that’s said to be reminiscent of Martin Brest’s Going in Style (not to be confused with Zach Braff’s 2017 remake). Those are the only plot details that have been made available, but one thing is for certain: Don’t call it Ocean’s 14. Clooney very much does not like that. 

In the middle of all this movie news, the timeline once again proved that it’s the best place for comedy. Today’s funny tweets include those about a car so small you could attach it to your keychain, the easiest way to keep working from home and someone who went out in true Yinzer fashion. 

Kei$ha @GlamazonJay 19h Bruh this is not funny, so Jesus please forgive me for cackling like I just did. Mikey @mikeyisbrown.23h my company started piloting in office work days again and someone brought a weapon yesterday... they're no longer requiring us to go in anymore CC 0:02 18 2,381 22.6K 1.1M
в @ayeitsbritbrat1 - 1d You coulda just went to a farm and bit the cow in the ass if that's what you was gone order jackie @YaAlreadyNole-1 1d If this ain't how the steak cooked ion want it 525 8,743 65K 3.4M
olivia @oliviuuuuhh.22h he doesn't look good in pictures like bitch just show me your ugly boyfriend 123 6,878 81.4K 2.4M
annie @annieroooney- 21h ... Learning I had a great uncle on my Polish side named Hoagy who died from being run over by a steamroller. Like the most Pittsburgh shit I've ever heard 7 231 6,270 242K
remand chic @our_jesse. 6h Wednesday ISTILL WORK BUT THE LIGHT IN ME HAS GONE 43 3,048 18.4K 572K
nilo @gaycolinfarrell. 21h two crazy bitches telling each other exactlyyy FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates - 23h Ari Aster and Yorgos Lanthimos have been paired for Variety's Directors on Directors. 67 908 48K
z. Emerson @World0fEcho.16h НЕЗ ДЕАД CENTER RED DEAD II REDEMPTION REPUBLIA RED DEAD REDEMPTING festive goblin OVO @goblinodds 3d god why are men so hard to get gifts for wtf do u people want 8 211 2.5K 142K
ten second cam @camilli_amilli - 17h ... I will never be silenced Elon Musk @elonmusk.53m Truth is not silenced on this platform 746 755 5,592 del 157K ten second cam @camilli_amilli-7h ... | would definitely lick a girl's asshole 12 13 106 del 7,377 10 19 535 38K
jo @whatsJo . 1 2h bisque jockey EMOTION @ULTRASLUT. 1d WORK PARTY LAST NIGHT i thought this was a dj but she is serving soup 835 12K 42 505K
hamchester by the sea @foolutookmefor - 4 4h BARTON ACADEMY STAYE CHAMPIONS LACROSSE STORE 1993 IND drew janda @drewjanda 1d The haters said I couldn't do it. And they were correct. Honestly great call from the haters 6 103 1.3K 69K
Shaun Scott @eyesonthestorm 15h ... bro they're historicizing u in the group chat - they're situating ur behavior in a broader postindustrial context and they're citing an impressive array of sources bro 16 1.8K 14K 455K
Alex Bug (Mr. Reality) @SporeOrigins • 1d The three genders + Holy COW MOLY SMOKES W E R T Y U O I P 14 799 6.5K 139K
zara @fxlklore_ 5h ... who is teaching my mom this . now Mama I miss you no cap Swipe up to open 77 1.1K 15K 252K
janito @yassnito 3h her ass said let me get three different opinions.... so real PHP Tings Pop Tingz @ThePopTingz - 5h SZA reveals in @AppleMusic interview that she has 3 therapists. 24 1.2K 26K 746K
@GoodReddit - 1 1d good reddit r/Wellthatsucks u/Jordanar21 10h Looks like someone had a panic attack 8,496 309 Comments 62 845 34K 1.5M
The Protagonist @DarthNyius 1d ... Giving her this look before taking the last seat >>>>>> @findingmalo 1d pen affleck It's so funny because men don't even offer seats on the train anymore. They actually race you to them. This would never happen in my regime 57 45K 6.2K 2.3M
scholastic book fair @jennifersnudes. 1d Gonna take these and forget about you.......... 9 678 7.9K 134K
no context memes @weirddalle 1h who would win in a SHEET METAL EATING CONTEST? @namasha at.foom Jackie Kennedy Matt Rife 31 209 3.6K 283K
@whoshamdi - 17h how am I supposed to look my mum in the eye and say I met my man on twitter rania @cumcurse. 21h alhamdulillah, from twitter mutuals to engaged. wouldn't have wanted it any other way with you 63 8.4K 613K 955
Lays @OTD2point0 2h This meal prep shit is so easy. Jasiar up et CON EVERE 5338 2160 OL Juni THEI W REST дол. outside SHMO THE DOUCHE varu all Eunior poulet H SX 2000 20 385 8.6K 514K
sarah نعو @babooshke. 14h ... me when the enemies become lovers ! 6 1.1K 9.4K 315K
@mcarv_s.2 21h yeah until out on the lawn there arose such a clatter and you sprang from your bed to see what was the matter frye @__frye. 5d i think i would have the best sleep of my life in this $19.95 I 52 7,029 74.4K 2.4M
julia (naive melody) @altms... 22h ... when someone tries to jack your swag WARNING: obvious Legally You Unique plant cannot that sue . he not same UNIT #NOCLON3 HOW ROLL! Definitely Not Hasbro SNOOPY I am a different GOOD GRUFF! SNEPPY Sneppy is Cheppy Brown's pet bagel 100% original character 76 2,461 32.9K 1.1M
faith @faiththegemini - 1 1d whoever car this is y'all know y'all could've took it in the house with you 32 999 16.4K 771K
helen @helen 15h me after sticking an entire nintendo switch in my mouth 30 717 13.8K 399K
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