29 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of December 4, 2023

29 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of December 4, 2023

Everyone’s got that one friend who dramatically announces a social media hiatus only to log back on days later. For some people, that friend is Selena Gomez. After another of her short-lived breaks, the former Disney Channel star has hunkered down in the comment section to argue with stan accounts in defense of her newly-confirmed relationship with producer Benny Blanco. This isn’t Gomez’s first brush with feeling compelled to stand up for herself in situations that don’t really call for it. The singer has made such a notable habit out of fighting with faceless Instagram accounts that one user noted Gomez would argue with a microwave if it beeped. Another envisioned a utopia that exists where she simply hired a social media manager. 

The combative singer isn’t the only one feeling the heat this week, though. Other virtual burn victims include the Founding Fathers of Tinder, Londoners in a hypothetical Grand Theft Auto sequel and a “comedian’s” glow-up. 

GOD BT @thegirlbt. 17h ... she would argue with a microwave if it beeped Pop Base @PopBase. 18h Selena Gomez defends relationship with Benny Blanco after confirming they're dating: Then why has he been the best thing that's ever happened to me. The end  and he's still better than anyone I've been with. Facts selenagemezbr2.0 Comments selenagomez e He is my absolute everything in my heart 36m 120 likes Reply selenagomez - @aajosixx then why has he been the best thing that's ever happened to me The and to Reols - be نبا yeah and he's MIT better than anyone

rare insults @insultsrare . 1d ... dude VF Kommentarer 2 659 X rn för 1 ar sedan Jc imagine finding a shirt that is the same colour as you 22 258 68 68 SVAR 227 8.8K 179K 5.8M

claire @claireyael 1d ... This is what Timothee Chalamet looks like to me Ink Blot @inkblotistan.6d CC 0:07 309 12K 196K 10M

kat @albertcamslut..dd Travis Kelce's search history today This Morning horecruks - Google Search G google.com/search?q=horecruks&ie=UTF-8&e=UT... horcuts - Google Search G google.com/searchq=horcuts&ie=UTF-8&e=UTF-... whorecucks - Google Search G google.com/search?q=whorecucks&ie=UTF-8&e=U... TIME TIME @TIME.2d Taylor Swift on re-recording her old albums: I'm collecting horcruxes. I'm collecting infinity stones. Gandalf's voice is in my head every time I put... 68 4.4K 98K 6.9M

@cancuncruze. 21h S Snagajob i Indeed Jobs Der @Yeaderrr 1d Are you okay with Natalia Bryant (Kobe Bryant's daughter) taking a white man to prom? 17 7.2K 84K 2.7M

mia @boygrrI . 16h ... the autistic link up of the century DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm 17h Jordan Peele is working with Hideo Kojima on their new horror game 'OD'. Starring Hunter Schafer and Sophia Ellis. #THEOAMEAWARDS NY #THEGAMEAWARDS 21 26K 1M 1.5K

rare insults @insultsrare . 21h ... never forget #5 ON TRENDING Lil Nas X - Rodeo (ft. Nas)  8.2M views 24K Live chat Share Download 574K Sa X Replies Jamie Donner 13 minutes ago Watching From Japan:) 2 Add a public reply... 8 minutes ago Lil Nas X Wow thank you Jamie Donner 3 minutes ago I Didnt Say It Was Good You Fucking Suck 256 5.7K 119K 4.8M

Rodney @SkinnyTuna . 4d ... british rap is so fucked up have you seen the state of her fanny (mad) what the fuck are you talking about 131 5.4K 80K 2.7M

mar @kisstheladder8.4d ... i lov radiohead and the smiths and deftone 12:01 AM yeah you look like that 37 1.9K 16K 501K

@antikirsten 1d men with founder as their profession pack it up thomas jefferson 7 347 5.4K 207K

John DeVore @JohnDeVore. 1d ... mr brightside is millennial hotel california 44 2.6K 20K 637K

amber @mbrleigh 3d so you agree every studio making their own streaming service wasn't lucrative and we're going back to cable, but it's not cable, it's just different and more expensive THR The Hollywood Reporter @THR 4d Netflix and Apple Open Door to Bundling With Streaming Rivals hollywoodreporter.com/business/ digit... 7.9K 114 57K 1.8M

Ben Crew @BenjaminCrew1 1.2d How your little cousins be looking at you at family events when they want to go to your room and play Mario Kart + 7 643 12K 459K

kate bush's husband @airbagged . 23h SOOOO an average letterboxd user Creepy.org @CreepyOrg 1d Al deepfake technology compiles every serial killer into one man. ED SEX 13 149 6 del 16K

@Jasgagger 1d jason andrew tate if he smoked weed and watched porn 140 1.2K 41K 984K

The Turkey is Not Enough @Brosnan_in_1997 - 3d ... Rahniin up ohn me with ohnly a knoife m8? JJ GNG 1/1 @V3nom_jj• 3d Gta 7 better be in London 139 7K 74K 4.8M

david @davidefinitely 14h girl move on John Lennon @johnlen... 15h 10 718 18.6K 579K

kathleen @holdenfordfocus 16h ... society if selena gomez googled social media managers in my area 8 1,178 28.6K 832K

@elizardbethc. 1d elizabeth clayton god....the men you put in this earth to hunt are smoking cuban cigar flavored knockoff elf bars CUBA CIGAR EBDESIGN BC5000 498 8.7K 13 421K

beer person @CantEverDie• 2d the woman who makes my italian sandwich at my local deli is more powerful to me than kamala harris POP CRAVE @PopCrave. 3d Pop Crave Forbes names Kamala Harris the 3rd most powerful woman of 2023. 22 271 6.9K 125K

7/11 Truther @DaveMcNamee3000-3d Santa's Elf clocking out for a smoke break 57 1.6K 90K

Rob Lucci @MrColeWorld. 1d ... Losing your memory and coming to the realization you play for the Panthers gotta be a bottom tier experience in life Carolina Blitz @KeepBlitzin - 1d Hayden Hurst back at practice CC CAROLINA PANTHER AtriumHealth 71 3.4K 52K 5.2M

@GeebMinister 1d Straight to DVD in this day and age is hilarious. Bro couldn't even get it on peacock Rob Schneider @RobSchneider - 2d Just in time for the Holidays, my new Family Friendly Comedy, Daddy Daughter Trip is NOW AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL @Walmart YOU CAN DO IT! $0.00 How do you want your items? 30340 FEELS LIKE Get guest-ready Sponsored H ME From Out of Florida Daddy Daughter Trip (DVD), From Out of Florida, Comedy Unrated You save $7.00 $18.99 i Now $11.99 Price when purchased online i ROB MÓNICA JACKIE JOHN MIGUEL ÁNGEL AND SCHNEIDER SANDLER CLEESE HUARTE

Хо @X0AfterHoursX0.20h Sean McDermott if the Bills lose to the Chiefs H IE 411 8.3K 18 694K

salah @Pulisicyaoi 2d Thought this was a beautiful butch lesbian but turns out its alejandro garnacho. 17 LLE Alejandro Garnacho Fan @agarnacho17.3d Family 8 495 8K 182K

im ave @tsve_ 2d ... why does he look like a queen out of drag and on tour grace @amandayoungdyke - 2 2d there is something so charmingly 2018 about barry keoghan's instagram presence...the use of flash in a well-lit environment? the poses? the cap? keoghan92 ... ICON L 4L 2.2K 54K 2.9M 78

MULA @realbbymula. 1d And she got the nerves to be getting a tattoo 1.1K 5.3K 60K 4.3M

Cigs @UsingCigarettes : 3d Bad business move, being fat helped trick people into thinking you're funny bert kreischer @bertkreischer - 3d Me at 275 vs. me at 230 191 1.4K 47K 4.3M

machine gun kelly reichardt @LingoUnbound 4d the tweet doesn't even mention the dumbest part, the title is just Oceans 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm.4d Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling will star as the parents of Danny & Debbie Ocean in the 'OCEANS 11' prequel. Set during the 1962 Monaco Grand Prix, the film follows the couple as they teach their children how to steal from the rich. (Source: showbiz411.com/2023/12/03/exc...) 32 62 2.9K 308K
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