28 of the Funniest Tweets from December 7, 2023

2001 was almost a perfect year
28 of the Funniest Tweets from December 7, 2023

Attention film bros, cinephiles and anyone trying to impress a bisexual barista — your favorite movies just got a new streaming home. Indie darling A24 has inked a multiyear deal with Warner Bros. Discovery to stream their award-winning catalog on HBO’s slate of streaming platforms. That means films like Dream Scenario and The Iron Claw will head straight to Max after their theatrical engagements while films like Everything Everywhere All at Once and Uncut Gems will be added to Warner Discovery’s robust selections. The move sees A24 jumping ship from Showtime, which has been the home to an array of A24 films since 2019, to a company that hasn’t exactly had the best track record of keeping its own in-house productions on streaming. Royce Battleman, EVP of Content Acquisitions for WBD, noted that the “diverse range of stories that come from the A24 pipeline make this partnership so impactful for our audience.” 

One actor whose face will be seen on an HBO streamer thanks to the deal is Dicks: The Musical’s Bowen Yang, but if trends continue, the SNL standout and podcast extraordinaire may once again be confused for his friend and fellow comedian Joel Kim Booster. When reporting on the recent racist tirade from Morning Show actress Julianna Margulies, The Hollywood Reporter included a topical tweet from Booster only to describe him as “Saturday Night Live comedian,” a job that is famously held by Yang. To make matters worse, while reporting on this very issue, Out Magazine misattributed some of Yang’s thoughts during a recent episode of his podcast Las Culturistas to Booster — which has turned this into a Russian nesting doll of needless racism. If Ryan Murphy can tell the gaggle of white men in his productions apart then the trades should be able to distinguish between a Chinese-American and Korean-American who look nothing alike. There’s simply no excuse. 

Meanwhile the timeline is brimming with their own comedians. Today’s funniest tweets include those about some sleepy girlfriends, Jay Gatsby’s Drag Race and what Jesus really thinks of you. 

mia @boygrrI 1d ... i was born in 01 + 7:50 AM good year except for that one thing 7:50 AM Sent 86 5,631 114K 2.7M
Chase Mitchell @ChaseMit 1d ... I'd keep workshopping that campaign slogan S ROBERT F KENNEDY JR (١) I 2024 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE Hannity FOX NEWS RFK JR: I WAS ON EPSTEIN'S PLANE TWICE EXCLUSIVE DONALD TRUMP TOWN HALL TODAY 9PM ET 6:14 MT 40 1,050 15.4K 800K
I в @Cyb4rAnGeL. 1d The hottest girl you know is sleepy right now 129 9,016 44.7K 2.2M
the thicc husband & father @l... 17h ... remember the reason for the season U 43 4,366 22.9K 749K
stephanie @DragMeSteph.... .21h ... RiPPaul DRAG GARST POWER TO THE QUEENS. JOIN THE RUVOLUTION. 25 705 7,966 455K
sj @barbiefuneral 1d if you're cold, they're cold too. bring them inside. 192 4,188 31.1K 1.3M
mike hunt @orphicfag 1d I got too high watching May December and took pictures like it was a concert 0000000 GOODBOO 229 3.6K 10 157K
boypussy extraordinaire @GAYLOSTBOYS.1 1d kibble for gay people am com Inc. dipping lc dots dip e20 70 5.6K 39K del 1M
eric curtin @dubstep4dads - 1 1d today is gonna be awesome Messages Show less X small bunny now S are you gonna come frolick in the meadow with us later small bunny now S yo 70 8.7K 81K 2.3M
call me cismale @clamatoes. 1 1d they announced a guy passed in the Microsoft teams meeting and a late joiner got caught up to speed Thank you AC Wednesday 10:55 AM Meeting ended: 1h 15m 17s 9:28 AM Meeting ended: 23s 9:37 AM Meeting started John 10:07 AM JK I got on late what happened to ken Jack 10:07 AM died JH 87 4K 75K 4.1M
sash @pappapeppapig.22h brain feels like this C M into A ROCK Whe tris taise With Facei 5 Cave be Lege be Auck Site Happy S - Edit Hoth - Bour - have Tan Phat Mc & MOT C MAINS © A premium contem x instagram - Google Search x G soundcloud - Google Search x (198) YouTube x + White x S Covid x S Every x S Edit S x S Why E x GF+t x Top Si x poka x twwo x Te PU x ngo x M rumal x + ASB Bank - P x S Royalty-Free Log in The x Photopea IC Watch Avato
@spacejunkv2. 1d ... texting a 37yr old currently Today 12:05 it's time to find joy in the intricacies of life Me when I get too old for molly Delivered 0 Reply ل ebay W E R T Y U I O Q P A S D F G H J K L 5 118 91K 2.4K
THE JUMPDRIVE PROJECT @JumpJaydee . 1d ... Watching a streamer get to part of a game you know is difficult Shail @dawgpleasee-37m girl... save 1 3 Shail @dawgpleasee.6h girl 1 1 2 Shail @dawgpleasee 12h save girl 3 6 3.8K 25K 5 356K
Brandy Jensen @BrandyLJensen 11h ... some incredible photos to include on a zillow listing with absolutely no explanation 31 228 3.5K 180K
dick 18 sebby @vngelbitch . 21h TOO big... you don't gf who just fucking sleeps all day like some stupid cat erstand 183 11K 49K del 2M
S Norm Charlatan @normcharlatan . 1d ... I saw what happened to 4 Loko, I'm filling oil barrels with the Panera lemonade before they discontinue it due to wokeness. 22 621 8.7K du 600K
michael @FilledwithUrine 22h arguing using invisible ink mode just to make them extra mad + iMessage 88 3.1K 52K 2.4M
Brunch Davidians (i am @halfdane bluesky w... 10h ... i could've killed someone with the speed i turned around at to take this picture THE LIGHTHOUSE CAME JESUS WITH YOU ON HIS MIND 27 4.9K 42K 898K
hanna thee cowgirl @yeehawb... 1d ... If you're gaslighting me and I'm gaslighting you then who's flying the plane 19 1,950 17K 752K
trish @ULTRAGLOSS.21h ... him: are you stupid me: 30 3,680 43.2K 1.9M
Samantha Ruddy @samlymatte... 1d ... Bought my cat a bow tie because I thought it would make him look fancy, but he just looks like a jaded blackjack dealer. A stare that says knock yourself out, buddy. split the tens. 23 152 4,138 189K
claire @prettytheyswag 18h ... everything will probably be fine but i have i to freak out just in case 36 19.1K 65.8K 2.2M
timmygami eyes @deliclit . 21h ... THERANOS 9 596 9,804 441K
good reddit @GoodReddit • 1d ... r/KendrickLamar u/Jellied_toad 17h i.redd.it 18 NSFW was looking through some texts, here's a genuine message between me and my ex. Meme I honestly just want you in me rn how badly? really badly pleaseeee cute. Baby Keem & Kendrick La... favorite song rn Share 460 29 Award + 49 1,380 32.5K 1.8M
Terro @FunnyT.... 1d ... this shit is cold souiswain. 10 400 4,271 del 132K
francis wolf @francisxwolf.1d 11:59 pornhub.com Search Pornhub Cancel Clear All Recent Searches experimental X kafkaesque X arthouse X thought provoking X avant garde X 175 11.3K 106K 3.3M
whitesoxfan2006 @whitesoxfa....1 1d ... Ever since I stopped gambling my new high is landing a homophobic joke with my gay coworker 11 701 11.5K 690K
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