35 of the Funniest Tweets from December 5, 2023

New Cheetos mascot incoming…
35 of the Funniest Tweets from December 5, 2023

After a decade of anticipation, speculation, and frustration, the first glimpse of Grand Theft Auto VI is finally here… but it came a hair earlier than intended. Last week, Rockstar Games announced that the trailer for the long-awaited sixth installment of the high-octane series would be released today, but leakers decided to take matters into their own hands. Rolling with the punches, Rockstar uploaded the official official trailer to YouTube after Tweeting, “Our trailer has leaked, so please watch the real thing on YouTube.” And boy, did people watch the real thing. Despite the leak, the trailer is well on its way to shattering records and has amassed well over 70 million views and counting since being uploaded. The game features its first female protagonist in the series and returns to the city not-so-loosely based on Miami, which means gamers will have the opportunity to hit up The Birdcage or air out their grievances with whatever fictionalized version of Ron DeSantis exists in the GTAverse. The game is set to release on next-generation consoles in 2025.

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TIME Magazine is hoping to avoid the same fate as Rockstar Games, as the legacy publication is set to announce its annual Person of the Year tomorrow. The coveted title, which has been a tradition since 1927, is awarded to the “person, group or concept that most shaped headlines, for good or ill,” which explains why this year sees a battle between Barbie and Vladimir Putin. Other contenders on the shortlist include the historic Hollywood Strikers, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, and the prosecution team up against former president Donald Trump. Whichever of the nine nominees lands the cover will succeed last year’s Person of the Year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the “spirit of Ukraine.”  

If we had our say, the Time Person of the Year would be the timeline for constantly delivering hilarious tweets. Today’s funny posts include the Gmail search bar’s amazing ineptitude, a romantic path for Stanley Kubrick and Elaine Benes, and God’s bounty in your local KFC.

Alex @alexxmalloy 6h the last thing Jamie saw before the anesthesia kicked in POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave. 7h Britney Spears' dad, Jamie Spears, had his leg amputated a month ago after an infection,... 49 2,732 32.8K 1.5M
rat facts, PhD @shwauby 23h ... Oh to be two rats with intertwined tails pondering the unknown 291 9,880 79.3K 2.6M
megan @chismosavirus 15h hate thrifting with a bitch who taps out after 15 minutes... get your ass up and check the men's jacket aisle. 130 9,261 78.4K 2.3M
Jeremy О. Harris @jeremyohar... 18h ... Go over to say hi to aunt Sue and her roommate Kathy! 55 3,954 83.3K du 2.4M
Steph @Stephquees 1d Somebody said Scotty Pippen looking BOCKET like Chester Cheetah and I haven't breathed since Summe 232 5,229 40.6K del 2.4M
emilio @emilio_oilime 21h A24 this A24 that...i need A 24 pack of beer 27 2,159 22.3K del 1M
JULIE @ladyparasitic 23h me and my gang if you even gaf Decoration figure, set of 3 DVÄRGTALL Solid woodblack . DVARGTALL are 3 playful friends with simple and graphic facial expressions that show their different personalities Design - Bermudes $19 I FALTLONI ALTLC DVÄRGTALL DVARGTALL و an Iam Itam тد] 232 19.9K 144K 3.7M
Rodney @SkinnyTuna 1d ... british rap is so fucked up. - have you seen the state of her fanny (mad) what the fuck are you talking about 113 4,957 71.9K 2.5M
S @incrementvl. 15h ... Make it make sense??? GoGo2 GoGo. SOUREZ Minute Minute Maid Maid - - - Laming - Louring ... 1Pc Tender Kid's Meal 1Pc Leg Kid's Meal $6.99 300 Cal $6.99 310 Cal 392 2,058 22.1K 1M
Eleanor Neale @ELEANORXNEALE. 8h fella from fleabag if he had tiktok bigsock @biggersocks. 15h TikTok @danhentschel I'm so hOrny. I can't do this 433 9.7K 8 538K
swag @chillextremist . 15h Prob feels so good to be the bowling ball going thru this thing 32 2.1K 36K 1.2M
amy @bergeambe. 15h American Peloton: Be positive! Be productive today! You can do anything! German Peloton: We're satisfied in our suffering, in our pain. 1 7 41 1.9K
writtenlow @writtenlow.14h This would be a good b-plot for one of Elaine's boyfriends on Seinfeld. Owl! at the Library @SketchesbyBoze - 19h Stanley Kubrick grew so obsessed with Napoleon while researching a film that he became a Napoleon expert. When eating meals, he would eat a forkful of dessert, then a bite of steak, then another bite of dessert. When asked why, he said, This is how Napoleon ate. 20 777 16K 1M
kelsey weekman @kelsaywhat.1 19h every time one of these videos goes viral i'm just like wow. some people's bodies correctly produce serotonin... cold @coldhealing.20h Tcc @BROOKERAYBOULD Mom + Dad to 4 Boys A Sample Day from ... .. 4:45AM to 5:00PM 1:12 260 3.3K 64K 5.1M
amelia elizalde @ameliaelizalde 16h wearing glasses to the library feels like wearing a band's t shirt to their concert 5 159 2.5K 89K
James @smokeismedicine 1d They took away my library card because I kept doing stuff like this to the books MEI! @shigurom.3d suddenly i hate reading CJ Are you a book? Beause I wanna read you like this. 0:04 14.3K 17 278 6.7K 438K
M. Nolan Gray @mnolangray 22h Gmail search is amazing. You can search something like flight sacramento receipt 2023 and it will somehow manage to serve up literally every email in your inbox that isn't the receipt for the flight you just took to Sacramento. 310 9.8K 144K 3.8M
Jules @CatholicClod19h ... for @ethersince. 2d what did autistic people do before they invented the computer 11 1.2K 15K 529K
Claire Penis @ZeroSuitCamus 10h Just thought of this I'm not the grandpa, I'm the pa who gramp'ed up 53 1.4K 842K 26K
President-Elect Toguro @PresidentToguro . 16h A Following Friends LIVE For You O London 67.1K people added to Favorites x 6,140 comments Kollado what's the etiquette of rubbing one out under the table 9-24 Reply 29.8K William Hanson Creator You ask this on almost every video. May I suggest you seek professional help?? 9-24 Reply 49.3K 11 1.2K 25K 547K
kate bush's husband @airbagged 22h When God created you, Не created a dream and wrapped a body around it. Frie Ker REC SECRET Kentucky S it's finger lick RECIPE SECRET finger a dess Sanders Mac & Cheese KFC Wrap $3.60 Dive into a world of cheesy flavor with our all-new Mac & Cheese Kentucky Fried Chicken Wrap! This wrap lets you enjoy the bold, world-famous flavor of our fried chicken with the indulgent taste of our creamy mac and cheese in a convenient package. This crispy chicken wrap includes one of our Extra Crispy chicken tenders, our signature mac &
good reddit @GoodReddit - 1d ... Found money (censored fingerprints because I know you weirdos) 2 Z LOTE 123 1.6K 58K 2.8M
janito @yassnito 22h barbie and vladimir putin competing for person of the year is the most insane thing i've ever heard in my entire life @PopBase 1d Pop Base The finalists for TIME's Person of the Year include Taylor Swift, Barbie, Hollywood Strikers, Vladimir Putin, King Charles and Trump Prosecutors. The title, which highlights those who have had the most influence on the world in the past year, will be announced on Wednesday. SAG-AF STRIN ON SAG-AFTRA STRIKE! ON TIME 60 5K 76K 3.2M
ian @fishtailcherry 5h you have been cutting britney's paychek for years. now it's time for you to cut something else jamie. live or die. make your choice Pop Base @PopBase 9h Britney Spears' dad Jamie Spears had to have his leg amputated, TMZ reports. 1.2K 54K 3 170
horse dentist @equine_dentist.4h ... living in massachusetts 255 UNKIN' ONUTS - - - 43 1.4K 17K 491K
Cait @CaitCamelia 19h babe dw that's just my emotional support member of my friend group that i'm sexually attracted to 104 4,594 41.2K 2.2M
the silent of the lamb @scalp... 16h ... me every time i eat salmon: my coat is going to be so shiny 2 113 1,031 26.9K
MiSTer Miracle @thelicoricekid.22h ... You know he's about to light Roz tf up here 6 246 2,634 160K
clare @sadderlizards.20h ... sorry that all of the joints in my body crack whenever i stand up do you still like me 42 7,288 40.7K del 1.5M
morgan @mpatten_ . 1d Dr. Nicole LePera @Theh... 2/22/23 ... Sex isn't the most important part of a relationship or what holds a relationship together. Here's why: 364 6,171 42.1K dil 7M John R Stehle @stehle_r.2/22/23 Me and brother want two million S from mcdonald S company for get getting cancer from eating there burgers 3 14 1,740 647K 18.1K
Meg @megannn_lynne 17h ... just learned unfortunate news related to the cost of ice-skating lessons Meg @megannn_lynne 21h fuck it. i'm going to start ice-skating lessons at 24 years old 123 2,501 64.6K 3.3M
depths of wikipedia @depths... 12h ... WIKIPEDIA The Type In the soap opera General Hospital, Colonel Sanders of KFC makes a guest appearance because someone is trying to kill him to obtain the secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices. 15 267 3,989 174K
Claire Penis @ZeroSuitCamus 22h ... Just remembered this Elon Musk @elonmusk 2d ... You might notice small, sometimes major, improvements in speed of Twitter. Will be especially significant in countries far away from USA. 16.7K 18.7K 255K Jay odoyle ... @Jay72114252 You should invent a hammer with a camera inside!!! 9:43 AM 11/24/22 Twitter Web App 59 1,221 22.6K 691K
Fredward, Fredward @Fredwa... 19h ... Being a dimwit is so awesome I will think something and it will be wrong 5 1,301 6,298 du 226K
janito @yassnito 4h why does it look like she just blew up a car and started walking away from it POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.4 4h Forbes names Kamala Harris the 3rd most powerful woman of 2023. 50 517 21.4K 666K
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