28 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of November 27, 2023

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28 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of November 27, 2023

In case turkey and gravy wasn’t enough, the first long post-holiday week was stuffed to the brim with news. Jodie Foster defended real cinema, and Matt Rife took to the comment section to beef with his alleged plastic surgeon (from the looks of it, Marc Maron might be the next to feel Rife’s wrath). There were politicians who died, a politician who lost his job and politicians who had a mid-off in a debate that wasn’t even close to outshining the rest of the news. The most surprising news of all, though? The fact that critics are saying Wonka might actually be good

Of course, in between all of the drama, there was no shortage of funny tweets. This week’s batch of hilarious posts include those about valuable life lessons from dear old dad, airlines pulling a fast one and the beauty of Twitter distilled to its purest form. 

i like food @messedupfoods 23h ... I ordered pineapple pizza trom an authentic Italian restaurant and this is what I got FÜCK 225 4,229 62.2K 2.2M
slim riggins @rigginsslim 5h Bravo Network on George Santos' front door with a max contract like an NBA GM on the first day of free agency 3 136 1,226 du 40.9K
(feat.) drake @wouq_. 11h ... I remember being on this app when I was 18 telling 25 year olds to go start a family, I'm turning 27 this Sunday..... how did it get to this 83 2,558 19.5K 977K
Tom Zohar @TomZohar 4h ... George Santos leaving the capitol: So I killed. So I maimed. So I destroyed one innocent life after another. Aren't I a human being? 23 507 5,795 193K
spooky paige @BonerWizard - 18h ... Dune *and* Furiosa coming out in 2024? Such a big year for sand. 39 1,546 14K 556K
chase @_chase 15h i love googling stuff. imagine not being able to google stuff. i would know next to nothing about the great molasses flood of 1919 27 2,844 26.5K del 582K
out of context dogs @co... 12h ... Me: *finally gets in bed to get some rest* The neighbor's dog: testing one two, woof woof 52 272 4,969 172K
C Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi @roywo... 22h ... The plane ain't got no WiFi but the credit card machine swiping fine to charge us for these snacks. Somebody lying. 165 6,802 98.8K 6.6M
R @lowkyric 23h Me when i delete Sent from my iPhone to make the email more formal 38 9,419 104K 2.3M
jenny_tightpants @haloma... 12h ... twitter was never cool because it was a public square for exchanging ideas or whatever, it was cool because politicians and journalists could have their days on here ruined by a guy who's profile pic is goku smoking a blunt 71 4,794 37.5K del 513K
Nickyyy @Nick_Nation2 21h the working woman's timothee and kylie Pop Base @PopBase 22h Rosalía and Jeremy Allen White are dating, Us Weekly reports. 6 631 12.7K 422K
SheRatesDogs @SheRatesDogs-19h ... For what reason Never have I ever Had the paramedics called on me coz I was pretending to sleep to get out of buying a train ticket You are absolutely hideous and disgusting and someone who I would never ever go for because of your looks but this is a funny story and I can't believe I'm wasting a like telling u that this is funny as fuck Today 11:43 Wtf Sent 16 121 6,925 346K
donald boat @laserboat999 - 18h ... My dad is teaching me life lessons Dad This week 2 prominent personalities died at the age of 100. Do u know who? Interesting to read about their life and learn from D Today 1:50 PM kissinger and munger Dad What did u learn from their life? D Today 4:02 PM Don't bomb cambodia and invest in low fee index funds 27 1,034 30.3K 764K
Sofia Coppium @indianloonie 21h ... Rob Riggle being a retired marine is fucked up imagine getting shot in the chest and seeing this guy holding the rifle EROAST 134 2,459 49.8K 1.8M
seven. @AaSimone_ 4d first person with СТЕ that never played sports Z @zahnuhh . 5d me 5 drinks in: C No bap ..... clasazule talk 188 2.6K 16K 2.3M
Jill Gutowitz @jillboard . 3 3h straight people receiving beastly, unintelligible texts from their gay friends about tree vs. deuxmoi george santos diva down and as a lesbian journalist on the morning show 6 184 2.8K 124K
sam greisman @SAMGREIS 5h What an incredible way to call your daughter stupid as shit with a Y @wyntermitchell. 6h She's out of her fucking mind E Daily Mail News 625 .com Felicity Huffman finally speaks out about Varsity Blues admissions scandal after 11 day prison stunt for bribing her daughter's way into college: 'I had to break the law to give her a future' By Jen Smith, Chief Reporter For Dailymail.Com 08:06 EST 01 Dec 2023 , updated 09:42 EST 01 Dec 2023 +8 View gallery 7 167 3.9K 232K
St. Vincent Price @muddaub 13h hello, movie directors? you have a chance to do something very funny and I'm RIGHT HERE FSN Fake Showbiz News @FakeShowbi... 12/23/18 Piers Morgan says if the next James Bond actor is transgender, he'll actually kill himself 7 56 851 17K
drew updates @grewdillis 1d ... society if i had been born at the right time to live in brooklyn in 2013 at age 26 17 355 4.7K 559K
danielle chelosky @dniellech... 21h ... this looks like an album that would fuck me up entropy @ennntropy· 1d 31 4,691 74.4K 1.6M
keek @kikiscrewedup.19h matt @TheCursedGoon. 1d Personally I was always mystified by Kissingers body. The proportions were crazy, like a far side character. 415 5,951 81.7K 4.3M
Lioness @InsaneMistress 23h the onion never misses Barack Obama, Former President He taught me that war didn't have to be fair. The most important part was that it was pointless and bloody. The Onion @TheOnion23h Americans React To The Death Of Henry Kissinger bit.ly/3R4vEfb 10 3,740 36.3K 902K
Mike Scollins @mikescollins 23h ... probably not the body count we should be focusing on RETROPOLIS The surprising dating life of Henry Kissinger, a West Wing 'playboy' By Timothy Bella November 29, 2023 at 11:01 p.m. EST 19 604 10.2K 382K
wild TikTok screenshots 22h ... - I УАВЯ + 262.1K ... 4086 Me watching people queue for half an hour for 5493 the flight we all have assigned seats on 138 2,015 62.9K 2.3M
kenzie XCX @kenzvanunu.15h the iron claw is little women for boys 9 174 2,931 du 125K
Tweets of Cats @Tweets... 5h ... My friends and me meeting up after a stressful week 56 2,257 23.4K 575K
Sean Barry Parsons® @SeanB... . 4h ... I saw DIVA DOWN was trending and I PRENZE just knew...goodbye George Santos. You were an evil gay 1960s Batman villain candle in the wind. 40 1,734 19.1K 559K
Roose @RuNoseP 6h does Jimmy Carter have a death note Seung Min Kim @seungmi... 6h WASHINGTON (AP)-The Supreme Court says retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman on the high court, has died at age 93. 14 351 6,509 334K
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