32 of the Funniest Mean Tweets About Henry Kissinger Dying

Rest in piss, bozo!
32 of the Funniest Mean Tweets About Henry Kissinger Dying

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s detractors have called him callous, criminal, murderous and, above all else, cold-hearted, but his passing yesterday evening at the ripe old age of 100 calls for us all to re-evaluate our opinion of the deceased – his heart, just like the rest of him, is now very, very warm. The Nobel Peace Prize-winner was a popular figure among the American ruling class during his many years shaping the country’s Cold War foreign policy, and, today, he is mourned by such power brokers. 

However, to the rest of us, especially anyone from any South American or Southeast Asian state where Kissinger’s Realpolitik approach to annihilating civilians en masse led to a seven-figure death toll over the course of his career, learning that Kissinger finally bit the dust inspired the same reaction that once made the Munchkins sing and dance around with an elated, “Ding Dong!” The greater Twitter community is currently processing the loss of one of the most impactful world leaders of the last century with the exact level of solemnity and respect that Kissinger deserves. With his body still warm and his soul burning, here are the absolute meanest and funniest tweets about Kissinger croaking that are almost as ruthless as the monster himself:

David M Willis! @damnyouwillis 13h ... HENRY KISSINGER EVERYONE imgflip.com 18 1,790 12.1K 199K
Najma Sharif @najmamsharif - 11h ... Just woke up, but you know who didn't? Henry Kissinger. 48 1,262 6,822 143K
josie naron @nosiejaron 14h ... KISSINGER 10 115 1 del 6,170
Sântana de Mures-Cherniakh... . 14h ... chief of staff: Mr. President, Henry Kissinger has passed. joe biden : hot damn. we do that? 27 3,444 42.5K del 1.3M
Siddhant Adlakha @Siddhant... 13h ... If you're in line to piss on Henry Kissinger's grave, STAY IN LINE!! 67 3,962 28.8K du 659K
Al Jairo I Fúnez-Flores @Jairo_I_F... 13h ... You know damn well they're about to organize a coup against the devil. 144 6,199 42.1K del 1.2M
Diva RISE @_matthewlawson - 1 12h ... KISSINGER DOWN! 1,581 8,442 158K
leon @leyawn 10h ... no matter your politics it's disrespectful to joke about someone's death. don't say henry kissinger died from a grand piano falling on his head and his mouth turned into piano keys and then a big hammer fell on his dick and it honked like a bike horn. don't say stuff like that 53 3,802 26.4K 556K
oatmeal influencer @acechhh - 12h ... 29 IDUET 8:45 BBC NEWS BREAKING BBC Breaking News 000 NEWS 12h Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger dies at his home in Connecticut aged 100 bbc.in/ 3T7CjYL 3 162 1,302 51K
depths of wikipedia @depths... 10h ... Wikipedia editor Asticky edited Henry WIKIPEDIA The - Kissinger's article at 8:46 ET and then changed her userpage to this (with the edit summary Imao) User:Asticky From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I'm now forever the girl who changed is to was on Henry Kissinger's Wikipedia article 205 7,915 52.8K 1.4M
andy-bandy-mane @boobie6... 12h ... Me getting to be the person to inform my gf that Henry Kissinger finally bit the dust 4 177 1,739 68.8K
Pyramid Chad, Unbanned Edit... 11h ... The last thing Henry Kissinger saw Nicki Minaj @NICKIMI... 18h The fact that y'all have no idea what's about to happen 137 13.3K 105K 3.3M
no @zedonarrival. 12h derek chauvin stabbed, henry kissinger dead... as they say these things come in threes i already know what i'm praying for You can reply to this conversation 65 7,734 54.2K del 1.9M
bald ann dowd @ali_sivi 12h ... wait isn't trisha paytas pregnant again... Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1 - 1 12h Reuters: DR. HENRY KISSINGER DIED TODAY AT HIS HOME IN CONNECTICUT AT AGE 100 35 2,177 38.5K 2.2M
kentanyl @armanisbliss 10h ... she was on a mission miss fat puss @voIcanicloves 1/4/23 ... if henry kissinger doesn't die this year, i'm going to take matters into my own hands. 2 1 del 374 miss fat puss @voIcanicloves 4/12/23 ... if henry kissinger is still alive by december 2023, i will be taking matters into my own hands. 3 1 del 244 11 972 11.5K 211K
Garrison Davis (or just Gare) 11h We have to pick a new most evil person alive now 435 1,313 7,941 1.7M
squid @NatsSquid 12h ... henry kissinger has been eliminated from postseason contention MLB NETWORK MODEL ELIMINATED HENRY KISSINGER 19 1,359 13.1K 430K
tabitha @thetolerantweft. 11h ... Kissinger dead  Santa brought it early! 1 61 815 16.9K
Kate Sánchez @OhMyMithrandir -1 11h ... What if Rosalynn Carter's ghost was like: I'm gonna just do it myself 15 448 3,756 del 101K
Is Henry Kissinger Dead Yet? 12h ... YES 4,229 124K 363K del 15.6M
porter (official) @porter_genui... 12h ... Believe women chlobuchar @me_im_chloe 19h have a feeling henry kissinger is about to die 3 2,796 36.4K 996K
brandon @BR0IG 12h henry kissinger's friends rn greenville, SC tap water f... 22h imagine you died on spotify wrapped day and your friends had to figure out what they were going to post on their story first 34 3,864 41.5K 1.8M
auto ALJ Dredd @UnionSaltBae. 11h + - 0 You're laughing. Editors everywhere are scrambling to come up with euphemisms for war crimes and YOURE LAUGHING 8 1,788 13.5K 260K
jaboukie @jaboukie 10h I don't care what your politics are. Death is NEVER worth celebrating alone. invite over some friends. make a protein dense snack plate. enjoy the fact you are alive and surrounded by loved ones, unlike them (dead) 16 2,064 14.5K 337K
Daryl Ridged Chips Bartley 12h ... RIP Anthony Bourdain you'd have loved Kissinger fucking dying 14 3,584 28.7K 442K
Real Name @FutureHasbeen10h ... RIP Peter Jennings. Four years ago, Barbara Walters, who calls Kissinger the most loyal friend, was entertaining Kissinger and his wife at a dinner party for a D.C. politician when ABC News anchor Peter Jennings, who died last year, suddenly piped up, How does it feel to be a war criminal, Henry? 9 1,271 12.9K 315K
Leigh Kunkel @leighkunkel. 12h : Live your life so that people don't break out into wild laughter and applause when you die 6 1,888 11.4K 191K
lina @bimboIibra• 12h ... CC Funeral food be so good 0:05 BBC NEWS BREAKING BBC Breaking News 003 NEWS 12h Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger dies at his home in Connecticut aged 100 bbc.in/ 3T7CjYL 13 3,532 22.9K 640K
angrycomics @angrycomics 12h ... the world is still capable of beauty and awe Gerald Ford.  Kissinger received the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize for his work negotiating a ceasefire in Vietnam.  Не is currently burning in hell for his war crimes. 1 217 1,026 16.4K
ghost @ghost_prole 13h ... All of twitter clocking in to night shift at the post factory when Henry Kissinger dies 85 7,456 54.8K 1.3M
Rohita Kadambi @RohitaKada... . 1 12h ... Jimmy Carter losing his wife and his arch nemesis in the same week is some soap opera season finale shit. 96 6,807 67.7K 1.7M
Eyes on the Right @EyesOnTh... 15h ... LMAO Trending in United States HE'S DEAD 11.1K posts Trending in United States IT FINALLY HAPPENED 6,602 posts Trending in United States REST IN PISS BOZO ALT 87 14K 96.8K 1.6M
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