22 Totally Bonkers Things People Actually Believe

Maybe jackalopes are real…
22 Totally Bonkers Things People Actually Believe

The thing about our beliefs is that they’re just that: ours. This isn’t about religious affiliation or anything dangerously extremist. This is about stuff that matters, like believing that talking to your computer will make the internet work faster, or thinking that what you do while watching a football game affects the outcome. Some of these might be superstitions passed down through generations, and some might be unconscious habits you’ve developed over time that you can’t seem to shake. Whatever the case may be, these beliefs aren’t rooted in any kind of evidence whatsoever. 

Redditors, of course, have shared their wonkiest beliefs — from the existence of jackalopes to what’s happening in an alternate universe — and there’s nothing you can say or do to change their superstitious minds.

ilbranco . 9y Every choice I make, I create a parallele universe in which i chose the opposite. I made a lot of better universes... ... 1.2k
TheTik25 . 9y You know those fucking motion detectors above urinals? I'm convinced they are cameras just taking pics of our dicks for some massive dick repository. ... 440
RyanSamuel . 9y The harder you pressed X on the PlayStation controller on any racing game, the faster you go. ... 384
mississippi13. 10y When I was pregnant with my son I was told repeatedly not to lift my arms or it would strangle the baby and eating strawberries would give him birthmarks. Also, I went to a funeral and the old ladies said don't look at the body or it will mark the baby in some way. ... 113
 . 9y Some dreams are visions of the future. ... 25
LadyKnightmare . . 9y When I talk to my plants they grow faster. ... 7
StickleyMan . 9y Pressing B+down while throwing out a Pokeball increases its chances of catching one. ... 975
vladtheimposter. 10y Some weird Indian superstition: When someone sneezes before going outside, everyone has to sit down. ... 28
 9y My girlfreind swears up and down that Jackalopes exist. ... 58
SnipeHunter29 . 9y That everyone sees different colors. I believe that everyone's red to them is obviously red, but if you switched bodies with someone, their color scheme is completely different. You grow up with people telling you this stop sign is red, and this fire truck is red, but if I were in your shoe's, that red is definitely green. I dont think there is a way to prove, or disprove this, but something I have always wondered/ believed. ... 575
mkicon . 9y Look, I know wearing a certain jersey, ordering certain food and watching at a certain place don't really help the Bears win. But every time I wear my Brandon Marshall jersey to this one sports bar, they lose. ... 1.5k
lynn3936 . 2y It's considered bad luck to open an umbrella in the house. ... 438
SlayerOfKronos770 ОР . 2y Some people here believe that if someone bumps their head with another person's head they need to bump their head again or both of them would grow horns. Wtf ... 547
Liquid_G . 9y I firmly believe Chapstick has ingredients to make your lips drier. Thus causing the need for more Chapstick. ... 69
northies . 1 10y My friend pretty much refuses to drive if the radio volume is on an odd number. ... 28
MalignantPessimist . 2 2y I was walking into work with some coworkers and a girl said don't split the pole as we were walking towards a sign in a parking lot. I had no idea what she even meant and she guided me to her side of the pole we were passing so we wouldn't have bad luck. That stuff is really weird to me. ... 903
pixelperfector 9y There is this beautiful old estate near where I live. I thoroughly believe that every time I go there, something bad will happen no matter how lovely a time I have. My proof? First time I went, my camera malfunctioned and I lost 3 hours of tedious work. Second time? On my way over, I got pretty sick and couldn't complete my work. Third time? My friend (who I was supposed to see later that week) died in a fire the same day. I don't fuck with that place anymore. ... 333
mar10wright . 9 9y That my dog understands the English language pretty well. ... 1.1k
seberick 10y Never say Macbeth or quote Macbeth in a theater. It's very very bad luck. ... 97
f-man97 . 9y That talking to my internet while downloading things makes it faster. I usually say motivational things, but if it gets really slow, I usually say something along the lines of This is not an acceptable speed or I could download this shit faster with a potato. ... 1.2k
bandaidaddict . 6y Working in healthcare, the full moon brings the crazies and the babies. Also, saying it's a quiet night will most definitely get you death stares. ... 3.6k
-tom- . . 9y what I do while watching football on TV affects the game. I believe it 100% while watching the game, but afterwards, I think 'no thats silly' ... 88
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