19 of the Weirdest Favors People Have Requested

Dude, can you help me un-bury my boat?
19 of the Weirdest Favors People Have Requested

Usually when someone calls in a favor, it involves the tasks that are likened to one of the circles of hell — moving or going to the airport. But on rare occasions, someone can request assistance with something so bizarre or nonsensical that it’s almost a delight to be asked. Like the guy who called a buddy because he needed help “un-burying his boat.” Or the guy who asked to borrow a friend’s truck for the express purpose of buying a lot of cheese

Redditors have chimed in with the weirdest favors they’ve been asked for, and a lot of these situations are the mark of true friendship.

EatingH_tlersB_oty - 1y To un bury his boat no other information was given, I said yes and turns out he thought that burying his boat in one of our cornfields would help protect it over the winter because it wouldn't get snowed on cause it underground. ... 4.1k
jacklord392 . 1y Back in the old days, had a paranoid friend pay me good money to rent out and dupe porn vhs tapes because he didn't want a record of him renting them out. His logic: if he ever became famous he didn't want a record of him renting out porn tapes. Postscript: he never became famous. ... 13.7k
DadsRGR8 . 1y Walked in on my boss in the men's room. Не pleaded with me to help detach his sack from his zipper. I got him free. So. Much. Blood. We never spoke of it again. ... 10.6k
braingazpacho . 1y Не asked if he could borrow money to buy a ladder to climb a dumpster where he dumped his pants after shitting himself. His wallet was still in his pants. I just let him borrow my parents' ladder. Later he asked me if I could donate plasma with him so he could use that money to gamble. I ghosted him after realizing how shitty he is. ... 236
HungInSarfLondon 1y Neighbour asked if they could put a dead rat in our bin because they didn't want to put it in theirs. ... 7.4k
CunnySunt.1 1y I once asked my best friend to take pics of my butthole. I wanted sexy pics of it to send a guy I was seeing and it's a very difficult shot to get on your own. In my defense, I'd watched her give birth before so I thought she could return the favor. She disagreed. ... 905
CODGHOST67 . 1y Bring a soldering iron to school, so I can turn my inhaler into a vape in the auditorium ... 1.7k
Eric_Eisen . 1y A friend of mine had moved and money was tight, so he didn't have internet at his place for a while. Не asked me to download some porn for him. I did ... 2k
poopbutt42069yeehaw . 1y When I was in the Marines, had someone from high school reach out to catch up. After some chatting he wanted a copy of my ribbon bar, weird as hell. I could only think they wanted to do some stolen valor shit or lie to some girl(they were never a very good person from what I remember) I refused and they blocked me. ... 627
Glint247 . 1y My friend and his girlfriend wanted to try anal, so they asked me to help teach them and show them how since I'm Bi. Was actually a lot of fun, they were very open sexually and brought me to an orgy as thanks, where I happened to meet my girlfriend. We've been together three+ years in an open relationship. It's always fun to see people's reactions when they ask how we met. ... 161
Madden284747 . 1y My cousin had locked his keys in his car, and it would cost too much to get someone to open the car... So he asked me to break into his car and steal his keys because the insurance of getting a window fixed would have been cheaper. ... 6.7k
Lovely_Demon28 . 1 1y My best friend is a huge guy. He's 6'9 and 250 pounds, but he's incredibly scared of ghosts, and he believes there's ghosts in his house, even though I've assured him numerous times there are not. Every time he has to go in his basement, he calls me to come to his house (he lives alone) to go into his basement with him while he does whatever he needs to do down there like getting stuff out of storage, flipping an electrical breaker, etc, even if he only has to go down there for a minute or two.
Zpitfire_MK_VI 1y To borrow my truck to get the cheese. Не drives a Tahoe, I have no clue how much cheese he was getting ... 2.5k
Formal_cry . 1y I had a friend in high school, while spending the night with me, get a tampon stuck sideways and they were unable to get it out. I hear a very nervous I'm a little scared, will you help me get it out? Fortunately, they managed to get it unstuck before I was ready to help. I had my sleeves rolled up and hands washed when I was told I wasn't needed. A sigh of relief for the both of us. We're still best friends, 10 years and counting. ... 1.1k
FondleMyPlumsPlease . 1y I was once asked without being specifically asked to, kill someone. ... 1.3k
leprethong. 1y While on a business trip a co-worker asked me to come to her hotel room, cum on her back, and rub it in like lotion. ... 3.3k
d0d0c0 . 1y Give her a hickey. We were just in a public bathroom and she suddenly asked me to give her a hickey to show her sister that she had a great time at a club. We went to a movie theatre. ... 1.8k
titsout666 1y I became friends with a female coworker as I was dating a guy who was friends with her boyfriend at the time. She had this weird thing about not pooping around him to the point when they eventually did long distance she would visit him for the weekend and hold it in the ENTIRE TIME. We planned a trip together and shared a hotel room with all four of us. While her and I were getting ready to go out, she pulled me aside and told me she had to poop so bad but didn't want to be
SlowlyTowardsTheCake . 1y My friend needed help getting sand for some project. Sure, no problem. I get to his house and we leave in his ratty ass late 80s suburban. I'm thinking we're getting bags of sand at Home Depot or something. Nope - he drives us to a giant mountain of sand down by the lake that's used as ballast for freighters. But he doesn't have any buckets, so we just shovel it into the back of the suburban. Of note, the passenger window was stuck down, which was usually fine as it was mid summer and 90 degrees. But in
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