34 of the Funniest Tweets from November 28, 2023

Ladies, light your prayer candles for Walter White
34 of the Funniest Tweets from November 28, 2023

When an NFL team wins the Super Bowl, you’re bound to hear someone yell, “I’m going to Disney World!” At this year’s inaugural Pop-Tarts Bowl, one lucky college athlete will be able to shout, “I’m eating the mascot!” The popular toaster pastries are taking over what was previously known as the Cheez-It Bowl, and will see one team from the ACC and one team from the Big 12 battle it out for bragging rights, strawberry-frosted glory and mascot-devouring privileges on December 28th. 

Over at Warner Bros., we’re happy to report that that’s not all, folks! Yesterday, news broke that Looney Tunes would be leaving Max at the end of December — a decision that would have been disappointing for the animated rapscallions. But in a move that’s becoming par for the course for David Zaslav and company in the wake of the Coyote vs. Acme madness, the streamer walked back the announcement, and edited their “What’s New on Max This December” press release to clarify that the beloved shorts weren’t going anywhere. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Looney Tunes: Back in Action; the 2003 hybrid spy parody starring Brendan Fraser and Steve Martin will be leaving the platform at the end of the year. 

Meanwhile, it’s Giving Tuesday, and the timeline has been gracious enough to give us some comedy. Today’s funny tweets include those about what to expect when you name your child Pugsley, an automated takeover and the cost of five minutes. 

Alex Press @alexnpress 1d absolutely News website OT the year News Opinion Sport Culture Lifestyle i George Santos 'It doesn't look good': George Santos expects to be expelled from Congress On X Spaces Friday night, Republican congressman charted his rise from 'It girl' to Mary Magdalene of the United States Congress 8 573 8,779 411K
little special™ @dollbunyan 19h ... ok, next slide I SHOULD BE ALLOWED ON THE HOT STOVE 11 1,445 31.7K del 1.1M
@oliviatheehye.1 1d ... slimed imagine ur watching sex and the city and they're at the coffee shop and they pan to all the girls individually and this is what they pan to for Miranda would you even notice zach @zachbreechen- 2d this haircut is PISSING ME AWFFFFFFF!!! 7 1,455 19K 1.1M
Bax Mepis @gaylittlepiglet. 18h It's incredible how human-like Italians are 53 1,869 21.5K 871K
charlie @StyledApe 13h Just learned that land on earth was covered in moss for 40 million years. Imagine getting to one million years of just moss thinking that you gotta be done with moss any day now and then you learn it's 39 million more years of moss 53 1,510 19.5K del 524K
hennywise the clown @dansa... 19h ... No roro, PhD @fuglibetty. 5d Dont fuck with me. im the fucking mayor of divatown 3 755 8,656 385K
chris walla @calculizer 23h ... someone should make a straight ahead, historically accurate red hot chili peppers biopic but with the teenage mutant ninja turtles as the band. the turtles are never referenced or acknowledged as anything other than the red hot chili peppers. trust me, please do this 44 239 2,160 del 127K
Cait @CaitCamelia 1d getting on hinge before 9 am is crazy... did u even try to have a good day 9 125 1.9K 138K
Daniel @dadogeking 1d I feel like im 2 situationships away from just becoming religious 151 8K 44K 1.5M
@PRINCESSVLCKY. 1d alleycatboy Follow i'll fuck you eventually relax let me be funny first 41 8.2K 40K 1.5M
meg Yooper bitchell @MeganBitchell 1d If my husband has a gay lover that's literally none of my business. 50 571 5.8K 391K
kota @kotatheartist.2 23h you want me to cite my sources? feminine intuition 41 14K 58K del 1.6M
Anthony Blackwood @TonyBWood 18h Jean Grey every few years: clare @sadderlizards 1d unfortunately i will be passing away soon. for plot reasons 11 726 4.5K 204K
carter hambley @carterhambley . 2 20h ... u can't name your kid Pugsley then get mad when he starts doing Pugsley shit 4 72 1.6K 49K
big h @bigsnugga 2d ... when i saw jacob elordi on euphoria i was like ok this is just some fuckboy but then i found out he's an australian doing an american fuckboy and i was like hold on, that was convincing as hell. i owe u an apology i wasnt familiar with your game 1 44 568 20K
Lolo @LolOverruled . 23h GET BEHIND ME BEAUTIFUL WOMEN Suki's Mom @zukosmadre. 1h ... | am being persecuted for being hot and correct about everything all the time 49 58 835 del 19K Liv @Liv_Agar•10m the court finds you guilty of having perfect naturals 12 11 322 5.5K 12 184 6.3K 152K
bunny @jagarstyle. 1d ... mfs got a silencer I got a loudencer 15 1.5K 12K 352K
elly IU @hanayanaa 1d ... SOMEONE PUT A WALTER WHITE SHRINE IN THE GIRLS BATHROOM????!?!?! Walter White Walter White After, please lease Alter, please leave offerings offerings Mill - a S is a Advil на S fl and Don't give up Don't until give up you're until proud 189 8K 62K 999K
isabel @_unwell. 18h got kicked out of the dispensary for asking them to tell me where their wares fell on The Chart. again the dishes are fun tv is scary tv is fun the dishes are scary 47 3.2K 41K 1.4M
daphne @feyygele. 1d Amtrak pricing asks the radical question would you wait 5 minutes to save $80? Details i MON, NOV MON, NOV 60% Full R 27 27 137 7:24p 7:52p Oh 28m Coach Business From From $86 $ 106 Lowest Fare Details i MON, NOV MON, NOV 27 27 Oh 31m 655 7:29p 8:00p Coach From $4 62 1.1K 31K 1.1M
MY SPACESHIP? THIS IS A DODGE @BarkyBoogz 1d I need to get off the internet because I fully expected to see a translucent dog in this mane's lung cavity. Sam Ghali, M.D. @EM_RESUS. 1d Here's an important Chest X-Ray of a man in his 20's who presented to the ER with cough for 1 month What's the diagnosis? W 375 11K 130K 8.8M
monkey d. lou(ffy) @whoshotlouise 23h but he kissed effie! the bond between a gay man and her tgirl best friend is beyond comprehension who's gay in the movie i just watched @wh... 1d Haymitch Abernathy from The Hunger Games (2012) is gay. 14 924 470K 12K
lull @dearheavenly· 19h this type of guy you will never be him or anything like him @skooookum. 1d skooks i genuinely cannot wait to be this type of guy Heritage Apples My Hobby Finding Lost Apple Varieties Tom Brown Clemmons, NC (336) 766-5842 Do You Have Any Moonshine Stories? Sweet Gerro jt Dropp King York Bacors Winesap Fike Frog Improved Bucen Coffee Seedling Gotton Rose Limbertung Ann Bushy Top Oat Kansas Sweet Manson Beauty Apple - 150K 4.5K 209 4
ARDE DJ Branham @DJBranham 20h I bought a painting that has Jesus blessing the UN 191 507 8.2K 525K
phony curtis @seahorseradish - 1d a decision was made plus One plusOne invite a little pleasure invite a little pleasure dual vibrating massager vibrating wand Vibe ne Suo leasure vibe & portable A. discreet super flexible idual heads waterproof LLO9 usa waterproof rechargeable 4 USB rechargeable peek Inside! PLUSONE VIBR WAND 30 DUAL VIBRATING MASSA 31 RETAIL PRICE Litera PRICE RETAL PRICE $29.98 JK UNIT PRICE $2998 2205 $2998 $2998 5 SE 2045 - 06/31/09 PERSONAL 5 LUBRICANT SUP INTO PLEASURE 34 964 12K 481K
sword gf @punishedgarage 1d ... her: u better not be inheriting the earth when i get home my meek ass: 6 1,688 22.4K 977K
hannah account @hannah_... 1d ... guy trying to get ketamine: sam goldner @szgoldner. 1d my spam bots are getting more experimental +1 (786) 529-8616 > Text Message Today 5:28 PM Dr. Robert, how is my horse recovering from his injury? The sender is not in your contact list. Report Junk 14 1,753 37.9K 1.2M
Brock @brockomole 16h ... Imagine an ice cold beer under one of these 14 1,057 12.3K 320K
MES BONL Nathan Hare @nathanharenice . 20h ... Can I go to the bathroom Physics In History @Phy... 3d One question you would ask Einstein if you were in this lecture hall 4.1 7 1,539 29.2K 1.1M
dr fart @emofiat500.1d .. sometimes it's nice to put the pillows at the end of ur bed and lie down the wrong way round. for a change of scenery 53 4,505 35.9K 832K
Cole @colipher 22h ... Perhaps one of the more cunty inanimate objects. Never fails to seize my gaze. Love her can D HAPP UN FRANKLE FACTO 29 644 12.7K 1.7M
@b... . 1d ... Healthy chronicles Vol. 4 TY-RIN @GothamCityGoon Bitch trynna fuck me while the Grinch is on. You gotta wait sweetheart 11:38 PM 12/16/20 Twitter for iPhone 538 Retweets 126 Quote Tweets 1,903 Likes @maxguwapo 1d Twitter in 2020 & 2021 was funny as hell 10 2,694 14.3K 873K
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