32 of the Funniest Tweets from November 21, 2023

Amy Dunne was so strong for not tweeting
32 of the Funniest Tweets from November 21, 2023

Friday nights are about to change for one New York family. After 14 seasons, Blue Bloods is concluding with a two-part finale that will air first in February and then finish up in September. The police procedural, featuring Tom Selleck as the patriarch of the Irish-American cop family at the center of the show, has carried CBS’ Friday night programming slate since premiering in 2010 and has maintained a Top 10 status on Paramount+ in the streaming era as well. The show’s family is rounded out by Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan and Will Estes, who all serving the law in various capacities. Amy Reisenbach, President of CBS Entertainment, promised a “final chapter that (they) expect to be the most satisfying season yet for loyal viewers,” meaning that grandmothers everywhere will be very, very happy. 

Meanwhile, nothing can stop one Seattle hospital. Not a bomb. Not an earthquake. Not even a plane crash. As the networks configure their scripted slate coming off of the dual actors’ and writers’ strikes, ABC’s longest-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy will be back for a 20th season next spring. The writing is seemingly on the wall for Dr. Meredith Grey who, until this point, has defied all odds and managed to stay alive despite suffering through some of the most unhinged circumstances imaginable — that is, this season will be the first that Ellen Pompeo is not a series regular. In an installment of Variety’s “Actors on Actors” series, Pompeo did tell former co-star Katherine Heigl that “it’s not a complete goodbye,” but many viewers are hoping and praying for exact the opposite. 

The one thing we hope never quits? The timeline giving us laughs to fill our days. Today’s funny tweets include those about an enviable love, one man’s holey revenge and the anatomy of a cousin. 

Horror4Kids @horror4kids.e 6h ... repurposing that 12ft skeleton for thanksgiving 40 750 6,726 del 241K
alina @lambfigurines 23h when i accidentally close my 47 tabs it's like the burning of the library of alexandria, but worse and much more dire 201 32.5K 186K 3.7M
Stefan Mohamed @stefmowor... . 5h ... John to George when Ringo is out of earshot ftrtts @leechwaifu 7h this octopus stuff is going to make me absolutely fucking lose it. 15 1,395 15.5K del 988K
out of context dogs @con... 7h ... Ron Iver @ronnui_ Do dogs understand elevators or are they just like ok it's time to get into the world changer 20 370 4,153 152K
Zach @jestermaxxing 15h Oh you're still drinking coffee? Lol... cute... I've switched to Bulb Luke Lamy @thelukelamy.1d Reminder: these are $8 and will change your life Red light improves wakefulness/ performance without the negative effect on melatonin. You spend $4 on a coffee, spend $4 per bulb. 2 Amazon Basics 60 Watt Equivalent, Red, Non- U Dimmable, A19 LED Light Bulb, 2-Pack Visit the Amazon Basics Store 4.5 13,565 ratings Amazon's Choice in LED Bulbs by Amazon Basics 2K+ bought in past month $805 ($4.03 / Count) Get Fast, Free Shipping with Amazon Prime FREE Returns Get $60 off instantly: Pay $0.00 $8.05
josh terry @JoshhTerry 22h ... i feel bad for willie nelson who replied to snoop dogg's i'm quitting smoke post with here if you ever need to chat when it all turned out to be a marketing ad for a solo stove lol 20 543 18.6K del 610K
dave O @NINCORE. 1d ... i will forever cherish this tweet who wanna kill me ... @_moneynigga every nine inch nails song sound like he in the booth rubbing his nipples 8:28 PM Mar 7, 2023 604.8K Views 2,729 Reposts 223 Quotes 14.2K Likes 57 5,638 42K del 1M
Keifer @DannyVegito. 1d ... for reasons I cannot articulate, I think it's very funny that Edgar Allen Poe lived in places like Richmond and Baltimore his entire life. like yeah that makes sense. I get why he was like that now 62 2,231 27K 956K
jackson @placed_onto. 1d ... if i were a bee it would be Mostly about the honey for me, i would Pretend to care about the queen to fit in but it would never drive me 24 5,075 43.2K 1.2M
bald ann dowd @ali_sivi 1d i would never pull a gone girl because that's not really a situation you can tweet through 68 10.8K 60K 2.2M
idk @melly7001 . 1d Ts gon be 0.00 if u come with me That Girl $5.97 at Walmart & smells so good @B_only1me. 1d MAINSTAYS ALPINE FOREST MAINSTAYS HERBAL JUICY CYPRESS, WATERMELON RED CEDAR scented condle Watermelon, Sweet Cantaloupe 14 OZ Z (396g) & Honeydew 14 OZ (396g) MAINSTAYS MAINSTAYS FROSTED BERRY CUPCAKES scented candle GARDEN RAIN Strawberries, Cupcake Batter scented candle & Vanilla Buttercream Green Floral, Water Lily 14 OZ (396g) & Apple Blossom 14 OZ)396g) 328 2.5K 28K 2.8M
APOllO @ap011@music7. 15h the gayest image in existence k @xtavua 20h i made my topster in minecraft #musictwt LORDE PURE HEROINE 4 158 2.7K 86K
lennox @billevansfan251-12h a It's def a henny and silent comedy night Inema BUSTER KEA THE COMPLETE SHORT FILMS 1917-1 lennessy 1 179 1.5K 31K
JT @Jtaylor0_3-17h David Corenswet superman prep: 8 hours gym time 5K runs 2X a week Juicing diet Steroids Bench press a pickup truck Nicholas Hoult superman prep: GIF ALT 18 18K 1K 547K
Alex @dubsa98.23h A dark day if we're being honest POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave. 1d 10 years ago, Pharrell Williams released Happy. 4 22 462 29K
rae @lasagnadelrae 19h my date took off his sweater last night and surprised me W this shirt. he says it's to get back at me for the hickey i gave him last week(accidentally). ladies and gentleman i fear have met my match I EAT ASS Br 14 28 1.3K 112K
Biofeelia @vandedjan 1d This is like one of those pictures where you can't tell what anything is von @vonbitty1 1d White ppl be having anything in they house + 65.7K Obsessed with the lint filte ... 58 1.3K 35K 1M
Trill Withers @TylerIAm.1 15h Not a chance its enough air in those lungs to blow these out Imao james @phan1om_ 16h 81 candles on a cake is absolutely insane Imaoooooo joebiden ... Liked by missmalaunregine and 59,240 others joebiden Thanks for the birthday well-wishes today, everyone. Turns hinit 2.7K 117 27K 3M
unbearable experience @twinkpeaks_ 3h wait hes just like me daniela @yungtyranny 4h them 7 The Pope Ate Pasta Alongside Trans Women at the Vatican This Weekend BY ABBY MONTEIL 1.2K 38K 1 120
Javo (AKA: Cyber Tumi) @javier078 1d Watching my brand new 4K UHD disc of Oppenheimer as Nolan intended. MENU 80 1.9K 33K 1.2M
Chris Alsikkan @AlsikkanTV 18h why is Netflix cover art always like this N New Releases THE K__.ller TOP N 10 THEK_..ller THE K__.ller 99 2.8K 57K 1.9M
gaz @gazpachomachine.22h ... this japanese restaurant has a vegan version of their noodles & instead of taking a new photo they just censored out the egg 450 16K 242K 8.2M
Chris @citehchris 2d : hot girls tweeting and their most loyal reply guys 18 302 1.7K 185K
Aint Nobody Coming To See You Otis @zoraslo... 1d ... These the ones Dorothy stole from the witch? I understand m @PRADAXBBY.2d these louboutins 43 4K 38K del 1M
nat @natzattack- 17h this is so??? A life goal of mine Have a gf so hot that she makes me look like a make-a-wish kid who asked for pussy 106 5K 43K 1.4M
layla @laylology 20h ... my elderly chihuahua waking up from her 12th nap of the day C 0:20 From zer 19 589 33K
atrophy wife @zuza_real 17h ... I love film scenes where characters just chill in a cozy diner, chatting and catching up. And now to unpause the movie BOG МАЗТА what has 2028 19 177 3.5K 130K
katie @skatie420. 12h ... this kind of love Naked Man and Woman Hitting now Vehicles With Sticks 0.3 Miles away at 369 N Norton Ave View Incident Share Chat 23 622 9.9K 329K
tilly @teefortilly 1d ... This being tweeted at 9:52 am on a Monday morning is so funny skskskksks YB @CharlesYngboss 1d So you wanna cc everyone when you thought you were right but only reply to me when I prove your wrong. Nah we adding everyone back into this convo. Joker. 1 1.6K 12K 649K
Rohita Kadambi @RohitaKadambi. 1d Cousins are not all the same. If your moms are sisters, you're siblings. If they are your mom's brother's kids or dad's sister's kids, you're cousins. If your dads are brothers, you aren't related. 13 453 5.6K 282K
Rodney Lacroix @RodLacroix.1 19h ... Work is giving us a Thanksgiving lunch today so to make it more authentic I'm getting drunk and telling everyone I'm not happy with some of their life choices. 26 180 4K del 94K
empress sissi @historicalfits 13h remember when Black Friday deals used to be like 98% off and people would trample each other to death 68 2.6K 38K 576K
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