24 of the Funniest Tweets from November 9, 2023

You DID choose the ace of diamonds
24 of the Funniest Tweets from November 9, 2023

At last, the longest actors’ strike in Hollywood history is finally over. On the 118th day, SAG-AFTRA reached a tentative agreement with the studios that will move to the union’s national board for approval on Friday before a ratification vote by the rank-and-file. The union released a statement outlining some of the landmark achievements, including streaming bonuses, improved health care, DEI protections and the big one — major guidelines surrounding consent and compensation from A.I. Now that both strikes have been resolved, hopefully everyone still practices solidarity by avoiding The Drew Barrymore Show

The strike ending is great news for Mike MyersCameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy who have all been teased to return to Far, Far Away. Although there’s been no official announcement of the beloved Shrek’s cast return for a fifth installment, we do have an alleged release window thanks to one proud NBCUniversal intern. In a LinkedIn job description, the intern listed a slew of upcoming Illumination releases that include Shrek 5, which was said to be due out in early 2025. Once outlets caught wind of the blurb, it was quickly altered, but Shrekheads everywhere had already begun rejoicing. Let’s hope that intern hasn’t been banished to a tower away from society. 

While we won’t be seeing any more “girl the strike” tweets, we at least have the tweets below to make us laugh. Today’s hilarious bunch include those about an interesting mosquito repellent, a valid question for Sisyphus and a horror film fan who is never getting to a second date.

Doth @DothTheDoth. 1d Be the horrifying lore of your family's lineage 91 11K 39.7K 1.5M
ShitpostGateway @Shitpost... 1d ... My grandpa used to make me smoke black n milds to keep the mosquitos away 90 1,381 35.5K 2.1M
rubithan @stinkypissbitch - 1d just got a weeks worth of groceries for only $13 yall just ... aren't doing it like me Gallo FAMILY Gallo Gallo FAMILY MOSCATO CALIFORNIA FAMILY MOSCATO CALIFORNIA MOSCATO CALIFORNIA Soy TENNI + Maunan® +TopCare No Nite Time Cold & Flu Relief os - A - Majuchan - T Depart - - - Fumen Noos Ramen Soy S slave FIGELS - - Noodle Soup Soy Sauce Flavor SIN 3 MINUTES WT-3 OZ SOCITION and MINUTES 59 2.8K 29K 835K
Dudes Posting Their W's 20h ... LJ @crotchner my dad wants to road trip to JFKs death site to see if the FBI missed anything why can't you just be NORMAL 11:20 . 8/8/21 - 1 Twitter for iPhone 185 1,576 48.1K 1.8M
jake @jakebrodes.1 1d what is the purpose of the tell your family off this holiday season or your complicit in violence. Every time theres a global tragedy a certain type of person thinks its revolutionary to do this stuff. My aunt loves tweety bird and hates her life. She's not learning any lessons 62 906 15.1K del 680K
wild TikTok screenshots @w... 1d ... Maybe ghost of insects you've killed come back to haunt you and that's why you feel a bug crawling on you sometimes when there's actually not 142 7,124 91.4K 2.1M
Benny Feldman @Feldfrog 23h (The gaslighting magician) This is your card 23 5,927 46.1K 1.2M
hunter @hunter_hhhh.2 20h ... waited 10 years for a game i'll never be able to afford. gutted is an understatement. Pubity @pubity.22h GTA 6 to cost between $1-2 Billion, making it the most expensive game of all time grand theft Лодое COMING 2024 WWW.ROCKSTARGAMES.COM/VI
comfy boy @ihatethiskid . 3h This is stolen valor. LO @datruth_01.20h Yall come look at this!! CC 9,741 0:05 piercings, but 14 268 2.9K 159K
Max Nesterak @maxnesterak• 1d ... love that someone just submitted a vertical picture of their dog to be the next Minnesota state flag serc.mnhs.org/ flags m MINNESOTA x State Emble Leave a Comment Commision F156 F160 UBMISSION NUMBER SUBMISSION NUMBE F161 F165 SUBMISSION NUMBER SUBMISSION NUMBER F156 SUBMISSION NUMBER 76 1.6K 24K 1.1M
Crowsa Luxemburg @quendergeer . 1d did they ever catch this kid States United @SUPGVNetwork 1/3/17 A toddler has now shot a person every week in America for two years straight. Yes, you read that correctly. pressunion.org/2016- toddler-n... Where toddlers are shooting people Number of times a person has been shot by a 1, 2 or 3 year old, since 2015. Includes self-inflicted injuries. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 WAPO.ST/WONKBLOG Source: News reports 54 3.3K 42K 1M
kat of @albertcamslut. 21h ... What it feels like interacting with my guy mutuals 20 384 3.4K del 118K
d @blackatebush . 22h ... Sosa Valentine @IKILLJANNIES women be doing fucked up shit in video games man like evil ass shit like sims 4 eugenics and animal crossing housing discrimination 4:12 . 22 Jun 22 TweetDeck 3,121 Retweets 429 Quote Tweets 29.2K Likes Sosa Valentine @IKILLJANNIES 1d i know wtf is in your soul i saw you create a ghetto in animal crossing isan 9e @earth2isan 1d this game right here is what showed me i was crazy 3 The SIMS 5.3K 38K 1.5M 51
Cutie @H4TEDEMON 18h ... Let's fuck 5:24 AM Ok 7:28 AM YASS! 1 113 1.1K 24K
Dianna Agron Updates - The Chosen One on N... 17h ... LET'S GO (Dianna has no upcoming project) FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates.17h The SAG-AFTRA strike has come to an end after 118 days. SAG-AFTRA® STRONG 229 the 271K 19 4.1K
Daniel @dadogeking 1d Oversharing online is so important because like what if someone needed to know that 41 8K 27K 671K
draculaura @DRACULAURITA.1 1d ... I'm the only ethical Lana Del Rey listener (I don't like old white men) 9 671 4.1K 131K
Kristen Mulrooney @missmulro... 1d ... Last weekend my 6-year-old was upset because she was nervous about her swim meet, so I told her if she could find some confidence and do it, I would throw a pie in her dad's face the second he got home. That child swam like an Olympian. Follow me for more motivational tools. 28 687 19.8K 557K
madeline deweened cavegift 6d ... damn girl are you the tower of babel because you are stacked in defiance of god and i cannot speak coherently when you go down 45 5,709 18.5K 402K
michaels @FilledwithPiss.22h ... please don't take my horse piece in chess i like i him 34 4,588 27.5K del 650K
bira @johnwaterscunt - 1d Similar to r/PhilosophyMemes ... r/Absurdism 8h Join Why doesn't Sisyphus just stop? Is he stupid? Share 48 21 18 1,090 8,156 182K
zach silberberg @zachsilberb... 18h ... (on a first date) yeah so i would rather get put in a saw trap than get skinamarinked, but i would also rather get babadooked than either one of those. and if i was in a final destination situation i think i would hate that. you look beautiful tonight by the way. can i kiss you 29 2,494 11.8K 393K
non aesthetic things @Pict... 16h ... The Cultured Ruffian @CulturedRuffian There's no such thing as a perfect name for a firefigh..... OL PAI Lieutenant Les McBurney Sun Prairie Fire Department 300 4,949 94.2K 6M
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