21 of the Dumbest Reasons People Went to the Emergency Room

A moldy sandwich is not an emergency
21 of the Dumbest Reasons People Went to the Emergency Room

How is the emergency room receptionist supposed to keep a straight face when a woman walks in panicking that she can’t find her pulse? Or when a guy comes in because his shoes are too tight? Unfortunately, those are the tame instances where people freaked out over a non-issue. To that end, Redditors have shared some of the dumbest reasons people have gone to the ER, and nearly all of them sound like comedy sketches.

phunsukhwandu . . 10y Did a call (paramedic) to a house with an 18 year old who had stubbed his toe and then called 911 and asked to be taken to the hospital. Wasn't even in pain when we got there, he was walking around. Later the same night called to a coffee shop for a lady who was hungry. Took her to hospital as well since she insisted. ... 12
cbsauder 10y I'm a recently graduated RN working as a nurse assistant for the time being. I had a patient last night whose chief complaint was when / fart, it takes my breath away. One of the better nursing notes I've come across. Edit: I can't English ... 278
aShi293 1y Deputy sister Someone broke their acrylic nail ... 1
BM_gamer36. 1y Not me but my mom. Worked as a nurse in the Air Force. She said she had one kid come in who glued quarters to his third leg. ... 306
ImHappy_DamnHappy . . 1y Burned out FNP Shoes too tight. I loosened his shoes and he left. ... 67
Howley7 . 10y My mom is an ER nurse. During the whole Swine Flu epidemic some lady came in because she thought she had a cut that was going to get infected, the cut was nothing but a paper cut. The lady wouldn't leave for an hour until something happened, and this was all while a bunch of people were coughing there lungs out in the waiting room. ... 10
comptonscatter. 10y In the ER we overheard the paramedics saying someone called 911 to get a ride to the hospital via ambulance for getting shampoo in their eye. Needless to say, the paramedics denied their request (it's a privately owned company so they can.) Also, a man came in with a folded up umbrella up his rear end. ... 96
mindtapped 1y Dry feet. I swear to all that is holy. This was the only time I ever asked a pt if they really thought this was an emergency. ... 19
notthesedays . . 1y Visit reason: Cannot find pulse. She walked in. ... 988
Ineedzthetube . . 1y Guy called 911 after vomiting once. Не had his mommy and wife meet him at the ER. Не thought he ate a bad pb&j sandwich. ... 10
RipCivil732 . 1 1y MSN, RN Someone told him he had flat feet. I've never seen a patient discharged so fast in all my life. ... 13
Ninamaroo . 1y RN - ER Не had a splinter in his finger. 30s adult male. No it wasn't deep it was easily pulled out
Mobile-Entertainer60 . . 1y MD Wet socks. We took them off his feet and handed them to him with his discharge paperwork.
WumbologyNurse12 - 1 1y Ate a sandwich with a spot of mold on it. Wasn't happy with the care they received at the other hospital after calling 911 so came to us for a second opinion ... 39
cpcrn . 1y RN - ICU I was scanning the ER board for one of our admits coming to the floor - - I did not have this patient. I also did not open the chart, due to having absolutely no reason to. 'Chicken nugget bone stuck in teeth' was the chief complaint. A) why did they come to the ER for that? B) chicken nuggets don't have bones??? ... 12
OvereducatedSimian . 10y I'm reading the triage note and the chief complaint is: I think I have hypothermia. As I look up from the computer, I see this patient walking casually by with his jacket unzipped. The nurse rooms him and he promptly asks for a sandwich and makes himself comfortable. (And yes, he's a frequent flier. No, he wasn't a homeless guy looking for warmth and food. And it was probably 50 degrees outside that day). ... 72
wanderingdiscovery . 1y My BP machine at home wasn't working due to no battery. So I called the health line and they told me to come to ER to get it checked. Mind you, this was at peak delta wave with a 7hr wait in triage. Literally gave them a blank face and that was enough for them to acknowledge it was a bad time and that they'd hit the drug store in the AM for new batteries. ... 83
auraseer 1y MSN, RN, CEN A woman brought her seven-year-old child in at 10pm for a mosquito bite. No infections, no complications, just a <1 cm mosquito bite. They sat four hours in the waiting room. When they finally got seen, the doc took one look and said, That's a mosquito bite. The mom said, That's what I thought. ... 79
gogopogo . 10y Acute marijuana intoxication. Recently prescribed medical marijuana, never smoked before. The patient was given an edible and told how much to take. Turns out, for that particular individual, it was WAAAAY too much. The person had profound paranoia, audiosensitivity and photosensitivity. ... 15
Optimal-Scientist233 . . 1y My favorite nurse story came from my grandmother from the early 70's, she had to cut white bell bottoms off a man because he had passed out from them being so tight, and she discovered that huge bulge was a kielbasa sausage. ... 95
Lil-one . 1y When asking what brought him in today he said he was arguing with his sister about the car and how much this costs and carrying on, had to stop and ask him again why is he here, his reasoning was he was tired of arguing with his sister and would rather be admitted to the hospital.. ... 4.1k
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