33 of the Funniest, Wildest or Most Gruesome Injuries People Sustained While Cooking

Do not operate the pressure cooker while naked
33 of the Funniest, Wildest or Most Gruesome Injuries People Sustained While Cooking

Every holiday season, the combination of sharp blades, open flames and family tension lands plenty of people in the emergency room. In an attempt to warn you about this year’s potential kitchen nightmares, we’ve rounded up some of the worst injuries people have sustained while cheffing it up — from a three-time losing battle with a mandolin slicer to a naked quest for pressure-cooker jam.

paleoreef103 . . 9y Right after I started dating my wife, I decided to make a really hot version of stuffed peppers. After a long and gloveless session cutting up serrano and jalepenos peppers, I decided I needed to go to the little boys room. Before watching my hands. Needless to say I suffered in silence as I didn't want to tell my eventual wife that my crotch was burning. ... Reply 8
Sir_Grumpy_Buster . . 1y Yes, lost a small piece of my thumb after saying, These potatoes are huge, I don't need the guard. My wife will still hyperventilate if I even mention this injury, it was gnarly. ... 11
tihotap21 . 1y Wanted to taste some boiling hot caramel so I dipped my finger in it... ... Reply 72
TheBeesBestKnees . 1y My grandmother's homemade pea soup was so thick your spoon would stand up in it. I was one ladling some from a pot to my bowl put poured it on my hand instead. Being the thickness of cement, it clung and burned. One of the worst burns I've ever had. ... Reply 19
Lexamus . . 1y I've grabbed a sauté pan from the oven and forgot it was hot is more than once and that's 100% my fault. Whole palm burns suck ... Reply 28
Medium_Spare_8982 . 8 88d I was making apricot jam in a pressure cooker while naked (don't ask). I over filled it and the pressure release was clogged unbeknown to me. I opened the lid and BOOM! My kitchen looked like one of those Hiroshima shadow pictures with an even smear of jam on every surface with the exception of where my body got in the way. I ran screaming for the shower as I was covered head to toe in hot sugar. ... Reply 23
mrsgrafstroem. . 88d I broke my foot when a cast iron pan dropped on it from hip level. ... Reply 40
1y Drying a very sharp knife on the side of my robe. Through the robe and through my skin. I still have the scar 35+ years later ... Reply 15
StolenCamaro . . 1y Mandolin removal of fingerprints once, that's how you learn. Mandolin removal of fingerprints twice? I'm a fool. Mandolin removal of fingerprints three times? I'm not allowed to use the mandolin anymore. ... Reply 112
KelseyReadslt. 1y My tea carafe exploded last week. Not sure how, the whole bottom blew out sending glass and boiling water everywhere including on me. I have 2nd degree burns on my thigh. My husband heard the commotion in the kitchen and came running in the room. What was that noise, are you ok? Where are your clothes?? As I'm standing in my skivvies in the kitchen with boiling water soaked clothes covering the floor. I don't think I've ever undressed that quickly in my life. Never again buying a glass tea carafe. ... Reply 10
XanderpussRex . 88d I was pulling a pot of boiling pasta water off the stove and my then 4-yo daughter had quietly snuck up behind me which caused me to trip and lose control of the pot. Instinctively I managed to nudge her out of the way and get between her and the deluge of boiling water and al dente penne that was heading for her face. Not a drop got on her, but I had 2nd degree burns on my stomach and left thigh which left behind a suntan-like discoloration for over two years. ... Reply 93
FoodMaker1776 . 8 88d In my youth I thought Corn Nuts were made by deep frying corn. They are not. ... Reply 40
Spicypurple . 1y Baking. Dropped pan while getting it out of the oven, caught pan with bare hand instead of gloved hand. Saved the pie crust, sacrificed the use of my hand for 2 weeks. ... Reply 13
u_remindmeofthebabe . . 9y My friend in high school was taking a ham out of the oven, tripped, and spilled hot ham grease all over her bare foot. She had to get skin grafted onto her foot from her thigh. ... Reply 3
noddawizard . 1y My quesadilla wasn't cooking fast enough so I turned the heat way up. It remained uncooked, I thought the burner was broken, so I started feeling all the other burners by slapping the back of my fingers against them. Turns out I just had the wrong burner on. ... Reply 10
raydude888 . 1y Tried to catch a knife I dropped, at the last minute thought better and let it drop and hit the floor. My monke brain: Kick it back up......... It was the first time in my life I had stitches. I had a hard time explaining to the doctor what led up to it, and also had a hard time trying to convince him not to giggle as he stitched me. ... Reply 37
Cyno01 . 9y I had a dollar store chefs knife go clean through an avacado pit and into my finger down to the bone. ... Reply 70
brellabomb . 1y I was making burgers for me and a buddy after getting back from the bar. Tried to split two frozen beef patties with a chefs knife and ВАМ slammed that bad boy right through my palm. Passed out, woke up in a small puddle of blood, and then off to the hospital for stitches. To this day I get the chills thinking about it. Lol do not use big sharp knives when drunk! ... Reply 6
TehBrettster . & 88d I wanted some lemon peel. I had but one wedge of lemon remaining. I got my lemon peel along with a V- shaped scar down the length of my pinky finger. ... Reply 6
J_Kenji_Lopez-Alt. 88d I was once cleaning the blades of the giant immersion blender we used to turn lobster shells into a smooth lobster bisque. I had forgotten to unplug it and the button got depressed while my fingers were in the blade area. Ended up with 27 deep lacerations along my finger. They couldn't stitch it because it was just mangled. It healed eventually but what a painful couple weeks working with that injury. ... Reply 34
Oli_Bean . 1y I got too close to smell something hot and burnt my nostrils on the steam -.- ... Reply 6
beastofwordin 88d Cherries jubilee. Lit it and walked with it down some steps to the table, as it spilled over and burned my whole hand. I proclaimed,don't worry, alcohol burns at a low temperature! to my concerned guests and carried on. Unfortunately, alcohol burns at a high enough temperature to cause bad second degree burns that kept me from sleeping that night and working for a week. ... Reply 3
chaisingsmitty . 8 88d While heating up oil for making fried dough, the oil caught on fire. It spilled it all over my foot and I ended up with a skin graft after severe 3rd degree burns. The fire also resulted in $8000 worth of damage to the apartment I was living in at the time. Good times, good times. ... Reply 9
Acceptable-Cookie492 . 1y I made toffee this weekend. Don't have a lot of experience working with sugar, this is more like candy making than baking, so I'm not used to just how hot it gets. Anyway I shouldn't have licked that spoon and my tongue is still recovering. ... Reply 39
monkey_trumpets . 1y I think I got you beat - I cut myself with the bottom of a head of garlic. 7
acaleyn . 9y I was pouring off boiling water from pasta into a colander when the phone rang. I meant to just turn my head to see who was calling, but ended up turning my upper body too - while still pouring. I ended up with two big burns on my thigh, one about three inches long and one that trailed almost to my knee. The scars were there for a couple of years, but by now they're pretty much faded. ... Reply 8
The_Curvy_Unicorn . 1y Not my worst, but definitely bizarre: I gave myself a super deep, really long, paper cut like gash with the sour cream lid. I bled into the giant bowl of mashed potatoes I was taking to Thanksgiving and had to start over. ... Reply 10
slymkim12. 1y Worked late night, sautéed zucchini in the dark when I got home to keep from waking up the fam, oil too hot, splashy splash = still have the burn scars ... Reply 8
Oozlum-Bird 88d Managed to trip over my own feet and put my hand out to stop myself. Landed right on a recently opened tin of tomatoes. Sliced straight through the muscle of the bottom joint of my right index finger. Took 9 stitches to hold the flap back on, and I've lost sensation in the very tip of that finger. ... Reply 3
Thegurutim . . 88d Severed the tendon in my thumb while trimming corn beef. Ruined 50 piece of meat and taught a pair of old women who were complaining about the speed I was trimming it at new swear words ... Reply 5
aychexsee . 9y Pouring caramel into a baking dish. Poured out all over myself because I'm a clumsy idiot. Luckily, my dad was in the kitchen, saw it, and threw me in the pool. It was October, and it was freezing, but I don't have any scars from it. The funny part, though, after my accident, my family laughed, because the exact same thing happened to my mom as a kid. That's how my dad knew to throw me into the pool. ... Reply 174
frozenfountain . 1y Making soup once, I was briefly possessed by the spirit of a swaggering frontier gunslinger and decided to twirl a wooden spoon in the air and try to catch it. Had a lump in the centre of my forehead for a couple of days afterwards.
mtnclimber4 . 88d Pan frying steaks, naked, drunk... you can imagine where the hot oil lands when you sear the steaks. ... Reply 48
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