25 of the Funniest Tweets from November 6, 2023

A bizarre yet valid question
25 of the Funniest Tweets from November 6, 2023

Before Winona Ryder joined the Stranger Things cast, she asked one very important question: “What is Netflix?” During an appearance on Josh Horowitz’s podcast Happy Sad Confused, the show’s director and executive producer Shawn Levy described the Beetlejuice actress’ first meeting with Netflix executives. Her follow-up questions included “What is streaming?” and “Is it like TV but different?” The Night at the Museum director said Ryder “took a little onboarding to explain this emerging form of storytelling,” but she’s been a part of the Duffer Brothers’ game-changing sci-fi drama since its first season in 2016 and will be back for its fifth and final season as well. 

If Ryder didn’t know what Netflix was then, she certainly does now. SAG-AFTRA’s battle with the streamer and other studios has been going on for more than 115 days. Ahead of the weekend, the studios allegedly gave the union their “last, best and final offer,” which SAG-AFTRA is taking its time to review. As long as key issues like substantial residual revenue and protections against A.I. are met, the six-month strike could come to an end in the next few days.

Meanwhile, Daylight Saving Time gave everyone an extra hour to fire off a few more tweets, and boy did they use it wisely. Today’s funny tweets include those about wet food for girls, the Buc-ee’s Beaver if he slayed and a little treat for the runners who endured the New York City Marathon.

@gains-skeets.bsky.social @g... 8h ... The anti-podcast gun GAINS 2DArray @2DArray 4/28/21 when you need to shoot exactly four evenly-spaced dudes 71.6K 51 6,364 1.5M
ус @yc. 20h Seeing your reflection in the tire is crazy Elizabeth @doitmuvaaa.21h I'm assuming this mean change the tire?? 178 12.2K 156K 71M
a @aallleeexxxxxx1 - 20h ... u/Apprehensive-Mix-436. 19h i.redd.it F 23 Awards shaved hands, probably shouldn't have. what do? 94 582 12.4K 729K
internet hall of fame @Inte... 14h ... Ami @shine_with_love People who are allergic to peanuts: I can't, it'll kill me People who are allergic to gluten: I can't, it'll wreck my body People who are lactose intolerant: Humans cannot achieve immortality anyway and life not lived to the fullest is no life at all, hand me a gallon of milk 313 8,292 78K 3.2M
T @Tobincii 6h ... The fact that you clocked on to this is killing me. Both of you are scary! NaeV.. @naenextdoor12.15h Everytime my ex used to follow a new girl he would reorder his following by refollowing all the celebrities to push her to the bottom of the list 38 3,467 15.5K 831K
SPIDERCRAWLING @SPIDER... 13h ... If you were a little snake I'd do this for you 47 1,728 18.8K 521K
no context memes @weird... 23h ... i have never ordered the chocolate croissant from starbucks because it looks like it has feelings 168 3,704 83.9K 3.6M
Natasha Asanté @natashante 22h ... type of burger I need some privacy wit María Hammonds she/h... 23h this is the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time Likes 32 180 7,618 61.9K 3.2M
lexy. @2reaal4ya 18h ... rosa parks died in 2005 she had to have seen shrek right ? 123 2,503 10.8K 2.9M
audrey @foldyrhands. 13h annie's white cheddar boxed mac and cheese is like wet food for girls 14 1K 10K 279K
leon @witchdaddio 1d ... me meeting rihanna Your album please 17:19 6 1.2K 11K 400K
Fodimin @Fodimin 1d ... Discord when you need to send a time sensitive gif essential for a punchline 99 19K 116K 1.6M
alina @lambfigurines 13h me immediately after the credits of a movie start rolling Liked by selashiloni and 20,957 others martinscorsese_ find me on @letterboxd 4.3K 33K 755K 78
@cursedkief 11h I love getting an extra hour of sleep with the time change! me until march: 1 62 780 35K
oatmeal influencer @acechhh . 13h  this is why i do it. this is why i watch rich drunks fight every week Information Kate Aurthur V @KateAurthur. 15h This woman Ruth stood up to ask a question at the #RHONYLegacy panel, and said she was 84 years old, and a huge fan. Later, Bravo staffers found her and took her to the press room so @Andy could surprise her. #BravoCon k CC P bravo CON bravo CON 2023 bravo CON L ROOF 2023 StateFarm StateFarm Lays Lay's P brovo CON P ays bravo CON 2023 P StateFarm StateFarm Lays P StateFarm
Thinkwert @Thinkwert 12h The Chinese have access to culinary delights that we in the West can only dream of. He x pepe - O any P Hi ID: 267683794 820 51 9.3K 343K
my life is a living hell. every minute is torture 22h ... went to Brandy Melville with my gf and there were ~30 teenage girls in line + another 30 running around the store trying things on and when I asked the Mexican dude working security why it was so busy he said No sé... there's not even a sale or nothin with this exact expression 12 508 14K 546K
Flaco Head Mike @Hurowittly 22h Handing out cigs at mile 12 #NYCMarathon and SMOKERS 214. CODE ENTRY A TYCE YOU PM IN Mariboro 20 CLASS A CIGARETTES 136 3.1K 49K 1.9M
kpg @notoriouskpg 18h ... this the type of shit i been on lately caitlin @hello_caitlin19h Really need you all to see this cookie jar 15.00 1 793 7.6K 412K
NATL PARK SRVC @NATLPARKSRVC . 1d you better not be a cunty truck stop beaver mascot when i get there my unruly ass: INSTRUCTIONS Remove 3759 3549 3329 Nozzie PREMIUM UNLEADED UNLEADED UNLEADED PLUS Select Grade To Right 93 89 87 ... GILEARCO VELDEN ROOT Sassy TRUCK ST P ound! The best DAM truck stop 2.3K 41 27K 1.1M
Dashiell M. Silva @dashiellsilva.19h ROPE (1948, dir. Alfred Hitchcock). Lex @glitterstrands . 1d cinema is so back EVERYMAN THE KILLER BOTTOMS! 24 1.1K 9.9K 798K
iconic moments @image_orig... . 9 9h ... oats @oats_ Sometimes linkedin will just buzz on your wrist and show you a guy in 1m ago 50 1,595 52.5K 1.1M
Dr. Hawk @choppingwoodpod.1 12h ... Miguel Ferrer on this classic David Lynch scene: David was about to roll camera & he camera over to me. Не whispered, 'Hey Albert (he never called me Miguel) that's David Bowie. I said, 'Yeah, I know.' David says, 'Pretty cool, huh?' Then he rolled camera & we did the scene. 30 986 10K 551K
jake @jakebrodes 18h ... l'll be a monk for a while no alcohol clean food gym every day then get bored of that dumbass life start livin like an Irish civil war village oaf where I hangout at bars and tell strangers my various tragedies and eat fucked up sausages then get bored of that and go back to monk 40 1,755 15.4K 537K
Grip Bayless @talleyberrybaby-17h ... God submitted this at 11:59 Nature is Amazing ditzy 1d Despite having Zebra-like features, Okapi is the only living relative to Giraffe CG 0:10 167 4,045 19.9K 1M
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