27 of the Funniest Tweets from October 30, 2023

Is this why we have a mental-health epidemic in America?
27 of the Funniest Tweets from October 30, 2023

This past weekend, we received a first look at the newest take on Garfieldalso known as Chris Pratt’s continued crusade to ruin beloved characters. While no footage has been released to hear the actor’s take on the lazy orange oaf, Sony did provide a promotional graphic featuring the reboot’s tabby to celebrate National Cat Day. Unfortunately for the studio, the holiday fell on a Sunday — the day before the day of the week that Garfield is most commonly associated with. Which is to say, the film is already starting off on the wrong paw.  

Another upcoming trailer is one you’ll have to not see to believe. Blumhouse’s Imaginary won’t be released until March, but fans who saw Five Nights at Freddy’s over the weekend were treated to an exclusive trailer of it. What happens in the trailer? You tell us. Viewers were prompted to close their eyes and use their imagination to figure out the plot on their own. The Jason Blum-helmed studio is no stranger to subversive marketing tactics, and their rollout for the film starring Tony-winner Betty Buckley is obviously no different. 

Over on the Twitter timeline, the week has started off with posts that would make even Garfield enjoy Mondays. Some of today’s funny tweets include those about an SNL lineup for the most annoying person you know, a lifelong to-do list and a blossoming NFL quarterback who looks like he walked off the set of The Sopranos

rob @OkButStill. 20h ... you're a kid and your grandpa is about to tell you something racist 26 2,233 48.4K del 1.2M
في DIE §$@яD @OwlLunch . 22h ... this is IT still 1 of my fav images r/NorthCarolina N*C u/Ziska220 4h imgur S 7 Awards FART girl meets SHART girl!! BABY UP IN THIS BITCH First if Flight 25 FFF SHART Friends Smokies NORTH CAROLIN في FART SM NORTH CAR 78 5,571 50.1K 586K
@GoodReddit· 15h good reddit ... r/TwoSentenceHorror 288 Join u/Fast-Channel1934 18d I work a night shift at a hospital. And some times I hear screaming but I work alone 0 10 Share Fork_Master 18d Those are the patients you dumb fuck ... Reply 25 34 3,905 81.2K 1.6M
nomi @andletmejustsay 23h I love father John Misty but this line pisses me off so much. I try to skip over it every time. You can't be serious with this The Palace Father John Misty Last night I wrote a poem Man, I must have been in the poem zone 61 789 16.8K 784K
lissy @kenerqy 15h ... i hate film people at halloween what do you mean you're going as greta gerwig directing the rose garden scene in lady bird + Greta 132 5,208 102K del 2M
it's coup for my family @Ghos... 18h ... just a quick reminder that mental is hocus health not pocus Mental health IS not HOCUS POCUS Spooby State & Feets Resources 96 8,234 67.3K 1.5M
Ali @AliEzzoBezzo 21h ... one time in high school these 2 guys were arguing over who could freestyle better, so everyone met up in the bathroom after lunch to hear them go verse for verse. The guy who went first opened up with 3 L's to the face, call that Living Like Larry. It ended immediately 41 2,509 48K 1.4M
caleb @flowerboycaleb• 16h ... whenever i hear anything about the russo brothers i think about this tweet Cam @matrixreloaded_ 4/24/23 ... I feel like the little one hurts the big one when they're alone 15 192 3.1K 91.1K 14 1,395 22K 421K
Nate Soup @MayorWheat.21h ... waking up with a hangover like ugh what was IN that beer and cocktail and hard seltzer and cigarette and shot and and joint and other beer 19 2,613 28K 634K
madi magdalene @hottrop... 20h ... i'm so convinced they're gonna do the hunger games in there TALKIN Talkin' Baseball JOMBOY Bestball @Tal....2d The Vegas Sphere is a baseball tonight TRUMP CC 21 1,681 62.1K 1.9M
ellory smith @ellorysmith - 1d Bitch I thought you died Gonzo @GonzotheGreat. 2d Check out this nifty photo wreath I bought to congratulate myself on stuffing a tuba full of tapioca and painting a wall with it! It's important to celebrate the weird wins, y'know? Congratulations ! 4.1K 193 194K
Sylvian (#1 Skinner of the Flower Moon) @The... . 3 3h ... what else is there List by AlexSylvian Updated seconds ago Horror Movies where the Real Monster is U.S. President Ronald Reagan WESCRIFENT PEOPLE UNDER&STAIRS BARBARIAN Bones 130 241 3.9K 77.2K
Ben Crew @BenjaminCrew1 1.5h Airline attendant: We are now boarding for Group 1 only. I repeat, Group 1 only. Someone from Group 6: 14 827 14.4K 315K
Pumpkinmane @pugmane 16h ... Degenerate gamblers talking to their daughters for the first time ever to figure out Taylor swifts tour schedule. BETMGM BetMGM @BetMGM - 17h The Taylor Swift Effect is real О GA 8Z 87 REC YDS THIS SEASON ИКН KC TE TRAVIS KELCE 87 108.0 WITH TAYLOR SWIFT IN ATTENDANCE 46.5 WITHOUT TAYLOR SWIFT IN ATTENDANCE 58 REC YDS TODAY 299K 2 385 7.2K
first-mate prance @bocxtop 3h Gyms are so cool when u wanna cancel ur membership they're like no lol 16 60 2.2K 55.1K
Iris Lewinsky @1R_1S. 1d ... me when i'm an evil genius luring all the most annoying people in the world to tune into the same show at once so i can interrupt the broadcast with a combination of sounds and colours that kills viewers instantly POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave 1d Timothée Chalamet to host SNL with music guest boygenius November 11. 317 5.9K 10 349K
My Beautiful Smile (Angel from Heaven) . 1d JACKING OFF!!!!!!!! GOLD The indifferent cruelty of the universe 2 1.4K 9.6K 256K
@awoodustin 1d Spooky Austinheimer Scorsese has now made 2 masterpieces about cab drivers who end up going on a killing spree because a nice lady got into his cab 22 641 9.8K 384K
messed up foods @messedupfoods - 1d ... ran out of shot glasses for my jello shots 128 FL OZ. LAREE WH ERATED ... 2020 1088 157 1.1K 18.1K 1.1M
Mark @iBeen_Fly.2 20h Not even trolling this looks like a snapshot from the sopranos Andy Olson @WCIA3Andy 12/28/22 Can we please take a moment to talk about Tommy DeVito's 'TD' chain? THE GALLI TD 40 1.6K 29.3K IJ 2.1M
nat @helenshvrs 23h SHES DRESSING UP AS THE MAIN CHARACTER FROM BLONDE(2022) GET HER @sagaftra @frandrescher @FBI POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave. 1d Kendall Jenner as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween. 53 2.1K 42.2K 1.9M
chase @_chase 20h ... to do lists are so fun. it's just drink water and read followed by a list of everything i've ever wanted to achieve since i was 7 14 5,489 45.8K 858K
AARON !! alabama's dabney coleman 22h Her: are you fucking stupid? Me: 5 342 du 114K 4,258
the ben haunts the flores @li... 14h ... well the no intermission problem is real. just pissed myself watching killers of the flower moon. can't believe I have to just sit here in it for another three hours and fifteen minutes 34 949 19.7K 662K
spooky sarah @sablaah· 22h ... going up to every guy dressed as the bear and saying ohhhh I love bob's burgers 17 1,659 28.7K 862K
Neo The @TheRealNeoThe-id ... Sonic The Hedgehog Spooky AfterLife!... 1d Name a Sonic The Hedgehog character without the letter a 311 3,967 91.1K del 3.6M
andrewsambrew @andrewsam... 1d ... the superbowl for people with tote bags snL Saturday Night Live -... NBC 1d November 11!!! @RealChalamet @xboygeniusx NOV II TIMOTHÉE CHALAMET BOYGENIUS 56 5,749 70.1K 3.9M
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