25 of the Funniest Tweets from the Best Satirical Movie Account on Twitter

DisbussingFilm is a must follow for the lulz
25 of the Funniest Tweets from the Best Satirical Movie Account on Twitter

Twitter accounts like PopCrave and DiscussingFilms are giving the old media vanguard a run for its money. At the same time, though, these new media outlets are starting to receive the same treatment as traditional media companies — namely, impersonators. One parody account of DiscussingFilms in particular — DisbussingFilm — is your “leading source for quick unreliable news about movies and unrealistic content.” 

The creators behind it aim to bring you a good laugh with headlines that may be inspired by actual news but don’t really exist. And believe it or not, sometimes they do get it right anyway. Like the time they jokingly announced a live-action Aristocats remake, which has since been announced with QuestLove attached to direct. 

To that end, here’s some of the most hilarious satirical news from DisbussingFilms. We hope that at least a couple of these mock stories become a reality, because honestly, who wouldn’t want to see a Colonel Tom biopic?

DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm. 4d DF 'KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON' is the first Martin Scorsese film to receive a 100% Woke Score. The film received the score for its toxic masculinity and indictment of greed in America, themes that are completely new to Scorsese's work. (Source: Rotten Tomatoes) 1 100% WOKE 35 307 4.7K 206K
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 1d DF Jared Leto and James Franco have joined the cast of 'MINECRAFT' as Creepers. (Source: @Variety) 404 3.3K 44.6K 1.7M
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 5d DF An anonymous moviegoer is suing Warner Bros. for emotional damage stemming from the delay in the 'DUNE: PART TWO' release date. This moviegoer reportedly had nothing else to look forward to this year and is hoping the studio reverses course. (Source: DisbussingFilm) DUN PART TWO LONG LIVE THE FIGHTERS ONIS 11.3.23 ? 386 3.8K 20.2K 2.4M
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 10/19/23 DF Leonardo DiCaprio ran off the set of 'KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON' crying due to a Whoopee Cushion prank executed by Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro. (Source: Deadline) Looffa 100 2.2K 32.7K 1.6M
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 10/15/23 DF Tom Hanks will return as Colonel Tom Parker in 'ТОМ', a film about Elvis Presley from his point of view. 'TOM' will complete the unofficial trilogy started by 'ELVIS' and 'PRISCILLA'. (Source: @Variety) 27 186 2.5K 87.8K
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 10/13/23 DF THE JUNIOR SENATOR FROM MASSACHUSETTS WILL RETURN FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates 10/13/23 Netflix is developing a limited series based on the life of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. 7 11.7K 688K 729
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 10/10/23 DF Despite rampant drama on the set of 'AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM', one cast member got rave reviews for his behavior. Several crew members described Patrick Wilson as a certified cutie-patootie and a pleasure to have in class. (Source: Patrick Wilson Fan Club) 59 968 15.5K 772K
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 9/29/23 DF EXCLUSIVE: Billy the Puppet releases statement. (Source: Billy the Puppet) saw ... 12:25 Notes Done i'm sorry have seen all the tweets about my behavior. have played many games and played even more hearts - but that is not an excuse. i want to extend my sincerest apologies to the world. am BREAKING MY SILENCE... listening and learning. 52K views 43 minutes ago + 33K 4.7K Share Download Save Billy the Puppet SUBSCRIBED 9.46M subscribers 27 819 4.9K 160K
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm . 9/25/23 DF In a recent profile for GQ, Martin Scorsese revealed the best film he's ever taken part in: It's definitely Shark Tale. (Source: @GQ) 83 2.3K 27.6K 1.1M
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 9/15/23 DF Quentin Tarantino has decided to support the #SAGAFTRA and #WGA efforts with an auction of his own. 89 .. Quentin Tarantino will help you try on new shoes matchfireauctions9d (57) Matchfire 100% positive feedback $16,710.00 + $9.65 Shipping 99 bids Ends in 8d 2h 7 3.3K 172 91.7K
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 8/4/23 ... DF An animated remake of the live-action remake of 'THE LION KING' is in the works at Disney. (Source: @Disney)
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 8/11/23 DF J.K. Rowling dead at the age of 58 from cardiac arrest brought on by learning what bussy means. (Source: Variety) FANTASITO BEAS 87 728 6.7K 184K
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 9/2/23 ... DF Peter Griffin is not a fan of the recent uptick in sex scenes in movies like 'OPPENHEIMER'. In a recent interview, Peter posed a question: Where are those good old fashioned values, on which we used to rely? (Source: CNN) 23 776 248K 9K
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 9/5/23 DF To avoid properly compensating writers and actors, Netflix is implementing a tip program. At pivotal moments, an option for viewers to tip will appear on the screen. 50% of the tips will be divided among the cast and crew, while the other 50% will be retained by Netflix. Leave a tip? Leave tip? 15% 20% 25% 15% 20% 25% Getter Leave tip? Leave a tip? 15% 20% 25% 15% 20% 25% Comm 541 3K 27.5K 2.5M
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 9/9/23 ... DF Director Shawn Levy says they went through multiple iterations and fittings for Hugh Jackman's comics-accurate #Wolverine suit. Hugh would not stop sharting. Every time he said it was 'just a fart' he was wrong. I mean, look at him. So we ended up adding a diaper. (via: @EW) MARVEL STUDIOS ©2022 MARVEL 82 953 38.1K 4
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 5/18/23 ... DF First look at Brendan Fraser in Martin Scorsese's 'KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON'. 6 140 2.7K 78.4K
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 6/23/23 ... DF Robert De Niro will appear as Travis Bickle, Jimmy Conway, Sam Ace Rothstein, and Frank Sheeran in Martin Scorsese's 'MAFIA: INTO THE SCORSESE-VERSE'. (Source: @Variety) PROHIBITED - The People 32 466 4.5K 215K
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 6/24/23 DF Mark Wahlberg is a bit disappointed with 'ASTEROID CITY'. I thought it was about a steroid city. Like a city with a lot of steroids. And maybe that city is Boston. I was wrong. (Source: @usweekly) ASTEROID CITY EXHIBITION ١٤٥ STUDIOS Opens 17th June 2023 57 692 8K 1.2M
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 6/27/23 DF According to Todd Phillips, title of 'JOKER: FOLIE À DEUX' has been changed to 'JOKER? I HARDLY KNOW HER'. (Source: @EW) 107 1.2K 10.5K del 2.9M
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 7/31/23 DF Adam Driver has revealed why he won't play Reed Richards in the MCU's 'FANTASTIC FOUR' film. I'm a little stretched thin right now. (Source: Adam Driver) MARVEL STUDIOS 220 751 21K du 1.1M
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm - 3/17/23 DF Brian Cox on 'RICK AND MORTY' - I don't get these American television programs. How does a man turn himself into a pickle. That does not make sense. (Source: @Variety) 76 1.5K 21.5K 569K
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 3/22/23 ... DF Brian Cox has summoned the hounds of hell to plague Jeremy Strong's bloodline for all eternity. (Source: @Variety) N 8 525 3.5K 114K
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 3/29/23 ... DF Wes Anderson, on his upcoming film 'ASTEROID CITY': The studio let me put so many of my friends in this movie. For my next film, hope to have a cast filled with even more of my friends. (Source: Variety) 10 72 1.4K 41.2K
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 5/3/23 DF 'DUNE: PART 2' will be split into 'DUNE: PART 2 - PART 1' and 'DUNE: PART 2 - PART 2'. In an exclusive interview, Denis Villeneuve said: I need one more film if I am to Dune as much and as hard as I would like to. (Source: @Variety) CHALAMET ZENDAYX FERGUSON BROLIN BUTLER PUGH BAUTISTA WALKEN HENDERSON SEYDOUX SKARSGARD RAMPLING BARDEM . DUNE 5 PART TWO LONG LIVE THE FIGHTERS ONLY IN THEATERS 11.3.23 n at coln t LEGENDARY 1- 457 2.8K 19.6K 1.9M
DisbussinFilm @DisbussingFilm 4/26/23 DF The 'KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON' will be advertised as a 1 hour and 146 minute film, rather than 3 hours and 26 minutes. Apple Studios and Martin Scorsese believe that this will trick those deterred by the daunting runtime. (Source: @Variety) 79 5.8K 338K 509
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