31 of the Wildest Things People Have Witnessed at a Casino

‘I got in a fight in a gift shop with a whole tourist family’
31 of the Wildest Things People Have Witnessed at a Casino

casino is practically its own country. To the disdain of many, laws do actually exist inside of these slot machine-filled wonderlands, but casinos are in the same category as strip clubs and buffets when it comes to satiating primal desires. And when you throw in the combination of fruity cocktails, bright lights and adrenaline that accompanies the chance at winning big, people really do go hog wild. 

From a Scientologist blackjack dealer to a Scandinavian man covered in whipped cream, here are the wildest scenes Redditors have witnessed at casinos…

probablyaloser1 . 161d Not in Vegas but a little border town in Nevada, and didn't Technically happen to me Was working slots at the time, on the graveyard shift and surveillance called security to inform them that 4 guys walked into the high limit area, surrounded this guy at a machine and uh. Circle jerked.
Sorry-Lemon8198 . 1 161d I got in a fight in a gift shop with a whole tourist family. ... Reply 35
goodgamble . 161d A homeless guy tried to stab me with a broken wine glass at 7:30am ... Reply 42
samaraphx . 161d I broke out in hives after touching a machine. Still don't know what I was allergic to lol ... Reply 8
Elegant_Spot_3486 . 161d Drunk guy was a little obsessed with my hair. Telling me it was the greatest he's ever seen. Asked me if he could touch it but not in a gay way. Then asked me how much it cost, what kind of hair it was. Weird stuff. I'm a guy. I have very short and thinning hair. Nothing about it would imply it wasn't natural or that it was worth a touch. It lays flat. Maybe he wasn't drunk and just fucking with me. I dunno. ... Reply 8
ihopeyoulikeapples.2 2y It's 6am on a weekday, very quiet normal looking older lady suddenly starts SCREAMING, followed by her punching the slot machine yelling FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU over and over again. After a few minutes of this a slot attendant approached her, politely told her she couldn't hit the machine that that and she stopped screaming, said oh I'm sorry and went back to playing as if nothing had happened. ... 95
SteveFrenchIsACat 2y Couple of girls were walking around and being loud while having a good time playing slots near the pits. One was holding close to a couple grand in her hands. They'd slip a couple hundred into a machine, cash out after a couple spins and move on to the next one. Out of nowhere this huge dude runs up on them and knocks the one with the cash out fucking cold. Не snatches the money and takes off running. Runs parallel to the pits trying to get to the door as a couple security guards run after him.
Stri-Daddy 2y I was dealing 3 Card Poker at about 5 in the morning. Two players on my table, white guy on first base and black guy on third base. They weren't saying anything to each other, but were kind of staring each other down from across the table. Out of nowhere, black guy climbs up on top of my table on his hands and knees, and starts barking like a dog only a couple inches away from white guy's face. WG is frozen in fear, and my manager was close enough to see what what was going on and
Poorly-Drawn-Beagle • . 2y A tall naked Scandinavian man with maraschino cherries in his hair and whipped cream and hot fudge covering his nether regions, running up to people and then T- posing with an intense grimace in front of passerby ... 32
HonestHearts_ 161d Caught people fucking in the storage closet A rich cowboy came and picked up a bunch of random chicks, they locked him out on the balcony and ripped him off Caught a roady from Aerosmith getting a bj from an Asian dude behind the dumpsters Usher not giving his team tip money, and they also never return their luggage carts they borrow for days (Insufferable dancers) Housekeeper at my previous property would have sex with hotel guests The roadys from Adele and other groups will always give the employees their left over booze, sometimes it's cases of wine/beer
kikitaco 5y This will prolly get lost, but I used to deal at a Native casino in Oklahoma. First month on the floor, and I was dealing blackjack at a table with only one man. Something was a bit off with him, and he seemed a bit distracted, but I carried on a normal conversation with him. Right as my 30 minutes is up, and I'm getting tapped off to go to my next table, security shows up. My pit boss pulls me aside before I hit my next table and says the guy I was dealing to was MASTURBATING
Arsis82 . 145d Saw a guy freak out on another player, called him a stupid Mexican, jumped up on the table players used for drinks and food and put his crotch in his face. The seated player kept his cool and started laughing and said I'm not even Mexican I'm assuming the angry player got stacked by the Mexican guy and was pissed off ... Reply 30
Fulmer_dot_tv . 145d des 00 Not that funny but years ago at the Taj in Atlantic City around midnight a Domino's delivery guy walks in with a pizza. Couldn't find the person that ordered it so someone at our table offered 4 reds to take it. Gave everyone at our table a free slice! ... Reply 35
taxicab45 145d Years ago two buddies and myself go to our local casino an hour and a half away to play some poker. We proceed to get good and liquored up and go on a 12 hour + session. It's 8 am, the free donuts are out for all the poker players and my one friend says he's gonna go do a couple shots in the car and smoke a cig. Me and my other friend are sobered up at this point. The one friend who went to do shots comes back 45 mins later. Не is wheeling a dolly
mountstickney . 161d Passed out at like 4am woke up to my buddy calling me saying he got banned from all MGM properties at 6am. ... Reply 2
Frosty-Shower-7601 . 1 161d Got a handjob from a blackjack dealer, and then she tried to convert me to Scientology. ... Reply 8
Pobueo . 1y Chinese dude getting a back massage at the roulette table. Не was oiled up and had no shirt on ... Reply 31
x0tt . 13y I was dealing craps and saw a commotion at the front door. Some guy has turned up in his bathrobe to play and is being refused entry for not having proper attire. After a prolonged shouting match, he goes away and returns not 10min later dressed in a nun's habit. Security lets him in this time, he comes directly to the craps table and proceeds to roll for 90min, winning about $15k. ... 51
Reddit-Hivemind . 13y I was at the roulette wheel (down $40), when a guy comes in and puts $100 straight up on #34. The wheel came up on 34-- he got $3500 in chips without any emotion, then he walked away. ... 418
Bean-Swellington 145d Sword fighting octogenarians Dealing a seniors poker event about 10 years ago; we've got a bunch of temp tables set up and they're kind of close together, well the old guy in my 8 seat sits down in his chair and bumps the old guy behind him who turns around and starts bitching at him about it and they start arguing back and forth, they get scooted around a little so they're sitting down but kind of side facing each other- shouting -pushing and eventually sort of slow punching each other then... they started cane fighting I was
aces613 . 145d Playing at my local casino, fire alarm goes off. Nobody fucking moves. Nobody even lifts their head. ... Reply 30
forgottencheese1 - 1 1y Someone screaming and knocking their chair over because of a $100 win. ... Reply 28
JohnnyCottonmouth . 1y I was playing roulette with a Dave Chappell look a like as the dealer. The guy was landing on black so much that the screen which displayed the numbers literally had only black and zeros on it. Naturally 2 passer bys wanted to play red, with out thinking about it I told them wouldn't do that, he's been black all night. The whole table went silent like a fuckin movie... until the dealer started laughing hysterically and said I've been black my whole life, but I feel ya! Lol ... Reply 10
seventyfive1989. 1y This girl collapsed from being too drunk and my friend picked up her phone and chips and tried to find someone to give them to. Security thought he was trying to steal them and it took quite an argument for us to stay. The girl was fine btw. Got up 3 mins later. ... Reply 7
Particular_Ad_4903.ny Brad Marchand (the hockey player) once showed up to a poker bonus table in only his robe. They asked him to leave, enter do you know who I am!? When they didn't care after finding out who he was, he whipped his dick out and pissed on command... looking right at the security guard Ah yeah, now what? Four guards carried him out like a 2 year old child - the casino cheered A year later he brought the Stanley cup back to the same casino and took a picture at the same table he pissed at - LOL ... Reply 7
Nose_Grindstoned . 1y I used to work as the court jester at Caesars. I had loads of fun times with guests, but what always stands out in my memory is the time I had 40-50 seniors playing Simon Says in front of the casino bar. Also, I met Issac Hayes in an elevator and showed him a magic trick. ... Reply 8
devatoo 5y Oh my God, where do I begin......l've seen a man inject himself in the leg with insulin, and then leave the syringe sticking out of his leg for an hour because he won a jackpot when he injected himself so therefore it must be a lucky charm. I have seen people piss and shit themselves because they didn't want to leave the table/ slot machine. I've seen people pass out after having sat chain smoking at a slot machine for 36 hours straight, and I've seen other customers get mad because the paramedics interrupted their winning streak. And
Cant-think-of-aname- 1y Met a lady that was a former playboy bunny (worked at a club) not the magazine while playing blackjack in vegas last month, she asked me and my friend 30-28 if we were old enough to know what playboy is. ... Reply 3
MarryTinsFBKillLu . 1y Like a Wednesday or Thursday morning around 8am, pressed elevator button and it opened up to a guy passed out inside. His face was right up against the opening and when it shut it pushed on his face. I pressed the button again and got a photo, then walked into the front entrance, up the escalator, showed the photo to security and asked if they were letting him sleep it off. So no one was apparently monitoring the camera in that elevator ... Reply 6
OverBeingSober . 1y The funniest, most surreal thing was the time I was playing VP at Southpoint casino and heard a big whoop, then yeeeeeeeeah booooooy! from the row of machines behind me. I took a look, and sure enough, there's Flava Flav dancing on his chair after hitting a big jackpot. Dude was hysterical and a nice guy to boot. ... Reply 3
bluebecauseiwantto . 5y I'm not a casino worker. But played blackjack with some dude for about 6 hours and we both proceeded to get absolutely shit faced drunk. Не finally got up from the table and went out the front door. About 10 minutes later he comes back in driving a golf cart he had stolen from one of the grounds keepers. Drove it right in the front door. Security had him ripped out of that thing in seconds. It was hilarious. ... 57
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