15 Out-of-Context Quotes and Jokes From ‘South Park’

Some of these are oddly wholesome
15 Out-of-Context Quotes and Jokes From ‘South Park’

A gaggle of cartoon goofballs making sometimes nihilistic, sometimes wholesome observations about society? I’d like to see The Simpsons or Family Guy do that!

‘Anything That’s Fun Costs At Least $8’

Cartman knows the world has been commodified, and every hit of dopamine has a price tag.

‘So I Guess What I’m Feeling Is Like A Beautiful Sadness’

Butters discovers the melancholy of unrequited love.

‘We Have to Care More About Later Sometimes, You Know?’

This Stan quote was, unfortunately, about wokeism in Hollywood, but if you squint, it could be applied to climate change and generational trauma.

‘You’re Watching MTV, the Cool, Brainwashing, 12-Year-Old-and-Younger Station That Hides Behind a Slick Image. We’re So Cool That We Decide What’s Cool. And Now MTV News. The News That Is Single-Handedly Dumbing-Down Our Country, Which Is Cool’

Trey and Matt skewer MTV.

‘I’m Not Fat, I’m Festively Plump’

You have to hand it to Cartman: He is, if nothing else, a body positivity ambassador.

‘Hippies. They’re Everywhere. They Wanna Save Earth, But All They Do Is Smoke Pot and Smell Bad’

Cartman sums up 20th century climate activism.

‘Just Because Your Parents Can Afford Better Toys Than Ours Doesn’t Make You Better Than Us!’

Stan’s line simultaneously applies to kids who grow up poor, and the police state.

‘Okay, Smoking Is Bad; You Shouldn’t Smoke. And Alcohol Is Bad; You Shouldn’t Drink Alcohol. And As for Drugs, Well, Drugs Are Bad; You Shouldn’t Do Drugs. That About Wraps It Up’

Mr. Mackey’s DARE crash course.

‘The Best Thing Is Not to Act Nice, Eric. The Best Thing Is to Be Genuinely Nice’

Jimmy gives some genuinely important life advice to Cartman.

‘I Am Nothing Like ‘Family Guy’! When I Make Jokes They Are Inherent to a Story! Deep Situational and Emotional Jokes Based on What Is Relevant and Has a Point, Not Just One Random Interchangeable Joke After Another!’

Trey and Matt lash out at their rivals, via Cartman.

‘If You Want It to Go Away, All It Takes Is A Little Self-Control And Personal Responsibility’

Kyle believes that we the people hold the power to keep huge chain stores from ruining our local businesses.

‘I Looked in My Mom’s Closet and Saw What I Was Getting for Christmas: An UltraVibe Pleasure 2000!’

How is Cartman so diabolical and so innocent?

‘All I Think About Is the Problems Our Generation Is Inheriting’

Cartman being uncharacteristically community-minded.

‘Now, Because White People Say, ‘Hizzle Fo Shizzle,’ We Have to Say, ‘Flippity Floppity Floop!’’

Chef on the appropriation of AAV.

‘Family Isn’t About Whose Blood You Have in You, Family’s About the People Who Cared About You’

Kyle’s wholesome thesis statement on citizenship and who “belongs” in a country.

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