15 Viral Jokes About the Dystopian Society We’ve Somehow Built

If you like patriarchy, capitalism and the current state of technology, this isn’t the list for you
15 Viral Jokes About the Dystopian Society We’ve Somehow Built

Given the opportunity, would we actively build ourselves a society where the only way to feel better after a long day of looking at a screen is to kick back and look at a couple more screens?

If You Tried to Fix Society After the Pandemic, You Have to Tell Us. We Promise We Won’t Be Mad

What Can You Amputate to Make Me Not Need Money Anymore?

The Account Is Suspended, But the Truth Remains:

The Day They Try to Cancel Mr. Bean Is the Day I Stop Watching British Public Access Television

There’s a Chance That Having Spy Tools in All Our Pockets Might Be Detrimental to Personal Connection

The Only Thing Worse Than What It Is, Is What It May Become

What’s Bigger News? A Teenager Sets a World Record, or a Celebrity Sandwich Artist Gets Second Place?

Management Be Like…

The True Universal Health Care

The Patriarchy Hates This One Weird Fashion Trick

The Algorithms That Run Our Lives Absolutely Understand Human Experience

This Pickup Line Turned Into a Real Bummer

We May Achieve 48 Hours of Screen Time Per Day in Our Lifetime

Pretty Cool Branch of Government You Got There

Digital Photos Should Self-Destruct, and You Should Have to Actively Opt Out of That Feature

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