12 Small Cubes of Trivia to Be Consumed Posthaste

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12 Small Cubes of Trivia to Be Consumed Posthaste

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Avon Started With Books, Not Makeup


The origin of makeup giant Avon wasnt in cosmetics. The founder, David H. McConnell, was a bookseller who offered beauty products as add-ons. He soon found out, in what feels like a heavy-handed statement about humanity, that most people were way more interested in looking good than reading books.

The Hardest Substance in the Human Body


Youd probably assume that the hardest substance in the human body, at least if youre not telling a filthy joke about my dear sweet mother, are the bones. Youd hope that, at least. But the bones are beaten out by another substance: tooth enamel.

The Only Unmarried President

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Generally, it seems the American public would prefer a married president. After all, with what Kennedy and Clinton got up to on the side, one can only imagine the chaos of a bachelor-in-chief. To date, the only president to never marry was James Buchanan.

The Origin of the Term “First Family”

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First family as a moniker for the president and his immediate kin seems so perfect it must have originated long ago. Its, in fact, much more recent than youd think: It only became popular on the back of a 1962 comedy album, titled as such, about the Kennedys.

Who the Hell Is Johnny Hendrix

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With a name like Jimi Hendrix, the man was destined to be a rock star, am I right? No, I am not. Jimi was born Johnny Allen Hendrix, but was renamed James, or “Jimmy” by his father. The removal of an m and the replacement of a y with a hard-rockin i was thanks to a later manager. Next youll tell me those guys names werent really “The Experience.”

The Point(s) At Which A Stag Becomes A Royal


Points on a stag refer to the number of, well, points on their antlers. Among European red deer, those that cross certain thresholds when it comes to antler points earn themselves a new title: 12 points makes them a “Royal,” 14 an “Imperial” and 16 a “Monarch.” Only if the points are evenly distributed across both sides, of course. If theyre uneven, well, thats just gross.

Scalene Triangles Are Probably Jealous of Isosceles Fame


We all remember, at least vaguely, what an isosceles triangle is, thanks to endless repetition of the importance of the Pythagorean Theorem from our math teachers. You might have forgotten (because why wouldnt you) its strange, uneven brother, the scalene triangle, where every side, and accordingly, every angle, has a different measurement.

Lewis and Clark Werent Their First Names

Public Domain

Im sure the smarty-pants among you are clamoring and cawing, asking what kind of IDIOT wouldnt know that Lewis and Clark werent their first names. But for the quiet ones among us who may have had a propensity to nap in certain classes, I cast no judgment. Just know, now, that their full names were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. To be fair, Meriwether Lewis is a straight up backwards name.

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