15 Sneaky Jokes From TV Shows and Movies They Thought They Could Sneak Past Ya

Where’s Waldo movie when?
15 Sneaky Jokes From TV Shows and Movies They Thought They Could Sneak Past Ya

Whether intentional or not, some of the best jokes in your favorite TV shows and movies last for about three frames, and are hidden way in the background. Jokes like…

Shrek: Lord Farquad’s Self-Care Routine

Lord Farquad props up his magic mirror next to his bed while kicking back and sipping a martini. He innocently asks the mirror to show him the princess, but the mirror’s obvious disgust clues us in that something more foul is afoot. Farquad then glances meaningfully at his junk to drive the point home.

Shrek 2: Private Porking

The big bad wolf is caught reading an issue of Pork Illustrated, specifically, the swimsuit edition. He’s clearly been huffing and puffing over a spread of a bikini clad sow.

Rocko’s Modern Life: A Sluggish Take on Playboy

A construction worker slug is seen in his rig, mindlessly pulling levers while concentrating on an issue of PlaySlug magazine.

Ratatouille: Alfredo’s Small Problem

Alfredo wants to come clean about his secret rodent, but can’t bring himself to finish the thought: “I have a small, uh…” Colette sees the small space he leaves between his finger and thumb, and jumps to the obvious conclusion, glancing down at his junk.

Three Little Pigs Pay Respects to Their Dad

In this 1933 Disney short, one little pig has a portrait of his father on the wall — a string of sausage links.

Zootopia: A Quizzical Math Joke

After dropping a string of incriminating figures while making an arrest for tax evasion, Judy says, “I am just a dumb bunny, but we are good at multiplying.”

Ed, Edd n Eddy: An Important Reminder

There are a couple of Post-It Notes slapped onto the wall of a bathroom. One reads, “WALK DON’T RUN,” while the other helpfully instructs, “DON’T TOUCH YOURSELF.”

Mr. Nanny: The Background Villain

It’s unclear if this was a planned pratfall, or just some weirdo who didn’t realize they were on camera. As Hulk Hogan is cruising on his hog, some dude in the background can be seen hucking his dog playfully (???) into a body of water.

Hocus Pocus: The Horny Bus Driver

The overtly horned-up bus driver sneaks in a lascivious quip that even the randiest Sanderson doesn’t seem to notice. When the girls tell him they “desire children,” he responds, “It may take me a couple of tries, but I don’t think that’ll be a problem.”

Napoleon Dynamite: Artist In Residence

Every one of the uncanny portraits and doodles seen on screen — besides the unicorn — were actually drawn by Jon Heder himself.

SpongeBob Unwinds

SpongeBob is watching what appears to be some kind of boring deep sea documentary. Gary enters, and he quickly changes the channel, implying there was something more salacious going on. If you dig deep into the part of your brain that remembers high school biology, you may piece it together that SpongeBob was watching a sea anemone reproduce asexually.

Boba Fett’s Ignoble Demise

Luke Skywalker’s poorly placed kick always steals this scene — Mark Hamill kicks in the general direction of an extra, and despite missing by a mile, sends the dude flying. But in the background is one of the series’ most badass and beloved characters, being carried away by a rogue jetpack like a muppet getting dropkicked across the screen.

The Rugrats Movie: Baby’s First Body Dysmorphia

One baby, noticing their belly button, laments, “Man, they cut my cord.” Another responds, while peering deep down into their diaper, “Consider yourself lucky.” I’ll be honest, I’m not 100 percent sure what the joke is. Does this baby both realize and resent the fact that it was circumcised? Or the fact that it was born with a penis in the first place?

The LEGO Movie: Everything Breaks Down Into Its Component Parts

When a LEGO pig falls to its imminent demise, instead of becoming a dead pig upon impact, it explodes into a handful of LEGO sausages.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: A Kid Takes One on the Chin

This one’s clearly not intentional. One extra who was really acting her heart out, hanging on the Candy Man’s every word, gets doinked in the chin when he suddenly opens up the counter to go frolic around his candy shop.

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