12 Pieces of Trivia Small Enough to Swallow Without Chewing

12 Pieces of Trivia Small Enough to Swallow Without Chewing

Learning more about the world around you: Sometimes, it can still be completely useless!

Octopuses Can Fit Through Any Hole Larger Than Their Beak


If octopuses gross you out, well, thats not about to change. The octopus can squeeze itself through any hole that's larger than its beak, the only hard part of its body (get your mind out of the gutter).

There's A Country Entirely Surrounded By South Africa


It feels like a brain teaser: “Name a completely landlocked country that only borders one other country.” The country of Lesotho fits these strange parameters, existing entirely within, but not as part of, South Africa.

The Ship-Boarding Device With A Bird s Name

Public Domain

If Romans engaged in naval warfare wanted to board an opposing ship, their tool of choice was the corvus. If youre a bird fan, youll know that corvus is Latin for crow, and it wasnt coincidence. The bridge had a beak-like protrusion at the end that securely anchored it to the enemy ship, which gave it the name.

Pac-Man Is the Highest Grossing Arcade Game of All Time


Obviously, Pac-Man is one of the biggest arcade games of all time. But if you ever wondered exactly how many quarters the yellow semi-circle ate, heres your answer: an estimated $3.5 billion (or 14 billion quarters) as of 1990, unadjusted for inflation. That makes it the highest grossing arcade game of all time, and just to flex further: the fourth highest grossing game? Ms. Pac-Man.

What A Blue Moon Actually Is

Gabriel Vanslette

Probably most famous for the phrase connected to infrequent events, you might have wondered what exactly a blue moon is. First, and most confusingly, it has nothing to do with color. A “blue moon” occurs because of a misalignment between the lunar cycle and our calendar, which leads to a year having 13 full moons every 2.5 years or so. This is a “blue moon.” If you want to see one, you dont have long to wait, either: Theres one in August of this year.

Cats Cant Taste Sweetness

Now theres two reasons not to feed your cat candy: First, because, please dont. Second, because they cant taste it anyways. Cats, studies have found, are incapable of tasting sweetness.

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