15 Classic ‘Peanuts’ Jokes That Still Hold Up

Unsurprisingly, most of them star Lucy or Snoopy
15 Classic ‘Peanuts’ Jokes That Still Hold Up

As much as I love Charles Schulz’s Peanuts strips, I don’t usually think of them as “funny.” Words like “cute” or “quaint” probably come to mind first in regards to Snoopy and the gang — you know, old-fashioned words that are of the time and place that Snoopy originated. But there are still some Peanuts comics that hold up under a modern lens. Here are 15 of them…

Lucy’s Psychological Warfare

Et Tu, Snoopy?

Schulz on Astrology

Charlie Brown’s ‘Depressed Stance’

Snoopy’s Signature

Lucy Tortures Linus

Fancy Dog

Schroeder the Ladykiller

Carrot ≠ French Fry

A Song in the Key of Kite

A Gentle Reminder

Snoopy v Schroeder

Lucy + Snowballs = Guaranteed Funny

Snoopy’s Exercise Routine

And Finally, the Very First Peanuts Strip

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