13 of the Funniest Jokes and Burns About Elvis

Elvis is one of our biggest pop icons, making him one of our biggest bull’s-eyes for jokes
13 of the Funniest Jokes and Burns About Elvis

Love him or hate him — and there’s plenty of reason for both — Elvis Presley is an American icon forever woven into our pop-culture DNA, which has led to pretty much every part of his life being parodied and cartoonified. Here, then, are some of the funniest jokes, sketches and segments involving The King over the years…

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Andy Kaufman’s Elvis Impression

On The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Kaufman spent his whole stand-up set talking like his foreign character (who would later become Latka on Taxi) until his final bit in which he did a dead-on impression of The King.

The Story of Muddy Drawers

Family Guy touched upon Elvis’ appropriation of Black culture and music by telling the tragic tale of the true father of rock and roll, Muddy Drawers.

Jewish Elvis

Saturday Night Live also asked the question, “What if Elvis was Jewish?”

Cunk on Elvis

Philomena Cunk to a music historian: “Why was it so dangerous to show Elvis from the waist down? Was he naked underneath, like a pervert on a Zoom call?”

Eddie Murphy on Elvis’ Acting and Physique

In DeliriousMurphy discussed how Elvis was such a bad actor that they just had him sing his dialogue in movies. Murphy then broke down how the more king-sized King moved during his concerts.

Wanda Sykes on Elvis Fans

“I don’t understand this whole Elvis thing. There are dead people in my family that we miss and love dearly, but shoot, we don’t dress up like them and do impressions. I’ll show up at the family reunion in a dirty T-shirt and a bald cap, ‘Look, everybody, I’m Uncle Earl.’”

The Tubular Sausage That Predicted Elvis’ Fate

MADtv went through an archive of Elvis’ private conversations with his entourage in which he reveals that a hot dog told him how he was going to die.

Elvis Hunting

In Living Color shows that Elvis is alive and can take at least three tranquilizer darts.

‘Bubba Ho-Tep’

In an odd horror-comedy, Bruce Campbell plays a geriatric, who may or may not actually be Elvis Presley, who has to defend a retirement home from a mummy alongside Jack (Ozzie Davis), a Black man who may or may actually be John F. Kennedy, in one of the most ridiculous yet hilariously great film premises ever conceived.

‘All F**ked Up’

Black Dynamite had Elvis sing an explicit parody of his hit song “All Shook Up” that highlighted all his darker exploits.

Bill Burr Loves Elvis for Pioneering the ‘Troubled, Problematic Rock Star’ Trend

“Now, I love Elvis; he fascinates me. He ascended to this level of fame no one had ever been to before. Hence, he made all the mistakes because there was no one there to help him out. He got a piece of shit manager that stole from him, bam! He stopped music, started making shitty movies; he’s not a good actor! Does that, married a minor, started doing drugs, got fat, got an entourage, got even fatter, started wearing onesies doing karate kicks, splitting his fucking pants, nobody’s saying shit — ‘You look good, King.’ ‘You like that? You like it when my royal balls hang out?’ ‘We love it, King, keep fuckin’ going!’ Starts doin’ pills, gets addicted, he fucking dies alone on a toilet. This man kicked open all of those fuckin’ doors for the rest of us.”

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