24 of the Funniest TikToks from the Week of October 23, 2023

Proud hater clocking in for duty!
24 of the Funniest TikToks from the Week of October 23, 2023

Justin Timberlake has been laying the groundwork for a comeback of sorts: an appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards alongside his old band mates from *NSYNC, club appearances ahead of his next album and, most importantly, reprising his role as Branch in the latest installment of the Trolls, due out November 17th. Unfortunately for Timberlake, though, his famous ex-girlfriend’s bombshell new memoir has put a damper on those plans. An already anxious Timberlake’s worst fears were confirmed as Britney Spears recounted many damning accounts of Timberlake’s behavior during their time togetherThe “Señorita” singer has disabled comments on his Instagram and canceled his planned gigs in the wake of the memoir. Timberlake’s history of bad behavior is not only bad news for himself but also for one TikToker who thinks that the Trolls soundtrack simply doesn’t get its due. 

Jamming out to “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” isn’t where the fun stops on TikTok this week either. Other hilarious TikToks include an indomitable defense strategy, a health-care hack and that impossible hunt for the trash can in your rich friend’s house.

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