27 Companies That Ran Unbelievably Dumb Promotions

27 Companies That Ran Unbelievably Dumb Promotions

Companies are constantly pulling weird stunts to engage customers and sell them stuff they dont need. Because of that, theyre also constantly bumbling around and making bad decisions. And when that happens, they crash and burn in spectacular fashion.

Skeptical? Just check out these promos, ads and gimmicks that somebody at corporate thought were a good idea.

Canadian brewing company Molson had college kids post party pictures on Facebook to promote their brand... CANADIA MOLSON Coors Jite LAGER BEER LIGH

Entry by Evan Noyes

Bethesda Game. Studios advertised a canvas duffle bag as part of the $200 Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76. WEST TEK POWERED EULLY WARFARE Customer

Entry by Gino Reyes

In 2009, EA shipped brass knuckles along with their upcoming game, The Godfather to press members for promotional purposes. They soon learned that the
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