John Early Is Figuring Out How to Be Sincere

As the star of the sharp new indie ‘Stress Positions,’ the irreverent comic works in a more serious vein. He tells Cracked why he’s getting comfortable with being earnest — even if he’s scared everyone will think he’s pretentious

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34 Celebrity Projects That Were Probably a Big Ol’ Mistake

34 Celebrity Projects That Were Probably a Big Ol’ Mistake

A lot of people on the list below have done genius work. They've recorded timeless albums, directed truly great films or brought unquestionably vivid characters to life on our screens. But as much as they would like it to be true, it doesn’t mean that every single thing they touch immediately turns into gold. Many of our greatest creative minds have taken side projects that can at best be described as questionable. 

Steven Spielberg’s submarine-themed restaurant sounds more like a migraine than a novel dining experience. MC Hammer probably should have predicted that his search engine would inevitably make Google say “Can’t Touch This.” Oliver Stone has taken several tries at getting his passion project Alexander right, and that movie still stinks. 

This list doesn't have to be all schadenfreude, though. Maybe we can look at it as an inspiration! Once you have enough money, you can follow dreams, even if your dreams are incredibly stupid. 

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