37 Facts About Iconic Animal Movie Stars

37 Facts About Iconic Animal Movie Stars

Animals, who doesnt love them? Okay, some people dont, but those people are creeps, and were not talking about them today.

What we are talking about are those lovable, sometimes four-legged superstars of cinema. They light up the screen and remind us why the world might be better off if we handed it over to the animals. That's not likely, but movies are an escape and place to dream. Its also where we pine away for Taco Bell to bring back the taco burger. That too, is unlikely to happen, mainly because the world is a harsh, unfair place.

Anyway, we hear and read about the lives of Hollywood actors on a daily basis, but what about their animal counterparts? Theres no TMZ for animals yet, but that’s probably coming in 2024 unless Entertainment Tonight: Animals beats them to it. Until then, we decided they deserved some attention, too, and dug up some interesting facts about them…

The dog who played Toto in The Wizard of Oz earned $125 a week For comparision, the Munchkins were reportedly paid $50 a week. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO... Blink-182's monkey AMERICAN PIE CRACKED.COM If you need a monkey in your film, Crystal is your girl. She's appeared in The Hangover Part II, as well as every Night at the Museum and Eddie Murphy Dr Dolittle.


WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO... Willy FREE WILLY CRACKED.COM Keiko the whale was rescued from a dumpy aquatic park when he was cast in the film. A prompt at the end of the film actually raised enough funds to free Keiko, and he was released back into the wild. But he never quite got the hang of socializing with other whales, so he didn't exactly thrive in the last few years of his life.


A herd of sheep BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN CRACKED.COM Director Ang Lee said the groundbreaking sex scenes were nothing compared to the shepherding scenes: No more sheeps. Never again sheeps.


Rin Tin Tin was found by an American solider in France during WWI The puppy was one of only a few dogs to survive the shelling of a kennel. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


Mister Ed was played by a horse named Bamboo Harvester YOU AND YOUR There's a gravestone for Mister Ed in Oklahoma that's actually for the body double of Mister Ed, Pumpkin. Bamboo Harvester's ashes were spread in an unknown location. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


Untrained lions ROAR CRACKEDG Hollywood power couple Tippi Hedren and Neil Marshall decided to use their own pet lions for the film, which went about as well as you might expect. Melanie Griffith was mauled on set, and needed reconstructive face surgery.

CBS News

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO... Comet FULL HOUSE CRACKED.COM Buddy the golden retriever was discovered on America's Funniest Home Videos, playing football, basketball, and other traditionally human-dominated sports. That all tracks, since he went on to get his own franchise: Air Bud.


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