42 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of June 24, 2024

We all lost
42 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of June 24, 2024

For the better part of four decades, Vanna White spent her nights revealing letters with Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune — a match made in game-show heaven. Unfortunately, things have been bumpier with new host Ryan Seacrest, who took over hosting duties from Sajak earlier this month. The Daily Mail reported that White just isn’t meshing with the American Idol host, and that the shock of navigating a new work relationship has been compounded by her very public salary dispute

Amidst the news of White’s alleged dissatisfaction at work, one Twitter user tweeted that the co-host deserves to be whisked off to an Italian villa with handsome men as opposed to the “insufferable” ones she’s dealt with for her entire career.

Sajak and Seacrest, however, were far from the only ones getting dragged by the timeline this week. Other digital burn victims included the hockey phenom who wants to tell you about Trump’s emails, the movie trailer you never have to see again and your unemployed friend on Letterboxd.

John Phipps @John_Phipps 3d ... Не looks like a medieval panel of a saint holding the instrument of his martyrdom GERMANY GERMANY vivo O EURO2024 EURO GERMANY GERM PLAYER OF T PLAYER O viv EURO20 GER N EURO20242 ivo O URO202 GERMANY 200 4,747 64.5K 1.9M
Gentleman Doofus @GentleDo... 2d ... MGM+ is the fakest of all the streamers. This simply can't be a real show. FROM THE CO-CREATOR OF NARCOS & GODFATHER OF HARLEM MGM+ ORIGINAL SERIES HOTEL COCAINE EVERY PLEASURE... HAS A PRICE 6.16 MGM+ 22 96 1,184 63.8K
x-LUCIIAN is HYPERSTELLAR 1d ... like oh ok i'm having a rly bad day pls be nice oh noooo ((: im sorry what's wrong my freaking car broke down and have to pay like $600 for it omgggg that sucks wtf i'm sorry how did it break down not to be mean or shady but u can't even drive so i don't think you would understandjdksjdkdj 42 381 6,047 144K
primadonna @versaceschanel-23h ... top 5 quotes @absoluteworst It's flattering knowing men desire me. But then / remember a at&t Js man would also have sex with a McChicken. So / don't let it get to my head. - Adriana Lima 33 6,367 73.6K 1.1M
steven monacelli @stevanzetti - 1 17h ... Making two geriatrics argue in front of the entire country at 9PM is diabolical 263 19.7K 177K 2.8M
ScHoolboy Q @ScHoolboyQ. 1d ... Yo weird ass been tweeting bout me since MARCH 1st but ima give yo weird ass sum tickets... ima give u 5 tickets but I kno for a fact u don't know 3 ppl DM me Waka Flockas 3rd Cousin 1d Replying to @ScHoolboyQ hating myself for not getting tickets. ya boy is WAY too broke 579 3,207 53.2K 3.3M
vivian @perlucidum 1d i i could feed most of you a sedative wrapped in a piece of ham kelsey weekman @kelsayw... 1d i just got out of an interview with kyle maclachlan and he told me his song of summer is von dutch. btw 14 268 4,565 234K
catturd2.bsky.social @theto... 13h ... If that debate wasn't insane enough for you, RFK Jr. spent the evening doing a competing live stream where he spliced himself into the feed and took separate questions from a guy that looks like he killed a moderator and stole his clothes CNN CM CNN CW PRE ESCENTIA DEBATI CNN'S 2024 PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE EILOS ANGELES, CA THEREALDEBATE.COM COM evT 252 4,605 72.7K the 2.1M
ube @bbyube 1d ... bitches post their ugly ass boyfriend and be like he's mine girl thank god 220 6,730 36.2K del 934K
p @thrdmurder . 1 17h fucking idiot can men use rose toys? they need to make a man version of it A yeah lemme send u the link abdullah uk thank you dear A indeed Job Search uk.indeed.com 33 927 14.3K 215K
Zack Bornstein @ZackBornste....1 13h ... not to be controversial but personally i think we should have more options than a gently alive corpse and the dumbest Hitler of all time 366 11.8K 118K 2M
BASED SAVAGE @crackco... .23h ... The community notes got me crying Amber Rose @DaRealA... .1d Y'all ready for my coin to drop? Readers added context Please beware, Amber Rose has promoted numerous crypto scams in the past. ... Show this note 58 6,844 60.5K 1.4M
Andrew Palmer @andrewdc_. 1d ... you should be able to tell people at work how fuckin stupid they are once a month without getting fired 7 490 4,863 204K
not Johnny Manziel (parody) 16h I've had more coherent debates with a .30 ВАС 5 752 11K 559K
j @contrrl - . 10h ... patrick keene @doo_kee | pray body dysmorphia is real cause otherwise | look really really bad 8:47 PM 2021-04-26 Twitter for iPhone 2,602 Retweets 68 Quote Tweets 31.1K Likes J@knewkie 2 1,061 9,049 122K
Classical Studies Memes fo... 8h ... DORIC IONIC CORINTHIAN poppy @imnotpopba... 3d Name a more iconic trio than Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. 47 4,198 38.3K 749K
Alison Herman @aherman2006.2d when A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE comes out tomorrow they can't play the trailer before every movie on earth anymore Girl who is going to be okay 47 997 17K 526K
Jesse @MuskTillDawn 5d He's shaped like the third stage of an Animorphs cover where a guy turns into a toad 9 42 598 23K
Griff @JGrffs. 2d ... We all have that one friend on letterboxd that watches the most random shit like dude what the fuck is this New from friends CINDERELLA'S RUSSELL C CURSE They were maki They la They sh THE EXORCI M.A. FORTIN JOSHIKA JOH SHE'S READY TO PAINT THE ITALI TERRY JOSEIL I JOHN MILL TOWN RED TONIGHT Alex Bernar 1.3K 141 22K 500K
JAYPRIDEMONTH @JayJurden 4d You posted this while dressed like Cam from Modern Family? Addison Smith @AddisonSmithTV - 5d Pride month is so defeated. I love you @charisedwardss 447 13K 248K 6.6M
mikey @supmikeyj 2d Gagged the fuck outta me Okie dokie artichokie 10:53 PM Lol. I used to say that 10:53 PM What happened Delivered 10:54 PM I'm not 4 anymore 6 3 109 1.9K
BASED SAVAGE @crackcobain_ 2d Doctor gone be shaking yo toes in they hands like dice Food Porn @FoodPornPhotos.2 2d Hash Brown Oreo McFlurry Sandwich....... Smash or pass? 3 735 14K 140K 7.7M
saltypickles @nonpoccafe 5d Wow...you're a guy who pops zyns and floods the touchtunes with creed and has a crippling draftkings addiction?? You are one interesting brotha 64 749 15K 768K
directional transsexual @north0fnorth 3d had to teach my 23yo coworker that reindeer are in fact real animals and not fantasy creatures Child Left Behind 332 8.3K 173K 5.3M
James @CaucasianJames 3d ... neil armstrong, prepare to be forgotten Pitbull @pitbull . 3 3d Not just Mr. Worldwide anymore... #2themoon 11 1.2K 22K del 1M
brianna @justbrizigs 4d they put nicholas hoult in two dracula movies because he just kinda looks like that 22 1.7K 24K 457K
Tim Popp, Six, Squish, Uh uh... @popphits 2d ... A child drew a picture of me today and now I know how Stockard Channing must have felt at the premiere of Grease when her title card came on the screen. STOCKARD CHANNING as RIZZO 6 34 1.2K 27K 533K
celica! @genderatio 2d ... had to announce to my polycule that im getting a job soon. its going to keep me out of the house for around 9 hours a day. there was a lot of crying. iknow they didnt understand what a job was or why i was doing it.... but im doing this for us. 30 3.2K 56K 1.3M
lauren @gilmxres 4d ... Wisecracking Blonde @RoobsC. 6/14/24 Being smart has never stopped me from being an idiot. 339 18K 137K 5.1M
Laurie Kilmartin- Boston June 28/29 @anylaurie... 3d ... A career being silent among insufferable men. I want her to move to Italy and have handsome men selected, tested, then brought to her bedroom. D Decider @decider.3d Vanna White struggles working with Ryan Seacrest and may exit 'Wheel Of Fortune' early: Report trib.al/XZiTo4K NEEL WHEEL of iv of PORTUNE ATUNE NEEL JAA of of PORTUNE JUNE 47 92 2.3K 87K
Brooklyn @bklynb4by . 2d einstein if he discovered serving instead BR From Je!!e 74 3K 936K 41K
DanDee @FineNDanDee.2d Arkham Goon Voicelines: Abby @QueenerWeener - 3d EVEN TWT IS CONFUSED WHAT IS HAPPENING 56.6K posts Trending in Music WHAT IS GOING ON 53.6K posts Trending in Music The Batman 17.9K posts Entertainment Trending WHAT THE HELL 51.8K posts Trending in Music 53 39K 4.3K 965K
Zain @zain_gogh 1d ... Active Shooters LAKERS ENDIRE Lakers Empire @LakersEmpire - 1d Best nicknames y'all got for this duo? BIOST 6 SEC bibigo TENNESSEE LAKERS 936 12K 114K del 7.3M
Dev @boneterveneter 1d i remember i was working the cash register at old navy when this happened, dating my hs gf of 3 years, and some lady arrived at my register and said congratulations!!! you guys won! @PopBase - 2d Pop Base 9 years ago today, same-sex marriage was legalized in the United States. 173 7.1K 208K 6.2M
ivy @ivyonthemove . 2d ... This yoo-hoo boys! ass fit ٥٩٥٥٨ 27 20K 277K 1.2K
My Beautiful Smile @WetOilyButt. 1d ... girl gimmie my hat back V @Variety. 2d Variety The Sopranos star Drea de Matteo says Hollywood is going to take me out into the woods and shoot me for not endorsing Biden. Yes, there are a lot of quiet Trump supporters . I wonder how much these actors got paid to endorse Biden at this point. I am Show more 8 147 4.8K 180K
katie @itsmitchmarney 20h ... is it rude to say it's giving Hilary Clinton RAITHEWS ADNER NHL NHL AWARDS RDS A 2024 4 171 712 12K 678K
STRATOS @Stratos_arts - 1d ... This would be on an episode of Regular Show where it holds some cosmic power Dexerto @Dexerto.1 1d Heinz launched a limited edition sauce that combines all of its sauces into one bottle FEATURING BURGER SAUCE GARLIC SAUCE AIOLI SAUCE SMOKEY BACONNAISE HEINZ SWEET CHILLI KOTOHUP HEINZ BURGER SAUCE CURRY CHIP SAUCE EST 1869 SAUCY SAUCE EVERY MAYORACHA SAUCE I A MAYOMUST CARLIC SAUCE EVER TRUFFLE MAYO  VZ HEINZ MAYO ION 57 CARLIC STYLE HEINZ ER MAYORACHA A
rayne fisher-quann @raynefq 5h ... boyfriend just asked are charli and lana friends? sort of in ПР the way of a toddler asking if spongebob and superman hang out in real life.. I don't know honey but it's nice to imagine:) 15 875 24K 474K
probably false @notbenfish - 17h Trevor Bauer after getting 8 Ks in the Ecuadorian Auto Plant Employees League J Jacobin @jacobin - 17h Tanned. Rested. Ready. SEIN CASSIDY 6 135 2.1K 87K
Microplastics Exploder @DiabolicalSpuds-7h It's so funny there is a type of white person who is just pink all the time gb 44 21K 51 1.2K
furmerly @furmerly - 5d boohoo big ideal, I've seen plenty of virgins in fishnets on twitter already jackie @jackierao_ 6d what has the world come to VIP ATOLADO OIL and SAUCES & TESCO HIGH SMOKE POINT 240°C MARINATING £4.75 £4.00 £3.45 F £2.90 1.75 4.60 £3.10 the .. EXTRAVARGIE TERIO IL PO ILLIWO OLIVE AIL BERIO Urean £11.50 £11.50 £18 - £12.75 £16 Il - LIVE II 95 £15 8 £7.95 £15 £11.50 £18.50 PL £6.60 £7.90 £6.60 £9.65 £8 FLOGA 7 261 2K 34K


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