34 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, June 27, 2024

Oh it was really bad, huh?
34 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, June 27, 2024

The new Street Fighter movie was almost KO’d, but fans of the franchise can rejoice, as Sony announced that the film will hit theaters in March 2026 after all. The release announcement comes after The Hollywood Reporter reported that Australian twin filmmakers The Philippous would have to bow out of the production due to “scheduling conflicts.” This will be the third attempt at bringing the popular arcade game to movie theaters after Jean-Claude Van Damme’s 1994 dud and a 2009 Chun-Li spin-off that flopped so badly that it’s considered non-canonical. 

Meanwhile, Ebon Moss-Bachrach admitted that he’s extremely behind on the source material for his next project. Despite being cast as the rock-hard Thing in the upcoming film adaptation of Fantastic Four, the Emmy-winner told Variety that he never read the comic growing up. Moss-Bachrach said that despite being a comic book nerd as a kid, he gravitated toward “the cheaper kind of ones (you) could get from the five-cent bin” — titles like Archie and Elfquest, the latter of which he says gave him some of his “earliest sexual visions.” 

There are no games on the timeline today, just some hit tweets that had us laughing out loud. Today’s funniest include those about a breakthrough from the nightmare factory, how to tell if a white person hates their dad and the key to staying sane while living alone.

vex @vexlynx_ 1d *sobbing* A-AC.. ACAB i-includes... Punch Cat @PunchingCat+ 1d paw & order FBI 234 4,285 64.6K 1.2M
DrewMcWeeny @DrewMcWee... 21h ... Hey, honey, I'll be home a little late today. We just made a real breakthrough at the Nightmare Factory. New Scientist New Scientist @newscie... 1d This fleshy, pink smiling face is made from living human skin cells, and was created as part of an experiment to let robots show emotion. Read more newscientist.com/ article/243685... NewScientist cg This smiling face is made from living human skin cells placed on top of a 3D-printed resin base. 62 1,937 39.9K 1.4M
S Norm Charlatan @normcharla... 13h ... My dude did his homework. Не was the only guy who bothered to read the damn rule book and figure out that dogs can legally hoop. A legend. HE'S RIGHT. AIN'T NO RULE THAT SAYS A DOG CAN'T PLAY BASKETBALL. philip lewis @Phil_Lewis_.21h Bill Cobbs, an actor who appeared in over 120 television shows and movies since the 1970... 982 12K 4 399K
Read Let This Radicalize You 13h ... BORN TOO LATE TO OWN PROPERTY BORN TOO SOON TO BE A TEEN TIKTOK STAR BORN JUST IN TIME TO watch sandwiches go ALT from costing $5 to $15 53 6,678 51.9K 1M
... bjiru ***+ @bjiru_ 21h This is what being a kid on the computer is all about GOTH STAN @GOTH_STAN_.2d wtf is my brother making on roblox studio o 0 VIEW FLS - E PLUGINS HOME MODEL RUSTAR TEST Group Lager Mode Geometic . Lock . . Collisions عنا Color Flat Current - Stop Select Move Scale Rotato Part Paste Done Sunstico LA Ancher - Client . Join Surfaces - Manager Tools Terrain Insert Edit Test Für f Place I - order - - - I - F change - I - - I - - 139K 12.7K 882 6
Tim Popp, Six, Squish, Uh uh... 1d ... A child drew a picture of me today and now I know how Stockard Channing must have felt at the premiere of Grease when her title card came on the screen. STOCKARD CHANNING as RIZZO b 29 928 21.1K 401K
@EasilyThrownImp- 1d when i see a reflection of a ring light in someone's eyes i feel like a bull staring down a red cape Rathbone @_rathbone.3 3d STOP GOING TO WORK! CG right now stop going 31 1,911 57.9K 1.2M
Chris @ChristophersZen 19h ... S S poppy @imnotpopba... 2d Name a more iconic trio than Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. 123 6,746 41.5K 2.6M
Sweet Baby Clay @g00dgu... 20h ... used to work with these guys back in my construction days in Albuquerque. Tough sons a bitches i tell you what Doglover @puppiesDogL... 1d Hardworking Teg 0:14 9 1,298 21.2K 1.2M
Hole Man @TheHoleMan... id ... TikTok thinking about the time another marine found out I had a degree so he asked me in private where the sun went when it rained 56 2,190 61.4K 862K
jess @abolish_jess 1d this is exactly how i interact with others jeanne ford @MetaReflexive - 3d It's like a sauna in here. 16 3,620 60.6K 1.5M
Zain @zain_gogh. 12h ... Active Shooters LAKERS Lakers Empire @Lak... 13h ESUNIRE Best nicknames y'all got for this duo? BIOST 6 SEC bibigo TENNESSEE LAKERS 452 5,706 49.3K 3M
Brooks Otterlake @i_zzzzzz. 13h ... Chuckling at this silly headline while my wife hands me my nightly bowl of ice cream THE ETHICIST NEWSLETTER Is It OK to Secretly Medicate Your Manic Husband? 5 MIN READ 56 2,356 57.2K del 1.1M
heather @cOttageapple 1d Unfriending someone isn't enough, I need the guitar hero crowd to boo at them 32 9,496 46.7K del 1M
pat 2: the quickening @ranma... 17h ... Marxist Lynchist @dklmarxist If a white person hates classic rock you know they have a bad relationship with their dad 10:12 am 05 Aug 23 3 . 3.4M Views lilienne @chrispontiusass•2 2d classic rock songs i hate: - smoke on the water - feel like makin' love - sweet child o'mine... 164 3,475 40K 1M
Kev @KrJ757.1d I see why Meta is pushing their AI so hard. this is life changing stuff MF DOOM's upcoming concerts and tours? I'm sorry, but I couldn't find information about MF DOOM's upcoming concerts and tours. However, here are some similar artists who are currently on tour 1: Carhartt: Mens Loose Fit Heavyweight Sweatshirt, $17.75 Russell Athletic: Men's Dri-Power Pull-Over Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt, $21.64 Soffe: Men's Training Fleece Zip Hood Sweatshirt, $24.17 Soffe: Men's Training Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt, $25.06 You can also visit Bandsintown for more information about concerts and tour dates ! Would you like to know more about MF DOOM?
Patrick Vicious @alleywaykrew·1 1d ... 2 hours ago Regular Chris! @TopherDisgrace I'm about to see The Thing for the first time, and I promise that by the time I leave the theater I will have a better name for this creature ... 30 VIA TWITTER FOR IPHONE 47 minutes ago Regular Chris! @TopherDisgrace Damn поре they were right that shit was a Thing 3 519 3,997 67.3K
DeviantPigg @DefectivePigg.23h ... Comments 428 X Kat Stephens 2 weeks ago ... к My son stuck a snail in his nose when he was 2. We took him to hospital and they used pharmaceutical cocaine to shrink his sinuses and the dr blew it out. We took him home and he rode his rocking horse for 2 hours non stop. 8 694 11.4K 182K
dirk diggler @dirkhateslife.2 23h easy as that, take notes. Yesterday 11:02 PM My greatest strength breathing twins Today 9:53 AM wanna? Sent yes 29 176 19K 1M
Anti-Fascist Turtle @TheAntif... 19h ... E Fort Wayne Police Department (Par... TOYOT @FWPD_unreal Do not do this. You will be arrested for assaulting an officer. Chester Copperpot @A_Wiggle 1d This is America so feel free to punch a racist this weekend. 10:03 AM . 03 Jul 20 Twitter for Android 61 8,499 118K 1.3M
John Attridge @John_Attridge. 21h ... My body count? You mean the number of paragraphs between my introduction and my conclusion? 34 4,264 31.5K 623K
ann hirsch @nnHirsch· 1d ... I love how the marketing for every movie Austin butler is in is like well Austin butler is really hot so you should see this movie and everyone's like...yea you're right 10 175 2,665 del 50.1K
shukrani @shukrani__ 1d my advice to toddlers is to start saving your money now. 189 10.1K 41.3K 909K
Kyle Ayers @kyleayers.2 21h ... Can everyone please turn their A/C off during the day we need that power to generate images of people with eight fingers. 32 4,605 43.7K 537K
vivi the creator 3: @ILUVVIVL 1d ... if youre crazy enough this won't be a problem aidan @torturedaidan• 2d living alone is awesome until you realize you haven't spoken a word in 2 days 30 6,458 42.2K 792K
library militant @imaniems_.17h ... Ok here's a concept: Wife Swap but with municipal budgets. librarians get cop budgets for a year and we see what can be done 115 8,224 56.5K 849K
katie @skatie420. 15h wore lingerie and my bf said wow... it's like baldur's gate camp clothes 4 1,496 31.8K del 1M
Cody @AltHistCody-16h NOOOOOOOOOO AF. AF Post @AFpost. 17h CNN will mute mics at the upcoming presidential debate to stop candidates from speaking over each other. Follow: @AFpost 22 TOMORROW 9P ET LIVE CNN Presidential Debate CNN DEBATE COUNTDOWN LIVE INSIDE THE RULES FOR TRUMP-BIDEN DEBATE ON CNN TOMORROW NIGHT CNN 1:1 3 lackwell I CNN Anchor NAS .50 LO HAVE BEEN BROUGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE. PERSONNEL FROM U.S. EMBASSY IN MC SITUATION ROOM 315 3,109 85.8K 2.7M
beer person @CantEverDie 2h ... maybe the funniest explanation for a recall i've seen Tesla is recalling the Cybertruck again, this time because a piece can fly off By Peter Valdes-Dapena, CNN J 2 minute read Updated 4:08 PM EDT, Tue June 25, 2024 61 348 4,385 70.7K
raina @quakerraina 19h The fact that shutting the fuck up became so rare it got rebranded as going nonverbal 8 807 8,284 del 166K
Katie @KatesOfHeaven- 1d ... last night, my girlfriend said that my idea of dividing a day by 1000 units instead of 24 hours was, and i quote, the thing you see in a tv show or movie when the writers want to signify to the audience that this person is insane 34 145 4,587 99K
Phindokushle! @phi... 1d ... first 6 months of 2024 i have nothing to show for it, i've been fighting for my life since the year started. 63 5,817 19.3K 548K
- ube @bbyube 19h ... fuck lemons, life be throwin watermelons at a bitch 80 5,161 11.9K 451K
Tommie @tommiedotjpg 20h ... My son texting me from the barber chair about his barber talking too much Imao Today 4:41PM Bro is fluent in yapanese Yapotron 3000 + iMessage 209 12.9K 207K 3.8M


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